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Crusher Harris

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Summary: Another Halloween Story, fraid so... Another Xander's Dad story? 'fraid so... But a little different.

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > GeneraltohonomikeFR1534,817188,92320 Feb 0520 Feb 05Yes

Crusher 3

Crusher Harris 3/3
Author: Tohonomike
Disclaimer: All characters belong to their rightful owners.. Joss/ME characters. I do not and cannot make money off of this, but for feedback, I might come up with something more/better.
Rating : About the Same as the Show, PG-17, but I do use some minor expletives in this one…

Buffy’s Birthday
“Are we goin' to the Bronze?” Buffy asks Miss Calendar, “It seems that way.”

“I'm not sure. Giles gave me an address. I'm just following his directions.”
They round the corner in the Volkswagen, and Buffy sees something going on, a truck parked in an adjacent loading area. A man jumps off of the truck bed while another walks across the loading dock, but she sees Xander fighting Dalton.

“Every time I see you, you're stealing something,” she says, throwing the well-struck vampire away from Xander as two others grabbed him. “You really should speak with someone about this klepto issue.”

The truck's engine starts and as Buffy turns and reaches for the door handle, she sees Xander dust a vamp and trip the escaping Dalton. A vampire kicks out at her, hitting her in the arm, Dalton lifts the box onto the back of the truck, but Xander knocks him down. Dalton watches as Buffy fights the other vampire, and tries to gauge his chances against the young human male. Xander reaches into his pocket, and tosses him something as Buffy and the vampire come crashing through a window and hit the floor inside the Bronze. Dalton recognizes the cell phone, and Xander walks up to him as if to explain, then surprises the vampire by piston-punching him and then pounding him into unconsciousness. He finds some chains on the truck and ties Dalton to it in case he needs questioning.

Inside everyone gets up to look at Buffy pounding on the vampire. The slayer scrambles to her feet and kicks the vampire as he comes for her. She grabs a drumstick from a drum set, spins around with it, thrusts it into the vampire's chest and the vampire explodes into ashes.

“Um…Surprise!” Cordelia greets the slayer.
Xander and Jenny come into the Bronze a moment later, carrying another heavy box, this apparently with something in it.

“Hey,” Oz asked, “Did everybody see that guy just turn to dust?”

“Yep,” Xander answered, “Vampires are real. A lot of them live in Sunnydale and Willow will fill you in.”

“Okay, let’s see what was so important,” Xander suggested

“Can, can it be opened I wonder?” Giles asks as he works at the latch and opens the box. Inside is an arm clad in armor, which suddenly grabs
Buffy by the throat and begins choking her.

“Good heavens,” Giles remarked as Angel and Xander finally get the arm back in the box. “Angel, do you know what it was?”

“It can't be,” Angel muttered, “She wouldn't. It-it's a legend...way before my time... of a demon brought forth to rid the Earth of the plague of
humanity... separate the righteous from the wicked... and to burn the
righteous down. They call him the Judge.”

“The Judge?” Giles gasped, “This is he?”

“Not all of him, obviously.

“Um... He, he, he couldn't be killed, yes? Um, a-an army was sent
against him. Most of them died... but, uh, finally they were able to
dismember him, but, uh... not kill him.”

“Why is she assembling all the pieces?

“To bring forth Armageddon,” Angel remarked, brooding.

“We need to get this out of town,” Giles decided, Xander and Jenny nodding.

“Angel,” Jenny stated, “You have to do it. You're the only one that can
protect this thing.”

“What about me?” Buffy interrupted.

“What, you're just gonna skip town for a few months?” Xander remarked.


“They’re right, Buffy,” Angel agreed “I gotta get this to the remotest region possible.”

“But that's not months…” she protested.

“I gotta catch a cargo ship to Asia, maybe trek to Nepal...tonight. As soon as possible.”

“But it's my birthday…”

“I'll drive you to the docks, Angel,” Jenny offers.

Three hours later, they watched as the freighter cleared the harbor, assured in the knowledge that at least one part of the Judge was gone. Giles drove Buffy home, leaving Jenny to drive Xander to his house.

“We’re not going to my house first,” Xander told her, “Let’s go see your Uncle…”


“Don’t worry, your secret is safe…”


He reached into his pocket and made a cell phone call.

“This is Harris. Can you talk? Alright, gramps and the arm are out of town, you gonna keep the happy meals around? I’ll pick them up at dawn. Don’t try anything funny, and you’ll get your car back.”

“You stole William the Bloody’s car and traded it for the arm?” the Romani accused in amazement.

“No, Uncle Rory hooked up the tow truck and repossessed it, and I filed a lien on it for a buck. And Spike doesn’t know about the second piece, the arm, being gone, he thinks he let me have the head.”

“So where is it?”

“In the back seat, we’re taking it to your uncle, in exchange for one thing of my choosing.”

“But how? Isn’t that what you were going to pick up?”

“The pick up at dawn, nah, that’s just for show. As for the car, I work out every night, and have been on the look out for several months for it when I spotted that vamp, Dalton, at a car wash waxing it.”


“Yup, he was only gonna put a single coat on it, the cheap bastard.”

Enjos Calderash looked surprised to see his niece with the young hunter, and signaled the two men of the tribe to take care of the box while he met with Harris.

“So, you have given us a trophy, as promised,” Enjos asked, “So what is it you ask in return?”


“Yes, Alexander?”

“No, I mean I’m asking for Jana, hand, loyalty and all, mission and all into my hand but your responsibility. That is the price.” Jenny looked to become outraged when Enjos placed a hand on her shoulder and stared her down.

“Done,” the old gypsy declared, shaking Alexander’s hand.

“Okay, Jenny, your free, your own person, but I still hope you’ll tell everyone tomorrow and remain in Sunnydale,” the young man told her, smiled, kissed her on the cheek for about four seconds, then gave her the offer of his arm and a lop-sided grin, “Shall we Lady Jana?”

“Sure…Crusher Junior.”

I hope it was a *little* different...and no major villains or good guys died!

The End

You have reached the end of "Crusher Harris". This story is complete.

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