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The Six Feet Under Drabbles

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Summary: Mostly 100 word Buffy crossover drabbles with Six Feet Under, with further crossovers from 24 and Entourage. Wherein the lives of Dawn and Celeste intertwine.

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Summary: 100 word Angel, Six Feet Under, 24 tv series crossover Drabble

"Who do have we have Rico?" asked David as he walked into the embalming room
and put on a smock.

"Carla Matheson, age 35, killed by her husband and left in a car truck. Thought she
looked familiar so I checked and it turns out we did the husband of her triplet Adele
Swanson in '01 and her other triplet Tina around the same time. Tina had neck
punctures." Rico made the quotation marks sign as he said the last two words.

As he was slipping on plastic gloves, David said, "Someone really needs to do
something about those vampires."


Actress Tracy Middendorf has played roles on 24, Angel, and Six Feet Under. Check
imdb or tvtome dot com for more info.

The End

You have reached the end of "The Six Feet Under Drabbles". This story is complete.

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