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All His Hopes and Dreams: Renegade Edition

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Summary: Xander and Giles are flung into a world where they find everything that their hearts have always wanted.

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Television > SlidersStoneColdFR1811,742081,82622 Feb 0522 Feb 05No
Disclaimer: Is this really necessary? I mean if anyone who might think of suing me thinks that I own any of these characters, they are either seriously deluded, or have been living in a cave somewhere the last few years. But anyway, the dance continues.

Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy own all the characters of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Sliders, is the property of the Sci-Fi channel, even if they won’t admit to it anymore.

Classification: BtVS/Sliders X-Over. Buffy/Xander romance. Giles/Jenny romance. Quinn/Maggie romance.

Archives: Ask me first. I just like to know where my stuff is, but I love to have it in as many places as possible.

Spoilers: Buffy – Season Three, before Revelations. Sliders – Season Four, before the episode Slidecage.

Feedback: Feedback is the coin of the realm. Flames are accepted, unless it has to do with the Buffy/Xander pairing.

Renegade Edition Notes: In the six years since I started writing this story, my writing style has changed significantly. Not to mention, that while reading through this I found some very gaping holes in the plot. We’re talking Greedo shooting first type plot holes. So I’ve decided to re-tool this story, and re-titled it in homage to Highlander 2. All changes made to this story, will be saved and posted in a Deleted Scenes addendum to the story.

My thanks go out to the many fans of this story, and to the writers, actors, and producers of Farscape, from whom I learned how character development and angst should be written.

PART I - "What if you found a portal to a parallel universe?"

"You know Giles, there are times when it really sucks to be living on the Hellmouth."

Giles look at Xander incredulously. "Only times, Xander?"

Xander chuckled grimly as he and Giles patrolled down the main thoroughfare of one of Sunnydale's many cemeteries. "OK, let me rephrase Giles. There are times when it sucks way more than other times. And tonight is definitely one of them."

Giles lowered his crossbow cautiously, letting it hang at his side by its harness, so he could remove his glasses and clean them. "Indeed Xander. It seems as though vampire activity has increased at an alarming rate of late. That is why we have Buffy and Faith patrolling on the other side of the cemetery." After replacing his glasses, Giles raised his crossbow and resumed his careful lookout for vampires.

Xander looked at Giles with a bit of trepidation. "No offense Giles, but I think the next thing you need to work on is Faith's people skills. I'm glad she's able to work with Buffy and all, but it reeks of suicide to have the heavy hitters stacked on one team."

Giles harrumphed. "To be truthful, I believe I could teach you proper Queen's English before we are able to make Faith a 'team player'."

Xander nodded. “In that case, I hope all of the vampires run like lemmings to Team Slayer. I'm getting too old for this shit.”

Giles sighed. “To be truthful, so am I.”


Faith looked around the empty streets near the entrance to the cemetery, her full lips curved into a deep frown. She'd been waiting for over twenty minutes for Buffy to show up. She growled low in her throat as another minute ticked by on the nearby bank's digital clock. She was pissed to say the least.

Screaming out slightly in frustration Faith kicked a nearby trash can, sending it sailing across the street and through the rear windshield of a parked Lexus. The car's alarm started to blare as Faith looked on with a slightly satisfied smirk. “Fuck this. Buffy can find someone else to play second string for tonight. I'm done with this shit.”

Tossing a last smirk over her shoulder at the damaged car, Faith stalked off in search of the nearest spot of trouble she could get into.

Unfortunately, she didn't care to look for it inside the cemetary.


"Why does it seem that all the really easy slides go sour only minutes before the timer runs out?"

Maggie Beckett ran side by side with Quinn Mallory, glancing behind them every few seconds to check for signs of pursuit as they took up the rear of the retreating group. "Take it up with Murphy Quinn, I've got a better question! Just what the hell were those things back there?"

Rembrandt Brown ran slightly in front of Quinn and Maggie, setting the pace of the group. He was carrying an injured Colin Mallory. "Those things are vampires Maggie."

They slowed as they neared a large oak tree in the center of the cemetery, their pursuers seemingly off their trail. Taking the opportunity to rest his arms for a spell, Remy lowered Colin to the ground, leaning him against the tree.

Quinn knelt beside Colin and checked his pulse, while Maggie stood lookout over them. "Colin needs immediate medical attention, he's got a very thready pulse!”

Maggie turned towards Remy with that announcement, “Remy what the hell happened back there, and don't give me that shit about vampires! Vampires don't exist!"

"Then how do you explain this?" Rembrandt pulled the collar of Colin's shirt down to reveal two distinct bite marks along his jugular. "They drained his blood Maggie! That's why he's got such a weak pulse.” He looked around nervously, not certain that they truly shook off the pursuit. “We've come across vampires before! There was this one world where a rock band was a group of vampires, and they wanted to make Wade their undead groupie."

A shadow passed over Quinn's face as he recalled the incident and remembered their captured friend. "Yeah Remy, but those vampires were tame compared to these guys. It's a good thing we lost them."

Just like every other time Quinn had made a bold statement like that, Remy started to have a bad feeling in the pit of his stomach. He slowly turned around to find the six vampires that they'd supposedly lost. “Man, I'm getting too old for this shit Q-Ball!”


Xander and Giles were nearing the end of their patrol sweep as they approached the large oak tree. "Well Giles, I can't remember the last time we had such a quiet patrol. Looks like all the vamps decided to take their business elsewhere."

Suddenly a scream pierced the night air in the direction they were headed. "Xander, while I'm working with Faith on her people skills, I believe we must really have a talk about your penchant for ill timed comments."

Xander at least had the decency to look ashamed as he pulled out his cross and stake. "Well here's hoping I live, and you don't get another concussion."

Giles smiled briefly at Xander's comment as they rushed toward the scream. “Amen."


Buffy watched sadly as Angel thrashed against the chains binding him to the wall. He suffered fewer periods of madness since he'd returned to her, and each time was less intense than the one before it. But, no matter how much better he was getting, it still pained her to watch her Angel slip away to be replaced by the feral creature she was watching now.

She knew she was supposed to meet Faith over half an hour ago, but this was more important than a standard patrol. This was Angel, and he'd come back from Hell for her. She rationalized her presence at the mansion as helping to keep Sunnydale safe from a feral Angel. And that was important too, right?


Remy looked worriedly over at Quinn, while the vampires argued amongst themselves as to who had dibs on whom. "How much time we got until we slide Q-Ball?"

Quinn shook his head slowly. "About forty-five seconds Remy.” He looked up to Maggie, who shook her head at him grimly. “But I get the feeling that we don't have that kind of time. Not nearly enough time."

Having decided upon the division of their spoils, one of the vampires reached for Maggie. She narrowly escaped his grasp, and swung as hard as she could for his face, connecting with a solid blow. Hoping she'd bought herself a bit of time, she was downtrodden to find the creature smriking at her. He grasped her by both arms and began to draw her closer to him. Suddenly, he grunted and released her arms, shortly thereafter disintegrating into dust.

Maggie quickly turned around to see a tall tweed clad man reloading a crossbow, approaching them from the opposite side of the oak tree. A second garishly dressed figure came from behind Remy a cross in one hand, and what appeared to be a wooden stake in the other. “I see you guys met the Sunnydale Welcome Wagon already.” The young man, who Maggie realized couldn't have been more than a teenager, stood in front of Remy, Quinn, and Colin brandishing the cross, which seemed for the time being to keep the vampires at bay. “I'm Xander, and the guy with the crossbow is Giles.”

Quinn looked up at Xander, "Man, are we glad you showed up! We just need to keep these guys off of us for about another twenty-five seconds!"

"What happens in twenty-five seconds?" Giles asked as he moved into position next to Xander, discarding his crossbow in favor of the cross he had pulled out. "I certainly hope that in twenty-five seconds you have some means of getting us out of here, because the crossbow broke after that last shot." Xander looked at him with a pained expression. "Not to mention that the cavalry seems to have been delayed indefinitely."

"Well, we'd be glad to help you out of this jam, I'm just not sure you'll really like how we plan on doing it." Remy looked over at Quinn who nodded in response.

"Hey guy, whatever you can do, we'd be appreciative! 'Cause these crosses won't hold these vamps off forever!" Xander noticed something odd about the vampires in front of them, and silently counted vampires, each time coming up short. “Damnit!” He frantically looked around for the missing vampire, hoping he hadn't gone for reinforcements.

"Here goes nothing! 5... 4... 3... 2... 1..." As soon as the timer reached zero, Quinn activated the device and opened the wormhole. Shortly thereafter, Rembrandt carried the injured Colln through the vortex. Quinn motioned for Maggie to go next, and looked at Giles and Xander. "You guys coming?"

Giles watched Maggie jump through the vortex, leaving only him, Xander, a handful of stunned vampires, and the stranger holding the device. Giles glanced at Xander who gave him a quick nod. “We gratefully accept your kind offer!”

Taking advantage of the stunned vampires, the three men jumped into the wormhole. Only a heartbeat after it closed behind the retreating form of Quinn, the missing vampire landed on his face in the space the vortex once occupied.

The End?

You have reached the end of "All His Hopes and Dreams: Renegade Edition" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 22 Feb 05.

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