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The case of the angel

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Summary: A multiple crossover. Fires start to rise in LA, and Angel's gang is has to deal witht them. Completed.

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Multiple Crossings > GeneralDmitriFR131621,880022,51911 Feb 0526 Feb 05Yes



For the disclaimer see chapter 1

“So this is officially the closure of the Case of an Angel,” Angel spoke primly, trying to appear more leader-like with a ban-daged lower jaw.
“It sure is,” Sherri replied, sitting next to Faith. “He’s gone for now – and I don’t think that he’ll be back in a very near while – certainly long enough for the mortals.”
“Thanks,” sighed Wesley.
“Too bad that this won’t be able to bring dead people back,” added Kate.
“Well, we can’t be picky,” Gunn replied, waving his bandaged hands. “This Thanatos guy – he was unstoppable! It was a good thing that Faith had this bright idea about a crucifix.”
“How did you know about it?” Cordelia asked the other bru-nette.
“Hmm?” Faith replied tiredly, just lounging on a chair. “I don’t know. It’s just that when I hit him with a crucifix he was hurt, so I thought that the crucifix had power to hurt him – and took a risk.”
“And dragged me along with it – thanks,” Gunn said wryly.
“Well, you could’ve been the one to toss him into the fire,” Faith replied in the same tone. “Whatever, what I want to say that who was really brave tonight – it was Cordy. Good job, C!”
“Thanks,” Cordelia replied, “but now what?”
“Oh, something will always come up – it always does,” Sherri told her. “You just wait and see.”
“Whatever,” Wesley replied. “After Thanatos, however, nothing is going to worry us.”
The phone rang. “Yes? Who is it?” Faith spoke into the re-ceiver, as she pressed the button for the speaker.
The voice was harsh, with an accent. “We are the Shamahani. You have killed one of us. Prepare for revenge.” The ringer went-off.
The group of seven just looked at each other, then at Sherri.
“Well,” said Cordelia venomously, “you just had to jinx it!”


The End

You have reached the end of "The case of the angel". This story is complete.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking