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Destiny child

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Summary: Buffy/Harry Potter crossover ... Buffy is Draco's twin sister, long lost twin sister

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Harry Potter > Multiple PairingsCristinaFR13510,9422369,02619 Feb 0526 Aug 05No

Chapter 5: Tests at Christmas?!

OK voting for Sirius is still open (dead or alive) so even if you just reading this and usually do not leave revives... and when you are at it what should happened to Cedric one vote could make a difference. And to all who wanted Angel, you got your wish; he’ll be in the next chapter, sort of.

I twisted order of things that happened in the book/movie, but just a little bit.

Oh and answers to your reviews are bellow them.

Chapter 5: Tests at Christmas?!

Buffy was sitting on the train headed toward Hogwarts and pouting,. She was being sent to school to take tests and spend Christmas with her brother. What did she do in her pervious life to deserve this?

Not only would Draco act all superior and annoyingly smug ... he, in her humble opinion really needed to be thrown down a couple of pages and she would so love to be the one to do it, but she wouldn’t be spending first holiday with her parents. Parents, that she had come to love over months living with them.

The train was almost empty, but of course she was the only kid on it. Well, Buffy mused, at least I have whole compartment for me and Tema, doesn’t she look so adorable sleeping?

Buffy decided that it would be a good idea to follow the example of the precious cat and promptly fell asleep.

When they arrived and she saw the school for the first time … well she could congratulate her self for not gaping like a fish (and she would never admit that her jaw dropped, if only slightly). It was a castle, a big, big, gigantic, bloody castle. Probably with massive front door and long corridors….and dungeons…that was not of the good. Evil things love dark, damp places.

"Hello" said a male voice behind her. She turned around and saw the biggest….wait did she shrink again?

"I’m Hagrid" the man introduced himself. "Professor Dumbledore send me to fetch ya."

"OK," she said craning her neck to look at him. He was tall, and her senses were telling her that he was not entirely human, but no danger to her or others so she just shrugged it off.

Following him inside she again fought the urge to gawk at her surroundings, this place was wooha, incredible and huge and beautiful. After what felt like a really long walk of couse her legs were shorter than they were the last time she walked around a new school they arrived to the headmasters office as Hagrid said, Buffy just hoped that principal or headmaster as it was called here, was better than that troll Snyder.

“Lemon Sherbet.” Hagrid said, causing Buffy to turn and look at him strangely. Then she jumped when a big stony bird statue started to move.

Taking things in stride, Buffy steeped on the first step and soon found herself in a huge office. Soft rustling sound drew her attention to a big, scruffy and golden-red bird. It looked sick.

“That is Phoenix, Miss Malfoy.” Said a voice from the corner of the room. Buffy turned and saw a tall wizard, with long white beard and hair. And he was wearing long scarlet robes.

“Are you Merlin or what?” sputtered Buffy surprised. The eyes of the man actually twinkled in amusement.

“No, Miss Malfoy, I’m not as talented as he was, and just between you and me I am not currently as old as he would be, if he was still alive.”

Buffy giggled, the paused as a though struck her, “OK then, wait Merlin was real…” The man nodded, “King Arthur, knights of the round table....”

“Not exactly as Muggles portray it, but close. I believe we were not introduced. I am Professor Dumbledore and a headmaster of Hogwarts. “

“Buffy Summers.” Buffy mumbled, then at the Headmasters curios look amended, “I mean Isabel Malfoy, sir.”

“Buffy Summers?” he asked gently and sat himself behind his desk. Buffy went and sat in front of him.

“That’s the name I’ve lived with all my life.” She answered. For seventeen years, she added mentally. The wizard regarded her for couple more moments, and then leaned back at his chair.

“Now Miss Malfoy, your father has informed you that you will be taking the test for first year and in some subjects’ second year tests.” At Buffy’s nod, he continued “First year Transfiguration test will be taking place in; Let me think… today is Monday… on Friday, Professor McGonagall teaches that class and she’ll also grade you. Then next week, on Monday, Professor Snape wants to give his tests covering Potions. Other subjects will be set later on. Now I believe …”

There was a knock on the door and Dumbledore invited the person behind doors in. it was a boy of 17, tall muscular, but he kind of looked as a troll.

“Ah Mr Flint, this is Miss Malfoy, please escort her to Slytherin common room.” At Buffy’s confused look. Dumbledore fully turned to the girl.

“Your father and Minister as well as the board of Wizards thought best to place you in the same house that your brother lives in.” he said seriously. Buffy could tell that he didn’t agree with that decision and she wondered at that. His next words explained, at least party why.

“There are four houses; Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff and Slytherin. In which the first years are sorted, but due to your circumstance, they decided that it would be prudent if you would be placed in Slytherin with out sorting.”

Then he looked at the ceiling, then back at her, “I believe that it for now, your trunk is already in girl dormitory, of you go you two.”

And so she fallowed Flint out of headmasters’ chamber. He was talking, mostly bragging how great the Slytherin house was, how it was for the best, and the most selective. Buffy stopped listening, hear only Yap, Yap, Yap, er she figured it would be the one sided conversation and made an occasional noise so that the Troll thought she was listening.. And this is how they came to the entrance to the common room.

“Now, the password only Slytherins know is,” turning his head and looking around if there was someone listening, then he lowered his voice “ Salazar.”

As the door swung open, Buffy saw a vast room. Mostly in green and silver colours. On the sofa before fire place sat her brother, with two large boys, with thick necks and rather dull expressions. They were laughing.

Then Draco looked up and saw her. He did not look surprised, actually he didn’t show any emotions, at all.

“You finally arrived,” he said sauntering toward her. “These are Crabbe and Goyle,” he introduced his friends, but before he could continue, Tema jumped on the table and hissed manically at Cebbe and Goyle.

Draco glared, “Get that infernal thing out of here, she does that all the time.” Buffy was visibly smirking when she picked up the kitten.

“Perhaps if the tree of you were not wearing so much cologne she would not be so attracted to you. Did you found a girl friend Draco?”

Draco flushed beet read and glared. This only caused Buffy’s smirk to grow.

“Oh my brother is all grown up,” she said with mock regret, “so when I’ll meet the lucky girl? Did you ask her out yet?’

“Shut the bloody hell up. I don’t have a girlfriend and I don’t wear cologne. Your cat just likes to jump at us.”

“Then why do you look like a tomato?”

“I’ve urgh....” and he stormed out. That left Buffy alone with Flint, Crabbe and Goyle -- who all looked confused. This in Buffy’s opinion meant that they don’t have a lot of brains, muscles yes, brains no. Joy.

“So, if you don’t mind I would like to go out and explore for a while.” No response. Oh well she had better things to do. Explore, for one.

When Buffy finally got to the stairs she got a nasty surprise when said stairs began to move, but before she could start complain abut utter stupidity that moving stairs were she noticed a boy on the weary edge of them. Desperately waving his hands to try regain balance.

Hurrying to him, she grabbed him and pulled. Both of them toppled to the floor.

“I I’m s ... sorry.” the boy stammered, and then his eyes winded when he caught the Slytherin emblem on her robes.

“Well for starters,” Buffy said, and he winced waiting for unavoidable Slytherin taunting. “You could get of me.”

“Huh,” he looked confused, and then when he noticed the position they were in, he blushed furiously and scrambled up.

“What’s your name?” Buffy asked him nicely.

“Why?” he sputtered, trying to work out why this Slytherin was nice to him. She smiled at him reassuringly.

“Well we were in the, kind of, embarrassing position,” she said, and his face flushed again.

“Neville Longbottom.” he mumbled quietly, but Buffy thanks to her Slayer hearing understand him just fine.

“I’m Buffy; well actually my name is Isabel. Isabel Malfoy. But you can cal me Buffy if you want.”

He just stared at her. “What, do I have something on my face?” she asked him with a slight pout.

“No, it’s perfect…” when he realized what he said he flushed again and looked down at the floor, you know, for a floor it had some very interesting patterns. He could not believe that he actually said that, and she didn’t seem to be angry at him. This was totally different experience for Neville.

“Thanks, but you still didn’t tell me why you staring at me?”

“You are...Uh…” he stammered, but the blonde girl waited patiently for him, “you are Slytherin.”

“So” Buffy said eerily.

“I’m in Gryffindor.”

“So, what?”

Neville just gaped at her, giving Buffy some amusement at his incurious expression.

“Leave Neville alone,” said a familiar voice behind them.

Buffy whirled around to come face to face with three people she had met in the book store. The one with glasses and unruly mop of black hair was wearing strange scarlet robes and he held a broom. But it was the irritating red head that spoken. What was his name again? Ron Wesley.

“Well, Ronnie, what I’m doing with him is none of you business, now is it?”

Before Ron could answer to that, the other guy, Harry, stepped forward.

“He is our friend.” He said, drawing him self to his full height and looking down at her with his suspicious green eyes. But Buffy was not intimidated, by it. She stepped closer and placed her hands on her hips.

“Good for him, but since you interrupted our serious conversation,” Ron snorted and Buffy narrowed her eyes at the boy, “you have something to add, carrot boy?”

Tips of Ron’s ears were going red. But before anyone could say more, Neville stepped forward.

“We were really talking,” he said, and stemmed when all eyes turned to him. “I was on the edge of the stairs, when they moved, and Buffy pulled me back.”

Now everyone looked surprised.

“Geeze, people get a grip, so I helped him, big deal, and we were getting to know one another, so what? Nobody said that making friends is against school rules.”

“I thought that you name is Isabel?’ asked the brown haired girl, Hermione.

Buffy shrugged, “It is, but Buffy is sort of a nick name …” Ron snickered at that, making Buffy’s eyes narrow at him.

“What kind of a name is Buffy?” he asked sniggering.

“Hey, no making the funny out of my name, OK, cuz you’ll find your self on receiving end of very painful lesson. Got it?”

Hermione decided to intervene on that point. “Stop it, Ron.” She hissed.

“You are Hermione Granger, aren’t you?” Hermione turned to the girl that spoke.

“Yes” she answered warily. Wondering why she asked. And she was even more uneasy when she grinned.

“Well I heard a lot abut you from Draco, and amidst all his rambling, and complaining, I figured that you are pretty darm good at all the subjects.”

“You honesty expect us to believe that Draco said that?” asked Harry incredulously, eyeing Buffy with suspicion.

Buffy cocked her head to the side, peering up at him, “Well, he didn’t say exactly that, there were a lot of words that I would not repeat, but I kinda read between the lines.”

Then turning completely to Hermione, “you see I was wondering if you’ll tutor me with History, and some other subjects.”

Hermione just stared at her and so were other three Gryffindors.

“W-what?” the girl and two boys sputtered.

Making Buffy smile. “And maybe I can help you speak English.”

That got a glare. “You people really don’t have sense for humour. Do ya? Must be cuz of the gloomy weather.”

Now they just stared, and Buffy was getting bored with this. And bored Buffy was never a good thing, especially if she didn’t slay anything for weeks and had a lot of energy to burn.

“Look chica, can you help me or not?” But before Hermione could answer Ron butted in. Buffy was getting really annoyed with that guy.

“You must have some other motive. Why else would you want Hermione alone?” Then he turned back to his two friends. “ She is a Malfoy….”

“That’s enough!” Snapped Buffy, and then skewered Ron with a death glare. “ One reason why I asked her to help me is because I really need help with some things, second, cuz it will drive Draco insane and third I need someone to have an intelligent conversation with.”

Then she paused for a minute, “and what do you know, you were right carrot boy, I do have hidden agenda,” then she lowered her voice to secretive whisper. “ I need her, so that she’ll explain where I can get girl things, like say tampons,…” she trailed of enjoying Ron’s and Harry’s horrified and blushing faces and Hermione’s snort of giggles.

“ So what do you say Hermione, “ then before either of the boys could intervene again, “ and Mr. Carrot as well his friend can be there if they won’t interrupt our studies,”

“I –I’ll come to,” said Neville. Buffy smiled at the shy Gryffindor, “sure the more the merrier.”

“HARRY!” come the below. “Quidditch practice starts in ten minutes!”

With that the Gryffindors left and Buffy went her way. Only to come across her brother and a group of strong, bulky and big boys.

“We are having Quidditch practice, come and watch”’ said Draco. Or better ordered. And Buffy and orders? That never did mix well. Pay back was on the way.


Wednesday -Quidditch pitch, game between Gryffindor and Slytherin

What is the point in Quidditch again? Oh yes, an excuse for Slytherin and Gryffindor beaters to send evil balls on each other, Buffy thought with not small amount of annoyance.

Draco was playing; he was supposed to catch golden snit-thingy, before the Gryffindor seeker, who was no other than Harry Potter. Now that was interesting, especially since father watched. Draco was hard pressed to make a good impression, which meant caching the golden thingy before Potter.

But what truly amused Buffy was a memory at the Quidditch practice that Draco ordered her to go watch. Every time she remembered the face Draco made, she was getting all fuzzy and tingly inside. Not to mention repressing giggles that wanted to come out.

Trying to get Dracos’ flushed and irritated face out of her head, before she started to laugh like a loon, she turned her attention deliberately back toward the game.

But something was wrong with one of the balls, it kept following Harry. What was that guy, trouble magnet, or what? But the boy sure knows how to fly.

Buffy’s attention was suddenly drawn to glittering thingy. It was speeding this way and that. Finely settling it self behind Draco. Who was busy gloating Harry. But by the looks of it Harry saw it, and went for it. Thingy flayed away, Harry close behind and then Draco followed. And the Bludger too, now it really was interesting.

Then to Buffy’s annoyance all four disappeared behind the stages. Well, until Draco went flying, without the broom, out of it and landed painfully.

And Harry got the golden thing with broken arm, by the looks of it.

“GRYFFINDOR WINSS!!!” yelled the boy who had been making comments through the game.

But Buffy didn’t paid attention to the players, but on the Bludger which, by the looks of it, the evil ball didn’t get the memo. It kept attacking Harry. Well until Hermione blew it in to smithereens.

Draco was still lying on the grass, so Buffy decided to take closer look. When she reached him, she heard whimpers. Crabbe and Goyle were already there, and so was Professor Snape. Snape took one look at the whimpering boy and ordered the two boys to take Draco to infirmary.

Then there was laughter from Slytherin which were around Gryffindor players. Turning around Buffy saw Pansy Parkinson running towards them, and giggling hysterically.

When she reached them she gasped out. “Professor Lockhart, vanished Potters arm bones.”

That was supposed to be funny? Buffy thought incredulously.


Hospital wing

Madam Pomfrey was in afurry. She was looking for a potion that grows bones. Draco was moaning on his hospital bed. Buffy was wishing that she could throw something really heavy on him. With spikes – she knew Spike would approve of the idea. Cordelia didn’t make so much noise when she got hurt, unless it was a broken nail. Then she was bitching.

Friday morning, Transfiguration classroom

Buffy just walked in the empty classroom, well the teacher was there, so it was not completely empty.

“Miss Malfoy. I hope you are ready to take the first year exam. “At Buffy’s nod the Professor started to ask questions. Then Buffy had to do some practical transfiguring and she was finished. The Professor didn’t say how she did, but Buffy was sure that she passed first year Transfiguration.

Now considering that her stomach was rumbling she decided to find her way to the kitchen. One good thing that she got from knowing Crabbe and Goyle.

Upon entering said kitchen she saw boys in question, and surprise, surprise they were eating cakes. And not wanting to be in their company any more that she had to, she quickly asked House elf’s for some food. And naturally elf’s jumped and gave her more food that she could possibly eat. Then she off handily maintained to the boys that Draco was looking for them. Their hurry to pick as many cakes they possibly could gave her some amusement. And so the boys hurried, hands full of pastries, out of the kitchens.

After her dinner she thanked the elf’s and left the kitchens, strait to Slytherin common room. On the way Tema joined her and together they entered.

Draco was sitting on his customary chair, and on the two seats sat Crabbe and Goyle. But before she could say something, Tema jumped at the two boys, but instead of scratching and hissing, she curled her self and purring softly, fell asleep.

“So “drawled Draco, “you’ve finally teach your cat to behave.”

Buffy shrugged, suspiciously eyeing the cat and then the boys’ faces, who were strangely fidgeting. “Don’t hold your breath Mr Hair gel, she is probably just tired.”

That earned her a glare from her brother, but what made her really suspicious, was a slight smirk from Crabbe. And was that intelligence in their eyes, some how she seriously doubted that they suddenly became smart. That would be a miracle.

Sinking to the chair, she kept sharp eyes at the two boys; she didn’t think that they posed a treat. Tema would not be so at ease with them if they would, but she was bored and some mystery solving would not hurt.

But that plan fell in the water as soon as she felt slight vibration, coming from her necklace. Resisting the urge to growl in annoyance, she excused her self, picked her cat from Crabbe and went upstairs. There was trouble in Sunnydale.


Sunydale, Madison residence

Amy was studying for Math test, when she felt magic. Grabbing short knife and a curse she waited for her foe to appear.

“Hi, Amy.” It was Buffy. Exhaling loudly she put her knife back to the table.

“Expecting some baddie to pop up?” asked Buffy eyeing the sharp ritual knife. Amy shook her head.

“It’s the Hellmouth, it always pays of if you’re prepared.”

Buffy nodded. “So what’s the what?”

Amy just stared at her, and then sighed. “I don’t know, but I’m gonna call others, I mean, somebody called you.”


After a phone call to Giles, the girls headed toward his flat. Everybody was already there when they arrived. Faith looked pale and so did Xander and Willow.

“Ah, Buffy,” Giles took of his glasses and started polish them, “it appears that some of us are having …er ….apparitions of some sort of dead people.”

“Like ghosts? Are they asking for help, or what?” Giles shook his head, “No they rather blaming us for their deaths.”

But Buffy’s eyes were fixed on a silhouette behind Giles. It was a woman, weary familiar woman.

Turning to Giles” Giles, those apparitions, can more people see them or just the ones they want to blame?”

“Well, till now only Xander and Faith had seen them,…what is it Buffy?”

Buffy looks at Giles grimly. “Well you can count me in as well.”

Giles stares for a moment, “Well … who did you see?”

Still looking directly at Giles while trying to ignore Miss Calendar accusations. “I didn’t see someone. I’m seeing some one, right now.”

“Good Lord,” turning to Xander and Faith, “do you see anything as well.” At theirs shakes of heads he turned to Buffy again.

“Buffy those ghosts...” he started, but Buffy raised her palm to stop him.

“This is no ghost, Giles, I saw ghost before, remember, and they have a certain feel, but this, this is different, there is nothing,”

Faith frowned, “You know Mr. G, B is right. Now that I think abut it, there wasn’t any thing that I would sense there.”

Buffy then fully turned to Mss. Calendar. “OK you, what ever you are, why you didn’t show your self to everyone?” then she smirked. “Or is that beyond your power.”

Sharp intake of breath behind her, made Buffy to whip around to see every one staring at the apparition.

“J – Jenny?” stuttered Giles. “Is it really you?” he asked with wonder.

Mss. Calendar smiled to the librarian, “Yes Rupert, it is I” then she walked to him, paying no mind to two Slayers watching every move.

Buffy, Willow and Xander were looking at the gypsy warily. Amy, Larry and Michael watched in stunned silence to a teacher who died couple of months ago. Faith was watching the display with drawling realisation and catching Buffy’s look she knew that younger Slayer had her suspicions of what will came next.

“Jenny I ...”

“Shh Rupert. It was not your fault….” Then she pointed at Buffy. “It was hers.”

Giles turned to look at Buffy, but before anyone could say anything, Amy steeped toward Giles.


And Giles fell to the floor snoring softly. Then all the teens turned to Miss Calendar.

Xander steeped forward. “Who are you?” he demanded with anger.

Faith nodded. “Cuz you’re not a ghost of that dead Jenny chic.”

Miss Calendar turned to Xander first. And he stumbled backwards. “Is that more to your liking, you murderer.” Said Jessie.

Willow squeaked at the sigh of their late childhood friend. But Buffy was looking at the apparition grimily. “Now, you just proved that your not Miss Calendar or Jessie for that mater.”

Then she turned to pale Xander. “Jesse’s death was not your fault Xander, you know that don’t you? And what ever that thing impersonating him is, it isn’t Jessie.”

All teens faced the apparition with determination. “You have no idea what you are dealing with.” Jessie hissed and vanished to the thin ear.

“OK that was new,” piped in Xander, reliving the tension, which engulfed the group. Others smiled softly.

Amy steeped closer to Giles, kneel beside him and lightly touched his temple. Giles’ eyes popped open with a snap and he started to look around wildly.

“Jenny,” he whispered. “Jenny where are you?” not seeing her anywhere. He called launder.


Before anyone could tell the librarian what occurred. A bored voice piped in. “Oh, get a grip Giles. That was not your dead honey. She is dead as a doornail. “

Giles shot painful look at Cordelia, but she didn’t flinch. “And don’t even dare to blame yourself or Buffy or any of us for her death. It was all those stupid gypsies fault, I mean honestly, doing a loophole, if Angel did a horizontal he’ll become Angelus and be all evil again.”

Amy nodded. “Cordy is right.”

Cordelia looked at the witch surprised... “I am?” then she smiled self satisfied smile. “I mean yes, I am.”

“We must find some information on the Thing. So research.” Said Oz quietly.

And that spurred Giles forward, “Yes, research.” He murmured and went to the book stacks. The teens following close behind.

After awhile of reading and translating, Amy stumbled on info they been looking for. “Hey people I’ve found something.”

They all clustered around Amy. “According to this book, we are facing the entity called The First Evil.” Amy sighed, “What a boring name…”

All people exchanged looks that did not sound good. But Amy continued. “It takes forms of the dead people. It has a group of followers who can summon it, that are also known as priests called Bringers, they have their eyes sewn shut. And where they perform …” Amy trailed of looking at the page intently.

Buffy put a gentle arm on the girl shoulder. “Amy?”

Amy turned to her friend. ““I think I know where they are, where they perform theirs rituals, underground, no living thing thrives above or under them. When I’ve went to buy a Christmas tree I saw a patch of land that all trees withered as quickly as they put them on that spot.”

Faith steeped forward detrimentally. “Then let’s kill them, before the First does more damage.”

And so both Slayers quickly exited the library.


OK like it or did you hate it?

The End?

You have reached the end of "Destiny child" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 26 Aug 05.

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