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An Under the Cover Thing

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Summary: Dawn and her girlfriend go undercover to try and save someone. Written for Joe who requested some femme!Tracey/Dawn action.

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Harry Potter > Dawn-Centered > Pairing: Tracey DavisechoFR1512,245061,97214 Feb 0514 Feb 05Yes
title: An Under the Cover Thing
author: echo
rating: 15 (language)
disclaimer: Not mine. Dawn and co. are Joss Whedon's. Tracey, Blaise, and co. belong to JK Rowling.
summary: Dawn and her girlfriend go undercover to try and save someone.
AN: For Joe, and I hope you appreciate this. I don't go f/f very often.


"I think you are, like, the funnest person I know."

Tracey looked at her girlfriend. This was a game they played often... often to annoy those around them. British wizards and witches seemed to find American muggle valley-speak particularly annoying.

"Me too." Tracey mocked. "With you."

"Like... omigod."

"Like... I know. Totally bitchin'."

They'd frozen Parkinson and Malfoy. Draco's face was showing horror and a fair bit of annoyance. Pansy was wearing something more along the lines of disgust. She had issues with Dawn and Tracey, but Tracey suspected it was jealousy brought on by closet lesbianism. Who else by a big old flaming lesbo would date Draco Malfoy? The guy looked like a pointy and pale female rat. He had to be a decoy. Or she was his decoy. Draco Malfoy was awfully girlie about things. Tracey recalled the way he had screamed like a little girl when the hippogryff had attacked him in their third year. Not very manly, that. Tracey almost snickered to herself about Pansy Parkinson possibly being a beard.

Then the thought became more than she could bear, and Tracey did chuckle a bit to herself at the absurd possibility of it all. Her girlfriend scooted a bit closer.

"What's got you smiling?"



Tracey leaned to whisper in Dawn's ear. "I was thinking Malfoy looked like an albino female rat... and that Pansy might be his beard."

Dawn let out a great guffaw of laughter. Several eyes in the super secret Death Eater recruit meeting turned to them. Especially the eyes of Marcus Flint. You could just see he was playing all the naughty things he suspected Tracey and her girl did when alone inside his head. Dawn bristled. Tracey tightened her arm around her. They were just here for one thing.

Sad that it was on Valentine's day that this meeting was occurring, but the good guys weren't about to lose someone who was on the fence. Yes, Tracey and Dawn'd had plans, but the 'good fight' was worth chucking plans. They were going to save Blaise Zabini tonight.

Zabini was morally ambiguous. The two of them were going to use his biggest weakness... sex to lure him from the dark side. Tracey was a bit nervous about that. She'd always been a girl girl. Blaise had tried often in the last years of their school time to try and 'lay the lesbian'. To no avail. Tracey had been Millicent's girlfriend. Tracey had been loyal to Millie. Incredibly loyal. In her heart, she was even a little still. Just because Millie was dead didn't mean she loved her any less.

It also didn't mean she didn't adore Dawn either.

It was funny how things happened. If Millie had not died, Tracey never would have turned her back on the Death Eaters. She'd be one. No doubt. But Millicent Bulstrode had, for some odd reason, refused the mark. She'd been killed for it, and Tracey had nearly been destroyed.

Until Rupert Giles found her.

He took her home with him. He helped her start healing. Though the real healing had begun when she'd met Dawn Summers. Sweet, beautiful, stubborn as all hell, Dawn. Dawn who thought she didn't feel 'that way' about girls until Tracey. There are just some people you just had an instant thing with. Tracey had been blessed enough to feel that twice.

Dawn bristled again. She needed to stop doing that. She'd give herself away. Tracey looked up. Of course. Now she saw why Dawn had tightened up. Zabini was FINALLY here. Showtime.

Tracey smiled sinisterly and motioned him over with a delicate toss of her head. Blaise looked confused for a moment, but then he noticed the others in the room, and it seemed Tracey and Dawn did offer the most appealing company to him. His every move spoke of sex... and he was just pretty enough in a feminine sort of way for Tracey to pretend it didn't bother her. He slid in next to her on the small sofa she and Dawn were on.



"Who's your... friend?" His tone on friend made the word sound unclean. He might as well have said fuck buddy.

"This is Dawn. Dawnie, this is Blaise."

They shook hands.

"Pleasure." Dawn offered politely.

"Not yet, but I can try if you're willing."

It was all Tracey could do not to slap his hand away and scream 'MINE!'. Dawn, for her part, looked intrigued, and Tracey panicked that perhaps she was. Had she just been playing along and killing time until a boy came along? Then Blaise looked at Tracey and winked. As if he KNEW what they were after. Tracey's eyes widened slightly.

Did he? Was he? How?

"Uh, it's awfully stuffy in here, ladies. Mind if we step outside, so I can have some fresh air... and a smoke?"

"You don't smoke." Tracey said through her teeth.

"I do tonight, Davis, and we need to get out of here... NOW." He hissed just as quietly before grabbing Dawn's arm and yanking her to her feet.

Dawn could not help squealing in alarm. That caused a lot of eyes to be on them then. Blaise roughly pulled her out of the door. Tracey scrambled after them, afraid she would have to hex the very person she and Dawn had set their sights to saving tonight.

They were followed. Naturally. They'd made too big of a scene not to be. A hex was thrown. Dawn screamed as Blaise spun her away and returned fire right before he grabbed a handful of the back of Tracey's robes and apparated the three of them safely away.

They lost their balance as they ended their apparation in the main hall of the Watcher's Council. Blaise had two girls lying on top of him as he looked up at several angry slayers, watchers, and watchers in training... and whatever the hell Clem was.

And Snape. Mustn't forget there was an angry Snape there... who was glaring holes just now.

"Found them, didn't I?" Blaise offered in his defense.

"But at what cost? Your cover, Mister Zabini, I'm afraid, is quite blown."

"I love it when my things get blown." He muttered.

Dawn had a bit of a giggle escape before she got a handle on herself.

"This isn't funny, Dawn." Buffy snapped. "You could have told me. I thought you'd gone to the dark side of the force."

"Buffy." Willow hissed. "I thought you were past being freaked about the whole gay thing."

Buffy glared at her. "Insecure much? This is about Dawn hanging with the bad guys... which I thought she was serious about because no one bothered to tell big sis they were going undercover. Not her having a girlfriend. Pfft! She could have two girlfriends and boyfriend for all I care as long as she's happy and not dealing in the dark."

Faith chuckled. "Two girlfriends and a dude. Not bad. Can there be rough play? And spankings?"

"Faith!" Buffy snapped. "Focus!"

"You and Willow both? Hot."

Buffy looked confused until she realized she'd snapped 'focus' kinda quickly, and it could have possibly sounded a bit like 'fuck us' to Faith's sex-addled pervert's mind. Then she glared. "I said focus. Foe-cuss."


"Might we get back to the matter at hand?" Snape snapped. "The Death Eaters suspected the Misses Summers and Davis were not completely in the fold, but your aiding them so dramatically, Mister Zabini, has ruined any chance YOU had of infiltration."

"That was ruined anyway." Dawn said as she rose from the floor finally. "Tracey and I were gonna save him."

Blaise snorted with laughter as he shoved Tracey off of his legs and rose himself. "You two? And just how were YOU going to save ME?"

Dawn leveled him with the most serious look she possessed. "We were gonna seduce you."

You could have heard the smallest pin ever drop in that hall.

Tracey was still all sprawled on the floor in shock. She could not believe Dawn had said that in front of everyone. Her sister especially... who had all sorts of stories about how sex was not to be taken lightly because there were all sorts of dire consequences. Many of them that had nothing to do with sexually transmitted diseases or pregnancy. Some of them even had to do with demonic pregnancy. Tracey had lost count of how many times the story of someone named Cordelia having sex one night then waking up the next day almost full-term with a litter of demons inside her had been told.

And Zabini... his eyes had gone molten lava. Well, at least Tracey knew it would have worked. He was seduced by the mere suggestion.

"Luck-ee!" Andrew was looking at Blaise wistfully.

To that he got Buffy's glare.

"Two chics." Xander muttered, nodding, his head already conjuring naughty images.

Buffy rolled her eyes. Then she pointed at both Dawn and her girlfriend. "Look, no more super secret undercover for you two! You made Giles worry!"

With that, she stormed off. After that, much of everyone else dispersed as well since the parties involved that had so concerned everyone were quite safe now.

Giles, who had not uttered a word during any of this, was leaning against the wall with his arms folded across his chest and looking slightly amused. "Buffy misspoke. I was not worried."

"You weren't worried about me?" Dawn asked in a very little girl voice.

"Of course not. Buffy was worried. I was concerned. Next time you two think to play the role of the redeemers in 'road to redemption', please let others know what you are about. Harry was just sick that he had to tell Buffy her baby sister was one of the bad guys."

"So she's really upset because Harry was upset?" Dawn snorted. "Oh, it just figures!"

Giles just smirked as he moved to help a still-shocked Tracey to her feet. He kissed her forehead in a fatherly manner before moving to Dawn and giving her forehead much the same treatment.

Then he looked at Blaise. "Hurt either of them and I will make you beg for your death."

Blaise's eyebrows went up in surprise. He thought only Slytherins knew how to hand out threats in tones like silk.

Giles smiled at the girls. "Goodnight, ladies."

The only ones left in the hall now were the girls, Blaise, Snape, and Faith. Everyone else had cleared out. Snape was still looking at both his former students with barely veiled anger.

"Of all the foolhardy, Gryffindor-like displays... the both of you, thinking to SAVE the other one! It's sickening! Be more covert! No one should have suspected anything! Your motives should never be clear!" He started to pace a bit. "Some Slytherins."

"Now see here, sir-" Blaise started.

Snape spun about quickly, pointing a finger mere inches from Blaise's face. "No excuses! You could have been harmed, you little fools! Did anyone know I was there? No. No one even-"

"You were there?!" Dawn interrupted loudly.

Snape pinned her with a glare. "Why on earth do you think Draco Malfoy kept looking at the two of you, you careless little twit? Because he fancied you?"

"All right, supergoth." Faith interjected. "I think they've had enough."

"I will be the one to decide when they have had enough! The worry they caused by their reckless actions tonight-"

"And I will be the one to knock your black robe-wearing ass the fuck out if you don't shut the hell up and let them deal with all that needs dealin' with tonight."

He was already reaching for his wand. "Why you tarty little... you wouldn't dare-"

Her fist came from almost nowhere. He tumbled like a felled tree in a logging town.

"Oh, wouldn't I?" Faith said before scooping the mass of black robe and Potions Master that now littered the floor up and tossing him on her shoulder like he was a sack of grains. She swatted him hard on the butt. "And that's for callin' me tarty." Then she looked at Blaise, Tracey, and Dawn and wiggled her eyebrows suggestively. "Well, have a good night, kiddies. Don't do anything I wouldn't do."

That said, Faith stalked off down the hall with her burden bouncing limply on her shoulder. This action effectively left Blaise, Tracey, and Dawn in the hall alone.

It was then that the stress of the entire situation hit Dawn. She let out a scary little sob before throwing herself into Tracey arms.

Tracey took the sides of Dawn's face in her hands and placed a kiss on her forehead. "Easy there, Dawnie." Then she kissed the tip of her nose. "We're all right." She let her lips hover teasingly, barely touching Dawn's, before capturing them in a comforting kiss. "We survived, and hey, mission accomplished because Zabini's not a Death Eater."

"I wasn't going to be anyhow." Blaise offered, looking a bit dazed by watching them be so affectionate with one another.

"Well, how were we to know you were a spy?"

"Point duly noted." Blaise conceded. "So about this seduction plan..."

"In your dreams, Zabini." Tracey said derisively

"Oh, especially there, Davis."


end ficlet

The End

You have reached the end of "An Under the Cover Thing". This story is complete.

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