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Awakening Faith

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Summary: An AU take on "This Year's Girl"

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DmitriFR131116,4871178,00618 Feb 057 Jun 11No

Why settle for Bronze?

Why settle for Bronze?

Daria and Co. belong to Eichler and Co.; Faith and Dawn belong to Whedon and Co. PS. I know that Dawn shouldn't have appeared till season 5, but this is AU.

The Bronze shook with the songs of Mystik Spiral. “Is it just me, or are they getting any worse?” Daria Morgendorffer asked her best friend, Jane Lane.
“No, it’s just the crowd,” Jane told Daria. “I personally know that Trent and others have been keeping things on the level for now.”
“Uh, excuse me,” some girl spoke-up, “but did you say that you know them personally?”
Jane and Daria turned. Another dark-haired girl about Quinn’s age was looking at them. “Yeah, one of them is my brother,” Jane said.
The girl winced. “Must be hard having him for a brother, yes?”
“Uh yeah, but why are you asking?”
The girl flushed. “I was just trying to make a conversation. It may be that I’ll be staying here a while, so it’d be nice to have an acquaintance or two to talk with.”
Jane and Daria exchanged looks. “Say that again?” Daria finally spoke.
“It’s a long story, and I got a parched throat,” the girl said, pointedly.
Jane grinned. “I like her style. Come on, let’s sit down and I buy you a drink.”

Monique Dupri effortlessly slithered through the crowd, trying to choose a specific person to latch-on for the night. “Him, no him, no her, no that’s Faith from Vegas… what?”
Monique jerked back, planning onto retreating into the shadows and escaping in her ghostly form, but Faith caught her by a wrist and held hard. “Not so fast, Baobhan Sidhe,” the bulkier female hissed. “You owe me a favor, remember?”

“So here’s your coke, now spill your tale,” Jane said, as she and Daria joined the girl at a table. “What is going on with your life?”
“Well, basically it all started after my parents divorced, and I left with mom and sis to live in Sunnydale,” the girl said.
“Hey, I remember that place – Sick Sad World showed it a couple of times – your school had blown-up, right?” Jane interrupted.
The girl glared. “I used to watch this show, but after mom and dad divorced I decided that ordinary life can be plentifully sickening and saddening without searching out the juicer bits.”
“I don’t know,” Daria said. “Oh, I know that ordinary life is sick and sad, but I think that SSW is actually makes fun of it – in a good way.”
“I don’t know,” the girl replied. “Personally, I think that is funny. SSW – not so.”
“I don’t know if can be classified as funny,” Jane interceded. “Fun to look at, yes, but funny-funny – not sure.”
“Excuse me, but what is” Daria interceded.
“A photomanip site, kind of cool,” Jane explained. “I like to look at it for inspiration.”
“Right, anyhow, I think I sort-of veered off topic,” the girl said. “Anyways, after the divorce it was just us three girls, no guys.” She paused. “’Course, mom dated this Ted guy, but he was an obsessive robot, so it didn’t work-out.”
“And you are here-?”
“Well, mom got a cousin here, a Mrs. Rowe.”
Daria and Jane exchanged looks. “Does she have a daughter named Stacy?”
“Yeah. Pigtails and everything,” the girl winced. “Back in LA that was so nerdy!”
Daria and Jane blinked.
“Sorry, I guess I sounded like Cordy here for a moment,” the girl said.
“Cordelia Chase. The Bitch Queen of Sunnydale High… until she became our friend.”
“And became completely nice and friendly?”
“Well, no. But then her dad lost of all their money so she stopped being so stuck-up anyways. Why the interest?”
Daria and Jane exchanged glances. “Bring us all more cola, Jane,” Daria said in a slightly weary tone. “We need to explain to her the concept of the Fashion Club.”
The girl blinked. “That’s not you two, is it?” she asked.
“No,” Daria said wryly. “But it is your cousin Stacy.” She turned Jane. “Coke?”
Jane nodded and went to get it.
“So, the Fashion Club?” the girl said.
“Yes, that. Oh and by the way, how shall I call you?”
“The name is Summers. Dawn Summers.”

“So, what do you want from me?” Monique exclaimed, scared but angry at the same time. “Finish what you have started?”
“Oh no,” Faith shook her head. “The situation has changed. Now I am my own boss, and I have a plan.”
“And I figure in it how?”
Faith smiled a thin smile. “Easy. You’re going to use your powers to infiltrate the Watchers’ Council Warehouse in Newcastle upon Tyne and steal me three items – the Staff, the Psicrown, and the Annulus!”
Monique blinked. “What, single-handedly?”
“Of course not. My underling named Leslie will go with you – and, in Tyne and Wear, you will go to this address and get recruits. They are worshippers of the Shadow King, half-shadows themselves, so they’ll be most eager to take-on the Council.”
“And you know that how?”
Faith’s smile turned even colder and acidic. “I and my underlings have not scoured Fresno and Madera in vain, Baobhan. My information is full-proof.”
“Fine,” Monique said, “you win. But where shall I – we deliver the Staff, the Psicrown and the Annulus?”
Faith’s smile turned nearly triumphant. “Contact me when you get them, and I’ll tell you.”
Monique had no other choice but to agree.

When Jane returned, Daria and the new girl – Dawn – were chatting happily enough. “So what did I miss?” she asked.
“Me offering Daria consolation about Quinn,” Dawn said. “Buffy was kind of like that, but now she’s a better person, though still sometimes obnoxious.”
“Well, siblings seldom stop being obnoxious,” Jane said with a knowing smirk. “And speaking of siblings, Trent and the guys are almost done. Daria, Dawn want a lift?”
“Why not?”
The three girls went towards the exit, never noticing Monique slipping away and vanishing in the shadows… or another young woman looking intently at Dawn.
“So, Dawn is here for the time being,” Faith smiled with her lips only. “Excellent.”
With these – and even nastier – thoughts on her mind, Faith too slipped and vanished away in the shadows – her plans to conquer the world were just beginning…
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