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Walk Away

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This story is No. 3 in the series "Web of Lies". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Even as he and Buffy take their relationship to the next level, Rusty makes a decision that changes things forever. (Sequel to Gentlemanly Behavior/Arm Wrestling)

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Movies > Ocean's ElevenEmmyFR1812,1821173,11221 Feb 0521 Feb 05Yes
Title: Walk Away

Author: Emmy (

Fandoms: BtVS/Ocean's Eleven

Series: Lies (

Pairing: Buffy/Rusty

Rating: Hard R

Disclaimer: I own nothing and seek no profit from this story.

Distribution: Emerald Illusions, Twisting the Hellmouth; all others please ask first.

Summary: Rusty knows he's becoming distracted by Buffy, and he knows the job is about to end. He doesn't want to hurt her. Why then is he allowing her to seduce him when he knows he has to leave the country the next morning?

Feedback would be lovely.

Author's note: I have not seen Ocean's Twelve, therefore, nothing that happens in that movie, (with the exception of a few details), will pertain to this series in any way. This is the fourth story in the series Lies and you might be lost if you don't read the other three first. The link is above. Oh yeah, and this is a bit of an angsty PWP. :)

Also, thank you to everyone who has reviewed the other three stories. You guys rock!



It had been four days since their little arm wrestling display in front of Rusty's friends, and since the first time Rusty had taken her out on a date. Their first date had been ... wonderful. Buffy had not taken him horseback riding, even though she found out that was the only activity he associated with blue jeans. Instead, she'd packed them a picnic and they had gone to a nearby park. Eating under the stars and just talking, Buffy was sure it had been one of the best dates of her life. And when he'd taken her back to her apartment afterwards, she had been so sure he'd want to up with her. Instead, he'd finally kissed her (several times), and told her goodnight. It had been wholly satisfying and frustrating at the same time.

Since then, they had seen each other every day. She'd only known Rusty for a little over two weeks, but that never seemed to matter when they were together. The ... chemistry they had made up for what they didn't know about each other, and Buffy was beginning to think she'd never actually known the definition of chemistry before. She swore that, each and every time she was alone with Rusty, things got a little more heated, more passionate and, even though she had not wanted to run headlong into a new relationship, she kinda liked the sparks they seemed to generate. Sparks. Buffy couldn't even think that word without fighting off a giggle. It just sounded so cheesy inside of her head. There was no other way to describe it, though, in her opinion. She and Rusty just clicked.

Glancing over at him as they rode the elevator up to her apartment, Buffy sighed softly. He had yet to spend the night at her place, and she hadn't spent the night -- or an afternoon, even -- at the hotel with him. In a way, she was glad they weren't rushing things by jumping into bed, but part of her knew that Rusty didn't live in Rome like she did. She knew, just knew that he would be leaving soon. They hadn't talked about it, but that little, unspoken fact was always in the back of her mind, whispering to her.

"You got quiet all of a sudden."

She glanced at him once more. "Sorry. Got lost in my thoughts."

The elevator door opened and Rusty took her hand, leading her off the lift. They walked to her apartment and Buffy grinned as he backed her into the door. "And what thoughts, exactly, did you get lost in?"

She smiled. Not wanting to bring up his eventual departure, she said, "Oh, you know, basic stuff."

He leaned in and gazed into her eyes for a second before brushing a kiss across her lips as his hands trailed down her sides. "Basic stuff? Such as?"

She traced a finger down his chest. "Well ... I was going over my grocery list, for one thing. And I was also wondering if I should pick up an extra shift or two at work."

"Uh huh," he murmured, leaning in to nibble on her ear.

"Then there was the never ending debate I seem to be having with myself these days."

She shivered as Rusty trailed kisses along her neck. His breath hot against her skin, he asked. "And what would that be?"

"Whether or not I should invite you in."

He looked at her and grinned. "You always invite me in."

Buffy felt her cheeks flush slightly. "Well, yeah. But ... see, the thing is, the debate isn't exactly about just inviting you inside."


She shook her head. "No."

"That's a most interesting dilemma you've got for yourself. How's it coming this evening? Are you finding a satisfying conclusion?"

Buffy shrugged, leaning into him a bit. "Possibly."

As Rusty's tongue darted out, moistening his lips, Buffy leaned up and captured his lips with hers, drawing his tongue into her mouth. Rusty's hands tightened on her hips, and she slipped her arms around his neck. He lifted her up easily, groaning into the kiss as her legs wrapped around his waist. Buffy deepened the kiss, her hands slipping into his hair. She moaned as she felt the beginnings of Rusty's erection pressing into her and thrust her hips against him.

They were both slightly breathless when he pulled away, and Buffy saw the passion written in his eyes as he asked, "Are you sure?"

"Do you want to come in?" she asked, her heart pounding in her chest.

"Hell yes."

She smiled. "Then I'm sure."

Rusty grinned and set her down. Buffy unlocked the door quickly and barely contained the squeal that bubbled up inside of her as Rusty swept her off her feet once more, opened the door and carried her to the bedroom, kicking the front door shut behind them. "Do you know how beautiful you are?" he murmured into her ear.

Buffy just smiled and leaned forward, catching his lips once more. "Not half as pretty as you are, but I won't hold that against you."

He chuckled as he sat her down beside the bed and Buffy reached out, helping him push the suit coat he wore to the floor. She made quick work of unbuttoning his shirt and pushed it off his shoulders. "Oh..." her eyes widened in appreciation as his bare chest came into view.


She grinned. "Uh huh. Oh, indeed."

Rusty just grinned back and pulled her to him, quickly unzipping her dress. Their lips met once more and they wasted no more time. He helped her out of her dress, stepped out of his pants, and pushed her gently back onto the bed. Buffy moaned as his lips began to explore her body, traveling up her legs slowly, his hands roaming all over her skin. She reached out, needing to feel him, and pulled him up to her. Kissing his lips, her tongue slipping into his mouth, Buffy felt as if he was setting her on fire as his hands continued their exploration. Losing herself in the moment, she let go, her hands trailing over his skin as she moaned into his mouth.

He took her slowly, their moans filling the air as she arched against him. Her hips moving, almost dancing, with his, Buffy cried out as Rusty reached between them and sent wave upon wave of pleasure through her body. She fell over the edge, his name slipping easily from her lips, and she held onto him tightly as he followed her over, calling out her name as he came.

They lay together, breathless and unable to move, for a long time before Rusty rolled off of her slowly, pulling her up against him. He kissed the top of her head. "That was..."

"Yeah. It was," Buffy said quietly. "It really was."

He captured her lips again, and Buffy had no doubt in her mind that they would not be getting much sleep that night. He explored her body like no one ever had before, as if he were trying to memorize everything about her, and she loved that he let her do the same with him. When they did finally fall asleep, spooning together, Buffy felt peaceful and more relaxed than she had in months.


He awoke slowly and couldn't help but smile as he saw the beautiful, and gloriously naked, woman he was sharing a bed with. She was sleeping peacefully, and Rusty did not have the heart to wake her. They'd made love several times during the night and each time had felt as though nothing else in the world mattered but the two of them. It was, he supposed, the way lovemaking was supposed to be, but it wasn't something he'd experienced often.

It was like nothing else mattered but her. She was everything he'd always said he'd look for when he was finally ready to settle down, though he would never admit that out loud. She thrilled him, made him laugh, and ... damn was she beautiful.

It was what he had been afraid of, why he hadn't taken her to bed after their first date ... Buffy was a distraction he simply did not need right now. She sighed in her sleep and snuggled back against him, and Rusty's arms tightened around her automatically. He kissed her hair, breathing in her scent, and thought again about how nice it would be to be able to stay just where he was for as long as she'd let him. She was a distraction, yes, but a good one, and it was going to hurt like hell to have to let her go.

Danny had tried to warn him. The very first night he'd met her, after walking Buffy home, Danny had warned him not to get involved. Rusty hadn't been able to listen, though. Not when it felt like his skin was on fire whenever she touched him. Not when he felt like he could get lost in her eyes for days. He couldn't just ignore that.

So he hadn't listened. He'd gotten involved, taken her on date after date, and he was almost positive he loved her. He wasn't sure ... love was something he'd not had much of, but he did know she made him feel like no one else ever had. ‘And now,' he thought, his fingers tracing over her stomach. ‘I'm going to have to leave her.'

He glanced at the alarm clock on the beside table and knew he would have to get up, have to leave, soon. Very soon. They were finishing the job today, and as much as he wanted to stay in her bed, he knew he couldn't. There were things he had to get done.

Forcing himself not to wonder what would happen if he stayed, Rusty kissed her temple gently and got out of bed. The crew, he knew, would be waiting. He had to leave, even knowing that he'd likely never see her again. He stared at Buffy for a long time, watching her sleep, and then turned, walking toward the bathroom.

He had committed to the job, and that job needed to get done. It was as simple as that.


It had happened often enough for Buffy to know that she had woken up alone. Rolling over confirmed that Rusty wasn't in her bed and the note on his pillow indicated that he'd left the apartment as well. Sighing heavily, Buffy reached over and picked up the note, reading it slowly, her heart sinking lower with each and every word.

Dear Buffy,

My plane leaves in an hour. I didn't want to wake you to say good-bye for very selfish reasons, and that's the first thing I'll apologize for. I am not good at saying good-bye, and I'm not even positive that I would be able to say the words to you. Leaving your bed was one of the hardest things I've ever done, and I hope you believe that.

I do have to leave. My life in the States has been put on hold long enough, and business calls. For that, too, I am sorry. I only wish we had more time together. These last two weeks have been ... Buffy, I've enjoyed them more than I can say. You are an incredibly special woman and I will miss you terribly.

I do hope you can one day forgive me for leaving like this, and maybe even let me see you again, should that chance ever arrive. Take care of yourself, and never doubt for a moment that I wanted to stay.



His words brilliantly sweet, thoughtful, and heartbreaking, Buffy buried her face in her pillow as she cried. He had not left his contact information. Rusty was just ... gone.

End fic.

A/N 2: While writing this fic, I struggled a bit with whether or not I would have to end up defending why I have Rusty behaving/leaving the way I do. I kept coming back to wondering if some people would think him out of character in this little story. So ... if you feel that he is, before you flame me, finish reading this note, please. As you know from the first author's note, I've not seen Ocean's 12. Thus, the only characterization I have to go on is from the first movie and the commentary/actor interviews in the special features. My take on Rusty is that he can be a very passionate, caring, wonderful man and a good friend, but when he's on the job, the job comes first. He gets things done, he follows through, and does not get distracted. Thus ... Buffy would be a distraction and, while he might not like doing it, he would still have to walk away from her. As to why he didn't leave his contact info ... well, you'll just have to wait until the next story to see.

Smiles, Emmy

The End

You have reached the end of "Walk Away". This story is complete.

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