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Summary: Buffy was taken from her family and twin brother shortly after her birth by the PTBs, now after her death at the hands of the master their cloaking spell is gone. What will happen next?

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Harry Potter > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: OtherJennaSummersFR797,92163926,21823 Feb 052 Aug 05No

Everyone Needs to Vent

A/N: I think I've finally gotten my mojo back as weird as that may sound. Inspiration for this story has hit after quite a while of nothing. Remember to review cause I love them oh so much and I welcome all the little critiques about my writing that you may have to offer. Thanx a bunch...

Chapter Nine

Everyone Needs to Vent

Buffy was surprised at how fast Drake seemed to flee the classroom. She though had come to the conclusion that however hard she tried nothing would ever allow her to understand her twin brother. One minute he was kind to her curious even with the occasional helpig hand and the next moment he was gone trying to get as far away from her as he possibly could. Well it was going to end no longer was Buffy Ann Summers... Anastasia Kallisto Malfoy... whatever her name was going to sit back and watch Draco walk away from her one more time.

Running to catch up to Draco though she was met with only an empty hallway much to her dismay. "Damn it, where did he go..." she said to herself looking in both directions trying to deside which way to start her search.

"Where did who go?" came a questioning voice from behind Buffy startling her.

Turning around she was met with the owner of the voice bushy hair and all, "Oh, hi Hermione I didn't see ya there. Did you want to talk to me about something?"

"Nothing in particular. We should probably get going or we'll be late for... what?" Hermione said noticing Buffy looking at her strangely. "Do I have something on my face?"

"You waited for me?" Buffy asked the surprise evident in her facial expressions.

"Yes, I guess nows a good a time as any..." Hermione mumbled to herself, "I'm really sorry for the way we treated you, Buffy. You did nothing to disserve it and I'm sorry." she said looking down at the ground avoiding Buffy's gaze.

"Apology accepted," Buffy said with a smile as the began to walk in the direction of History of Magic their next class. "Soo... why is it that you have to apologize for everybody? I mean Harry and Ron treated me poorly also, worse in fact..."

"It's just boys and their huge egos," Hermione said with an annoyed sigh. "You know they just make their stupid minds up about something and if they're wrong, which they pretty much always are, they're to proud to admit it or to say a simple sorry."

"Ha ha ha... you don't get much time to vent about them do you? And your right guys like never apologize for anything they just act like nothing happened." Buffy said laughing about how incredibly stupid the male race are.

"That sounds about right but they are sorry you know... well Harry's sorry Ron takes a bit longer to get the sense knocked into him." Hermione reploed glad to have someone to talk about this stuff with. She had Ginny but she didn't really seem to get it.

"Well when they are ready to apologize I'll be ready to listen, but until then I'll just refer to them as dumb and dumber," Buffy said gaining a laugh from Hermione as they entered the History of Magic classroom.

"Come on there are two seats over there," Hermione said as she led Buffy to the seats in the back of the classroom as she completely ignored Ron and Harry's shocked expressions.

"Well this should be interesting..." Buffy said to herself as Professor Binns started lecturing about some troll raids from way back when.

It was good having another friend around. With Hermione and Ginny around living in the wizarding world wouldn't be all that bad now all she had to do was find her dear old brother and stop him from avoiding her. All she had to do was corner Drake and make him shed a little light on why he constantly ignored her...


A/N: I know I said this chapter would be the big old sibling chit chat but this just came into my head. The Draco and Buffy get together is gonna come up real soon. PROMISE...

The End?

You have reached the end of "Taken" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 2 Aug 05.

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