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Summary: New: FFA #2109 Connor, Trelawney.

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The Children - Joyce Summers/Petunia Dursley

Title: The Children
Rating: 10ish
Crossover: BtVS/HP
Pairing: Joyce/Petunia Dursley
Summary: Both Joyce and Petunia enjoy the idea of a perfectly normal life, however, perfection is not always possible.
Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Harry Potter, or any of the characters from their respective series.
Note: For FFA #1054

Joyce Summers and Petunia Dursley had first met at a local church in Los Angeles and they quickly became friends. After all both women enjoyed the idea of having a normal life with normal friends and family. It also helped that they both had small children to take care of. Joyce had her precious Buffy and Dawn to care for, while Petunia had Dudley and Harry.

Unfortunately both women had had their perfectly normal lives shattered by 'good for nothing husbands'. It was, after all, hard not to be at least a little bit bitter when ones world comes crumbling down.

For Petunia the turning point in her life occurred when Vernon decided that being a father was not all that it was cut out to be and that he no longer wanted to be 'burdened' with a wife, son, and a child of said wife's sister. Luckily, Vernon had been kind enough to give Petunia some money, with the stipulation that she leave the country, he had even paid for the plane ticket for her and the children to come to America, Los Angeles, California, to be exact. In Joyce's case, Hank had found his new secretary more appealing than his wife and mother of his children, so he had taken off to who knows where, just taking enough time to finalize the divorce before he left.

In any case, it seemed luck had finally come to their aide in the guise of their growing friendship, for the women soon found out that they were in similar situations. When it was discovered that they also worked at the same small restaurant, just different shifts, it had been to good of an opportunity to pass up.

At the time it just seemed like the logical solution to all their problems, would be to move in together. This would help both of them to cut back costs, as it meant that they would no longer have to pay babysitting or Day Care fees as they would have one another to rely on for such things as watching each others children. In fact they children were young enough for Dudley and Harry to refer to Joyce as their aunt; and for Buffy, Dawn, and Harry to refer to Petunia as their aunt. With all this in mind, it had hardly been that hard of a decision to make and the two women quickly found an apartment to share.

They settled with a nice three bedroom apartment; no sense spending extra money for four or more bedrooms and a two bedroom was out of the question as three to one room was pushing it. Besides, it was hardly proper for a mother to sleep in the same room as her son (or even daughter) at the children's age and this way everything worked out so very well. The boys would, of course, share one room, with the girls sharing another room, and leaving the third room for Petunia and Joyce to share.

This was, to be sure, a situation that neither woman ever thought they would be in. Both were accustomed to some security, living with their husbands and in a nice house. But what could they do now, it was far too soon to even think about dating, or rather looking for a new father for the children, and really children needed two parents. This was the best they could do, and at least at first, it really was for the well being of the children.

Perhaps when the children grew older and entered school their relationship might change, but for the time being it was nice to just able to talk and rely on each other. In the end, normalcy is often over-rated.
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