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Same Old Same Old

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Summary: FFA pairing #412, Angel/Chloe Sullivan - Chloe moves to a big new city and is in need of a job.

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Smallville > Angel-CenteredLynsiFR131664031,57520 Feb 0520 Feb 05Yes
Here we go guys, my contribution (for the moment) to the ongoing FFA. No timelines here for either series really.

I do not own any of the characters, they belong to Joss Whedon and whoever owns Smallville - can’t remember off the top of my head!!


Chloe sat up straighter, determined to get the job being offered - this was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for her to have a job involving one of her favourite investigative topics, all the things in the world where normal explanations did not ring true. Sure, it wasn’t reporting but she had to get away from Smallville and her unreturned feelings for Clark, she was slowly going insane there.

“So, Miss Sullivan, you’ve just recently moved to L.A.?” enquired the tall, dark man on the other side of the desk.

“Yes, I’ve just moved in with my aunt and uncle three months ago and transferred to the local high school.” replied Chloe, biting back her nerves - she really needed the extra money this secretary job would bring and from what she had researched, this P.I. was right up her alleyway.

“What do you think of L.A. so far then, Miss Sullivan?” asked the brunette man, putting down her resume.

“It is a lot more crowded and lively than the small Texan backwater I grew up in,” Chloe laughed, thinking the two places could not really be compared.

“You’d be surprised,” the man muttered to himself, thinking that the young blonde before him could not hear him. He knew there was a danger in hiring some one who did not know about all the demons, monsters and other nasties that were actually out there but with Cordy’s increasing amount of visions and therefore the more business they were doing, A.I. really needed someone to do the admin work for them a few hours a day. Hopefully though the danger in the hotel would be minimal and the ad did say they required someone with an open mind for the unexplainable.

Chloe frowned a little, hearing her hopefully future boss’ reply. What on earth did he mean? Another little titbit about this firm to store away and think about. “There are rather a lot of strange events here though, we had quite a few of those in Smallville as well but these are rather different.”

“What do you mean, Miss Sullivan?” frowned the man, wondering if she would be the right choice for this.

“Please call me Chloe sir, and I’ve just noticed since I’ve been here that the same cover stories get used in the news in surprising events, although they don’t quite fit in or explain what happened and very few police investigations actually find runaways or missing people, and rarely do they find the murderers of particularly violent crimes.” Chloe answered, remembering her researching on the internet and local newspapers - one had to keep up with the times and the place after all.

The man stared at her, reanalysing what he thought of the girl - she was very observant to have spotted this after living only three months in the city - hell, most people who had lived there their entire lives had not noticed the weird occurrences. ‘Well, we can always give her a trial run and see how things work out.’

“Very well then Chloe, I’m pleased to say you have the job. Can you come around again tomorrow at around four and Cordelia will explain to you how everything works around here?”

“Yes, that will be lovely sir, and thank you for the job,” Chloe answered rising, thrilled that she had got the first job she had ever applied for.

“Please, we will be working together after all, Chloe,” said the man, smiling as he got up from his chair simultaneously and extending his hand. “Call me Angel.”

“Angel it is then,” Chloe replied, shaking the offered hand.


This just suddenly popped into my head when scrolling down the FFA list, hope you guys liked it!

The End

You have reached the end of "Same Old Same Old". This story is complete.

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