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Second Chances

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This story is No. 1 in the series "2 Jedi....". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Xander Halloween costume fic. Xander goes as A Jedi Knight giving two young lovers a second chance at love.

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Second Chances

I don’t own Buffy or Star Wars.

Summary: Xander-Halloween fic. Xander goes as a Jedi Knight, giving to two young lovers a second chance.

Rating: PG-13; just to be on the safe side.

Author’s Notes: Thanks for all the reviews!

Contains Spoilers for the New Jedi Order series!

Chapter 6 Aftermath

If the Hellmouth can get any weirder I do not want to know! thought Xander as he sat in bed the next day.

He was sitting there cradling his lightsaber…or rather Anakin Solo’s, in his hands.

After he had gotten home yesterday he had realized something…the lightsaber he was carrying hadn’t reverted to the toy he had rented from Ethan.

He had discovered this when he had accidentally activated it and sliced his bedside lamp in half. (Though for some reason his armor and thermal detonators had reverted to toys)

Add to that that he could still feel the Force!

That had come as the mother of all surprises; after the spell had been broken he had still felt the Primordial Darkness of the Hellmouth. He’d chalked it up to a small residual effect from the spell that would eventually wear off.

It hadn’t…

When he had awoken this morning, the first thing that had assailed his senses had been the Hellmouth’s Primordial Darkness.

If that wasn’t enough he still remembered all of Anakin’s memories; his encounter with the Resurrected Emperor when he was a child, his training on Yavin 4, his abduction by Hethrir and near sacrifice to the creature Waru, the crisis in the Corellian system, the Yuuzhan Vong invasion. His family and the old quadripedal Jedi Master that had trained him and Tahiri and all his friends, including Lyric and Tahiri…especially Tahiri.

Anakin’s passion for her hadn’t abated either with the end of the spell.

Most of those things he could live with (though he could have lived with seeing the viscous slaughter of trillions by the Yuuzhan Vong, the way Ithor had died was going to be burned into his mind’s eye for rest of his life.), even Anakin’s burning desire for Tahiri.

Xander smiled wickedly.

Some of those things had even turned out to be a plus…

When he had looked through his math book he had found the equations in it to be incredibly simplistic, he still remembered Hyperspace physics.

Next to that even Advanced High School Calculus was simple.

Things were finally looking up for Xander Harris, at least in some areas.

In others, Xander was sacred…

The last thing the Helmouth needed was the appearance of a Dark Lord of the Sith


The girl, who had been Tahiri, sat curled up in her bed, trying to come to terms with what had been revealed, yesterday.

In reality she was Lillian Monroe, the daughter of a rich industrialist and a mother who had been killed in a car accident four years before.

After her mother had been killed, her father had sent her to Sunnydale and had enrolled her in Mrs Potter’s school for girls because it had been the best school in the district.


Because it was safer than the big city…

She shuddered, ever since last night that preconception had been shattered.

She’d felt how the Primordial Darkness had pervaded every area in the small Californian town.

Even before that she had seen the signs that something was wrong, but she had just refused to recognize or acknowledge them.

The many disappearances, the animal attacks that behind bloodless corpses…the list went on and on.

Her world had been turned upside down.

She had always been a carefree girl who did what she pleased.

Her Father was never around, her mother gone and the housekeeper only took care of the house.

Lillian, who everybody called Lily, had always ignored the housekeeper, as if getting to know her had been beneath Lily’s station.

Lily had been stereotypical, the stuck up rich with a trust fund. She had not cared about anybody other than herself, her superficial friends and how to get the cute guys at the Bronze.

Her life had had nothing of substance in it.

That had all been shattered yesterday.

She had gone to the new costume store, Ethan’s, yesterday to pick out a cool costume.

The storeowner had suggested a Jedi costume. The costume had just been some unnamed Jedi that Lily hadn’t known about. The only thing she had known was just that she going as Jedi Knight.

And Jedi Knights were always cool!

Today she knew all about Tahiri.

She remembered everything Tahiri knew.

She remembered being raised by the Sand people on Tatooine after her parents had been killed. She remembered Yavin 4, her training and all the adventures she had had with her friends…especially Anakin.

Tahiri’s desire for him hadn’t abated.

She remembered being captured by the Yuuzhan Vong and the excruciating torture she had been through at the hands of the Shapers Mezhan Kwaad and Nem Yim.

And Anakin coming to rescue her…

She unconsciously reached up to touch her forehead, slowly tracing were the scars should have been. Even though they were gone she could still feel them there…

She remembered her battle with Riina Kwaad for dominance in her mind and how they had joined together to form the new Tahiri.

All this was not including watching the onslaught of the Yuuzhan Vong against the New Republic…it made her sick to her stomach to think of the trillions that had died during a short five-year period, to satisfy Shimrra and Onimi’s bloodlust.

All this was not including the fact that she could still feel the Force.

Now that was mind blowing!

The implication of that was something she had never considered.

Last night when she had gotten home she had jumped immediately into bed intent on going to sleep and forgetting her battle with the voxyn, but this morning when Lily had awoken up, she had felt the Primordial Darkness pervading her room; She had realized that Sunnydale truly was the center of evil.

Then she had noticed that the Yuuzhan Vong cloak she was wearing was still real…and alive.

She had found the amphistaff still alive and curled around her arm. She had frozen in fear and then gently disentangled it and placed in the draw of her nightstand and closed the lock on it so it would bite no one.

But she had found her lightsaber to be a toy again. She still could not figure out why.

Even with all these changes becoming abundantly clear to clear that wasn’t what really scared her…

In her mind was not the mind of the new Tahiri…but instead she could feel the old Tahiri and Riina at the edges of her consciousness.

For Lily, normal had been left behind and the coming days were going to be both frightening and enlightening…

The End

For now…

Author’s Notes:
Hope u like this chapter. Please Read and Review. Wow! I’m actually finished! This is the fastest I’ve ever written a story! Yeah!

The adventures of Lily and Xander will be continued in ‘Two Jedi and a Hellmouth’, all will be explained and Xander and Lily will of course meet for the ‘first’ time;)

The End

You have reached the end of "Second Chances". This story is complete.

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