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Destiny child

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Summary: Buffy/Harry Potter crossover ... Buffy is Draco's twin sister, long lost twin sister

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Harry Potter > Multiple PairingsCristinaFR13510,9422369,02219 Feb 0526 Aug 05No

Destiny child

Title: Destiny Child
Author: Cristina
Disclaimer: characters do not belong to me.
Summary: BtVs /HP crossover after Angel was suck up in the portal when Acathla woke up (what happened to him read in Welcome to the New World) and yes this is another lost relative story. Anyway Buffy discovers some unpleasant and pleasant things when she enters the Wizarding world.

Chapter 1: Revelations

Buffy was tired. She had been living in LA for 6 weeks now, working at the diner as a waitress to earn money for food and rent for her small apartment. Apartment? Hah, what a joke! A dark, dingy, dank hole it was a more apt description. But, Buffy rationalized, it was a roof over her head and was way better than a life on the streets. So she wasn’t complaining……much.

She missed her mother and friends. She wanted to call them every day but always managed to change her mind at the last minute. She was not ready to come home yet but she felt so lonely.

Knock, knock

There was a knock on the door, looking at the hour, Buffy groaned it was 5 a.m. and she just managed to sleep after her night shift and a quick patrol last night. Opening the door she really wished she had rolled over and gone back to sleep.

“What do you want?’’ she sneered at the man outside. A man, scratch that, a demon. A very annoying and badly dressed one too, Cordy would have a heart attack if she saw him.

“No need for that kiddo.” Whistler eyed fuming Slayer carefully, not wanting to upset her. However, being a realist he knew that was not an option, because of what he was going to have to tell her. He inwardly winced, it wouldn’t be pretty.

“There is something you should know,’’ He started, however he was interrupted when the door slammed in his face. “That went well,” he muttered before calling out to the irate slayer, “Come on kiddo, I’m only the messenger!’’ he knocked again and then again, until the door swung open again, revealing a very angry Slayer.

“Ya know, right now I’m seriously discussing with my self what to do with you… somehow tearing out yours ribcage and wearing it as a hat is not enough of a punishment. As for your massage I don’t want to HEAR IT! Last time I heard that there is something I should know I sent my love to HELL! AND DON’T YOU DARE SAY THAT YOU BOSSES OR WHAT EVER DIDN’T SEE THIS COMMING!’’

Whistler held up his hands in universal sign of surrender. “Look, I know that you’ve been trough a lot, but if you don’t listen to the things I have to tell you, more bad things will come. I’m sorry kiddo, but you need to know.’’ Buffy glared at him and made to slam the doors again, but Whistlers next words stopped her cold.

“WHAT?!’’ she screeched making the balance demon wince. He then told her again.

“Joyce and Hank Summers are not your parents.’’ And rushing with the massage, since he noticed that petite Slayer was, for the moment speechless, “You were born in England as Elizabeth Isabel Malfoy. To Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy, you have a twin brother named Draco. They are a family of wizards, but not Wicca like yours friends Willow and Amy, they use wands and they don’t believe in any other form of magic but their own. In fact the whole society of Wizards doesn’t believe in it.’’

“So what you’re telling me that I’m adopted…..” Buffy was upset, OK she did believe Whistler, he was a messenger for the PTB, he had no reason to lie to her, but to think that her family, her real family put her up for adoption, it was mind spinning.

Whistler shook his head, “No, and please don’t interrupt, there isn’t much time. You were kidnapped; you see your parents are supporters of really evil wizard named Lord Voldemort. He is pretty much like Hitler, wanting to kill all who don’t have magic along with those who are of Muggle and half Muggle decent. Muggle is a human with no magical abilities, in other words normal. Anyway, the powers figured that you would be called as a Slayer and they could not allow for you to grow up like that, so they put you in loving household, made a protection web around you, so you could not be found by wizards or the Watcher’s Council, who have become corrupt over centuries. And now, when they’ll lift the web your birth parents will notified by The Ministry of Magic, that you were found. Joyce and Hank’s memories of you will be erased and so will the councils. The only ones that will remember you are your friends and they know about your past. I told them a few days ago and the witches sent you this,” He pulled a small oval locket out of his pocked. “You’ll be able to communicate with them through this and it can transport you back to Sunnydale if the need arises.”

“So, what you’re telling me is that, some one will pick me up soon and take me to my real parents, who are working for Mayor Big Bad and that they are evil themselves. My parents, who were not my real parents, wont have any memories of me, as well as the Council – witch is the only good news I’ve received, and to top it all I have to go in England, … I hope you realise that under no condition, that there is, no freaking way that in this life time I am WEARING TWEED.”

“You won’t need to, they wear robes. That and well, you are not 17 years old, the PTB made you older. In reality you are 12.” Then he waited for another explosion.

“12! Are you insane, how could I be twelve? I mean that would make certain things very well NOT GOOD.” Buffy glared hard at the demon, truly horrified at the things he just said.

“No, it does not work this way, because at the moment, you are a 17 year old girl, but when the spell is lifted you’ll grow younger. You’ll still remember what happened, but you will be 12.” He explained.

“You do realise that you don’t make any sense at all.”
Whistler chuckled, knowing well that she understood his explanation. Then he watched how she mulled things over.

“How long do I have?’’ she asked seriously. He regarded her for a second then answered. “Five minutes, kid. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ll leave.”
Whistler turned to leave but was stopped by a slender hand.

“Not so fast demon-boy, what about Angel?” Whistler was not surprised by that question.

“He is not in a demon dimension, but he can’t return. He is following his own destiny as you must follow yours.’’ And with that he disappeared, leaving very peeved Slayer behind.

Buffy hurried towards the phone and turned the numbers. Listening to the ringing she hoped that someone would answer.

“Hello?’’ said female voice.


“Buffy!? Honey are you all right, I miss you.”

“I miss you to mom, and I’m sorry for leaving like that, but I couldn’t stay. Everything was so hard then that I couldn’t breath, it still is hard.” Buffy said, her eyes tearing up, for hearing hers mothers voice -- she knew that she was speaking to the woman for the last time.

“Shh, Buffy it’s all right and I’m sorry too honey, I’m so sorry.” Joyce’s voice vas thick with tears to, when she heard her daughter’s voice after weeks of wondering if Buffy was safe.

And so both mother and daughter sobbed at hearing each others voices, but the time is steady thing and it dose not slow for anything. The five minutes passed quickly, too quickly. There was small rush of power when the spell ended.

“Oh goodness, hello is anybody there? Hello?” said Joyce, baffled as to why she is crying and why she was holding the phone in her hand. Buffy held her hand, hard, at her mouth to stifle sobs that threatened to overwhelm her. Quickly putting the receiver on the handle, she curled her legs and rested her chin on her knees, and let the tears fall.

Hour later Buffy had calmed somewhat, her sobs only painful hiccups now. Slowly standing up she made to the bathroom, to wash her face. After truthful wash with cold water, she looked at the mirror and stared …

She looked different, younger … but there were other changes, her hair was a bit lighter in their golden colour and a bit wavy. She noticed that she was shorter, making her clothes hang on her. Grimacing she pulled away, really not wanting to deal with all this, but knowing that she’d have to.

Malfoy Manor, England

Lucius was resting in front of fire on the throne like armchair, icy blue eyes intent on the parchment he was reading. His wife Narcissa was in the kitchens presenting a dinner plan for the House Elves. Draco was up in his room.

Suddenly there was Fudges excited face in the fireplace. “Minister,” Lucius greeted the Minister of Magic with smooth polite voice.

“Good day, Mr. Malfoy. I have some excellent news that I thought it would be best if I told you personally.” Said the Ministers overly jubilant voice. Lucius lifted an eyebrow in question, mentally wondering what that incompetent fool had done now and what right he had to be so excited.

“Awhile ago, there was a burst of magical energy from Los Angeles in America done by an untrained born witch. That would not have been such news; after all it’s not the first time that Salem school missed a wizard or witch in this area of magical convergence. But when the Juvenile squad arrived their Missing searcher activated… Mr. Malfoy after 12 years your daughter has been found.”

Lucius was shocked speechless and it showed. “My daughter has been found?” He asked in disbelief. The Minister nodded “Yes as soon as it was confirmed I was notified, Aurors won’t approach your daughter until you arrive as to not frighten her. The inter country port-key has been approved for you and your wife.”

Several Minutes Pass

Buffy was supposed to go to work again, but since she was again twelve. TWELVE! That wasn’t possible… or legal. Why did these things keep happening to her?

Suddenly her sensitive ears were picking up faint popping noses in the hallway, and she sensed magic. Weird magic. Figuring that this is what she was waiting for. She sat down and…. well…. waited.



Next chapter: Malfoy’s meet their long lost child, Buffy moves to England and Draco meets his long lost twin who he did not know abut. And Draco’s second year begins.

So hated it or did you like it?
And if you want to know what happened to Angel that will be covered in fic called Welcome to the New World. (It’s not posted yet.)
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