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Second Chances

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This story is No. 1 in the series "2 Jedi....". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Xander Halloween costume fic. Xander goes as A Jedi Knight giving two young lovers a second chance at love.

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Second Chances

Second Chances


Disclaimer: I don’t own Buffy or Star Wars. They are copyrighted materials. Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy own Buffy the Vampire Slayer. George Lucas owns Star Wars.

Summary: Xander-Halloween fic. Xander goes as a Jedi Knight, giving to two young lovers a second chance.

Author’s Notes: I know that Xander the Jedi has been loads of times but he never went as this Jedi. Plus I’ve added a little twist. Eventually this will also be a crossover with Stargate, most likely in one of the sequels.

Rating: PG-13; just to be on the safe side.

Chapter 1 Arrival

Xander was milling about the costume store trying to decide what to go as. Originally he had wanted to go as a soldier but when he had seen the toy guns in the sore they had been small childish versions and he had been looking for a gun that looked more authentic.

So here he half an hour later, still looking for a costume. Buffy had already rented an 18th century dress while Willow had stuck to an old classic, a ghost sheet with boo on the front of it. They had left leaving Xander to comb through the store looking for the perfect costume.

“Are you looking for anything in particular?”

Xander turned to face the storeowner that had given Buffy such a good deal on her dress. He was a middle-aged brit with an authentic English accent, just like Giles.

“Not really,” answered Xander.

“Then allow me to suggest something,” the storeowner beckoned him to follow him.

Xander followed the man to the back of the store. The man brought out a silver and black jumpsuit. He gave it to Xander and gestured for him to wait a sec. The man then went to a nearby group of shelves and brought a belt with spheres attached to it, some type of breath mask and…a lightsaber.

“Cool,” Xander said, he’d always wanted to go as a Jedi. Xander thought about how much he would like to go as a Jedi but then reality kicked and he realized he could not afford all of this, “You know I don’t think that I can afford all this.”

“Nonsense my friend, I’m sure we can reach a satisfactory compromise,” the storeowner assured him.

10 minutes later and 25 dollars poorer Xander was walking home knowing that this Halloween was going to be the best ever.

While in the store Ethan Rayne was very happy he’d managed to rent both his Jedi costumes.

That night

In the back room of Ethan’s, the statue of Janus was on the floor in front of Ethan Rayne, “-Janus, Carpe Nocteum!”

The room shook and the statue seemed to glow while a cold gust of wind sped through the room. Ethan Rayne slowly opened his eyes and evilly said, “Showtime.”


Xander Harris stood in his costume watching over the group of rugrats that he was supposed to be watching over when he felt a cold chill enter his body.

A cold gust of wind fluttered over his body and suddenly someone new was standing were once Xander Harris stood.

That person looked around in bewilderment at his situation. He could feel that something was missing. It took him a moment to realize what was missing.


He wasn’t in any pain.

He quickly looked down.

What he found was not what he expected.

Where there was supposed to be a gaping hole in the armor, where an amphistaff had pierced his guts, there was intact armor.

In fact all the scrapes, abrasions and aches that had received during the Strike team mission were gone.

He took stock of the equipment he had on hand; a belt of thermal detonators, a breath mask and his lightsaber.

Another thought occurred to him, “Aren’t I supposed to be dead?!” said Anakin Solo.


Another customer of Ethan’s was feeling the effects of the spell. She was standing at the door of her home when the effects hit her.

The girl looked about herself in bewilderment. She did not recognize her surroundings. Everywhere she looked she could see strange buildings and vehicular contraptions that made Tatooine look like a technological hotspot.

But most worrying of all was that she could no longer sense Sekot’s presence

She stretched out with her feelings searching for anything familiar.

She instead found Darkness.

More Darkness than she had ever felt before.

And not just normal Darkness…

Primordial Darkness.

Something else made itself know to her consciousness.

When she assimilated what it meant, she felt the air knocked out of her lungs.

It can’t be…he’s gone.

But nevertheless the Force was contradicting what she knew in her what she had been forced to see and accept at Myrkr.

Tahiri Veila ran for the source of the Force emissions.

For the first time in a long time she felt as if her soul was once more complete.

With all her heart, she hoped it really was him.

Author’s Notes: Hope u like this chapter. Please Read and Review.
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