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Just for One Day

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Summary: Just a little bit of the boy who lived and the girl who died. Twice.

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Harry Potter > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: Harry PotterechoFR1311,691294,28918 Feb 0518 Feb 05Yes
title: Just for One Day
author: echo
rating: 13
disclaimer: Not mine. The BtVS characters belong to Joss Whedon. The HP characters belong to JK Rowling.
summary: Just a little bit of the boy who lived and the girl who died. Twice.
AN: Happy birthday, sibling. I wasn't sure what to write. This is what I came up with. Hope you like it.


"We can be heroes... just for one day." -David Bowie



Dawn's screeching brought everyone into the entry hall. It was amazing that she could be heard over the loud torrents of rain that seemed to be hitting every available surface of the place, but Dawn was fairly upset. She tended to increase in volume when she was upset.

There was a tall guy who was sopping wet stumbling into the Watcher's Council... with an alarmingly limp Buffy Summers slung over his shoulder. He tried to set her down gently, but he was obviously weak. His long black robe was torn in several places revealing bloodied skin underneath. He managed to get down to one knee. Then he lost a bit of his balance. Buffy toppled loudly onto the rug. The guy who'd brought her in collapsed onto his face in a dead faint.

Faith blinked in shock. Then she started barking orders.

"Vi, Xander, please get B. Get her into her bed. Dawnie, check her for serious wounds." Faith leaned down to the wet guy in the glasses. "I'll get her ride."


Harry opened his eyes to see someone sitting on the edge of his bed. Harry reached for his glasses. The shape handed them to him. It was blonde he'd helped out of her fix last night sitting on the edge of his bed. Had it been last night? He recalled carrying her. Harry also recalled passing out. He was not sure how he found the reserves to carry her in the first place, but he had. He wasn't even sure how he'd known to bring her to the house he'd brought her to... but he had. Something had whispered it in his head or something. Wouldn't be the first time he'd heard voices.


"Hello." He smiled. She was awfully pretty... dry and not being attacked by vampires.

"I gotta ask... I mean, call me crazy, but what possessed you to jump into that fray last night... which I had under control, by the way."

Harry raised an eyebrow.

"Ok, yeah, so I kinda collapsed after."

His eyebrow went higher.

"But that was like dangerous stuff there, guy. What's the what?"

"Seemed like the right sort of thing to do at the time."

She smiled. "Buffy Summers."

Harry immediately sat up a little straighter. He knew that name. "The slayer."

Buffy blinked. He'd heard of her? "Well, not the only one anymore."

"No, just the most famous."

Oh my God, she was about to start blushing because she sure had not noticed how cute he was until just now. And especially since Faith and Willow had removed all of his clothing except his boxer shorts to clean his wounds.

"And... and you are?" She was willing the blood not to flush her face. Wasn't working.

"Harry Potter."

Buffy eyes shot to his immediately. He knew her name? Well, she sure as sunlight knew his too. Wow. Famous Harry Potter had assisted her in a vamp nest extermination last night. Giles was just gonna cow totally about this.

"I wasn't supposed to meet you until next week."

Harry chuckled.

"No one's gonna believe I was actually early for something."

"Not one for it?"

"Usually not. I'm so 'just in the nick of time' girl. Or late."

He chuckled again.

"So you defeated this Voltron dude."



"It's Voldemort. Or it WAS anyhow."

"Whatever. So you kicked that ass?"

"In a manner of speaking, yes. His followers are still being particularly annoying though."

"So I heard."

"Have you any plans?"

"Are you asking me out?"

It was Harry's turn to blush. "Er... about the Death Eaters. Plans about rounding them up, stopping their... you know, what we were supposed to talk about at that meeting thing next week?"

"Oh." She turned pink. "I'm sorry. I mean obviously you have like a dozen girlfriends being all hottie badass wizard guy and just because... oh double damn. Forget I spoke. At all. Ever. No, there aren't plans. I mean, there could be plans, but I sure haven't made them. I'm not plan girl. Or usually not. My plans usually involve violence. I used to say I don't always use violence, but that's not exactly true. I usually do. Use violence, that is. And I'm just going to stop talking. Now."

Harry was grinning. "We could go out, I suppose. As long as there's minimal violence involved."

"Now you're just making fun of me.

"I wouldn't dream of it. Especially in light of the use of violence comments."

"Oh ha ha. You've caught me at a weak moment, being all shirtless and stuff. It's distracting."

Harry pulled the blanket on the bed up to his chin. It was weird. Usually he was ass-awkward about girls, but he was comfortable around this Buffy Summers the Vampire Slayer.

Buffy actually laughed at his actions and swatted at him VERY lightly. No need to bruise him.

"So... thank you." She whispered after they had sat in a strange silence that seemed to go on for hours but had likely been less than a minute.

"For what?" He asked.

"Carrying me. Helping me out."

"Oh... not at all. I was happy to help."

Buffy grinned and looked away a bit of a coquettish manner. "So... you wouldn't mind having a date-like thing? With me?"

"Er... no. In reckon I wouldn't mind."


"Have you seen you?"

She made a face. "You're... alive, right?"


"You're alive?"

"Well, they do call me the boy that lived in some circles, so yes, I am alive... much to the chagrin of certain dark wizards who are now... not so alive themselves."

"You aren't a vampire or anything weird, right?"

"Does wizard fall into this category of anything weird?"


"Just a wizard."

"Not in the military, are you?"

"What? No."

"Ok... because I so don't date vampires anymore or men in the military because they tend to leave and show up with wives... or weird immortal dudes. I don't date immortals. There. Yeah."

"Date vampires? Anymore? Wait a moment, aren't you a vampire slayer? You've dates vampires? As in, plural?"

"I don't know if what Spike and I did could be considered... you know what? Nevermind. It's a very long story."

"Well, then we'll have loads to talk about on this date-thing, hmm?"

"Fine, but you have to share your war stories too."

"I don't date that much."

She grinned. "Then you'll just have to tell me about killing the big snake thing with the enchanted sword. I've killed big snakes myself, you know."

Harry chuckled. She said all this so earnestly. Her grin widened when he laughed. Harry liked that grin. Already.

And Malfoy said good, selfless deeds never paid off. Stupid wanker. Well, Harry had gotten himself hurt last night trying to aid her, and now he'd actually gotten a date with a very cute blonde out of it. And she could so whip his arse. Like with one finger. And Malfoy's too. Without even breaking a sweat. Perhaps he'd be his usual prat Malfoy self if Harry ever brought Buffy around, she she'd use some of that aforementioned violence on the ferret-y git. That'd be pleasing.

Well, to Harry anyhow.


"Well, what's the what?" Xander asked with a mouthful of cereal as Buffy entered the kitchen.

Buffy was still a little in 'I have a date with the hottie wizard hero' la la land. "Huh?"

"I think what Xand means is who's your pack mule?" Faith chimed in.

"That's Harry Potter, guys."

Dawn squealed. "Harry Potter rescued you?! THE Harry Potter?!"

"He DID NOT rescue me. Rescue implies that I was in trouble... which I was NOT. Harry just helped."

"Harry now, is it?" Faith asked with a wiggle of her eyebrows.

"You're so suggestive."

"But am I wrong?"

"Well... no."

Xander looked from one slayer to the other. "What?"

Dawn squealed again. "You guys have a thing. You and Harry Potter have a thing. That's so cool... because he's all like destiny-like and you're all like destiny-like. I mean, it's only right, you know?"

Xander was looking at her oddly. "What?"

"Sorta like you and Angel's spawn?" Faith asked, knowing what reaction THAT would get.

Dawn bristled. "Shut up about THAT bootyhole."

Xander snickered into his bowl of flakes of some sort. There had been dangerous sparks the last time Connor had been here... and wrestling.

"You know you dig him." Faith said.

Dawn snorted. "I wouldn't dig him if he were buried and about to run out of air."

Faith snorted a bit of her own, letting Dawn know that she thought 'the lady doth protest too much'. Dawn scowled. That just made Faith start chuckling to herself, and Dawn's scowl deepen as a result of said chuckling.

"So..." Xander interrupted, wanting to change the subject before Dawn started to wax poetic on the unhappy subject known as 'the faults many of Deadboy Junior'. "When's the happy day, Buff?"


Faith cackled. "Damn, B, you sure don't waste time."

"Would you?"

"Well, I did take the shirt off of that. Willow wasn't interested, but me, I know a fine piece when I see it, and THAT, despite being all pale and Brit, was one fine piece. Can't say I'd be wasting time either, yo."

"Thank you."

"Whose turn is it to give the shovel speech?" Dawn asked.

Buffy gasped. "No one is giving Harry the shovel speech!"

"It's Faith's turn." Xander remarked casually before shoveling a big bite of milky flakes into his mouth.

Faith laughed loudly, one might say maniacally even, and started rubbing her hands together in anticipation. She got into playing overprotective sister WAY too much. Buffy groaned. Poor Harry.

Then again, if he could withstand Faith's warnings and threats, he really was worth not wasting any time on getting to know much, much better.


end ficlet

The End

You have reached the end of "Just for One Day". This story is complete.

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