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Summary: Buffy was taken from her family and twin brother shortly after her birth by the PTBs, now after her death at the hands of the master their cloaking spell is gone. What will happen next?

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Harry Potter > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: OtherJennaSummersFR797,92163926,21823 Feb 052 Aug 05No


Disclaimer: I don't own anything from either BtVS or HP.

Chapter One:

St. Mungo’s Hospital London, England December 7, 1988

Waiting was not something that came easily to Lucius Malfoy. Ever since he was a child he got everything he wanted. Now when he truly wanted something to happen quickly it seemed to take hours. He had so many great plans for his son.

“Mister Malfoy” the mediwitch called stepping out of the hospital room.

“Yes, did everything go alright? Can I go in now?” Lucius asked with joy in his voice which was quite different from his usually cold superior voice.

“Everything went fine Mister Malfoy. Your wife did wonderfully and his in with your new son and daughter.”

“Good, good. Wait did you say son AND daughter?” He asked after processing what she had said.

“Yes, a healthy pair of twins” the mediwitch told him gesturing him to enter the room as she was leaving to another room. As she walked away she turned to him and said, “Congratulations Mister Malfoy, you should be proud.

With that he walked into the hospital room to see his family. The moment he saw them he was hit with a number of new emotions to him. As he saw his wife, Narcissa Black Malfoy, staring down at their new twins he couldn’t help but to fill with the pride one could only feel seeing his children. She was staring transfixed at the two little bundles with a smile that rarely graced her lips.

“Cissa,” he called to her breaking her out of her reverie.

“Lucius, come here and meet the children.”

“So it’s true we had twins. I can’t believe it there so rare in our world.” He said stunned as he walked over to his two wide awake babies.

“The mediwitch said we were the only case this year,” she responded with pride.

For a long while they just sat there staring at their children as they looked around the room with wide eyes. Their son, the oldest of the twins, had white-blonde hair just like his fathers with the same piercing silver eyes. He was a handsome child that would make them proud one day. Then there was their daughter who was so tiny compared to her brother. She too had blonde hair but it was darker than her brothers by a few shades, but her eyes were truly what set them apart. She had beautiful jade eyes that seemed to be both green and blue at the same time, like they couldn’t decide. They would have trouble with her, for she was sure to break many hearts.

“Lucius, what shall we name them?”

“Draco, we shall name our son Draco Alexander.” He answered after much thought.

“And our little girl, what shall we name her?”

“Anastasia Kallisto, but we will call her Ana”


That Same Night, Midnight

Whistler hated having to do these types of thing for the powers, but yet he did it. Appearing in the Nursery of St. Mungo’s he saw the little girl that he had come to take. It broke his heart to have to separate her from her twin brother but he knew it was for the better. She would be chosen and needed to be raised in a unprejudiced environment, it didn’t help that she would be the most powerful witch the world had ever seen. Bending down he quickly lifted her out of her little bassinet and into his arms. With a glance at her brother he disappeared.

He didn’t know that the moment he had left with the girl her brother had started to wail bringing all the mediwitchs in the area running to his aid. Bringing them to find the empty bassinet of his sister. Baby Anastasia Kallisto Malfoy gone.


Summers’ Residence Los Angeles, California

Waking up Joyce was filled with a strange joy. She unconsciously got out of bed and immediately walked to the bedroom across the hall from hers. On entering she saw a beautiful nursery decorated with many different shades of pink. She went to the little crib on the opposite side of the room and bent down over it.

“Hello little Buffy, did you have a good rest?” she asked her week old baby girl as she stared at her. She was a beautiful baby if she did say so herself with jade greenish-blue eyes and dirty blonde hair. Picking up her new baby she headed down stairs to the kitchen.

Whistler watched this from outside the window and said in a whisper before he disappeared, “You’re gonna be alright kid.”
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