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New York's docks in February

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Summary: A trio of recently called Slayers have found themselves an adventure

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > GeneralDmitriFR1365,110031,73124 Feb 0517 Aug 11No

Sam's Friends (Part 3)

Disclaimer: The characters are mine, unless noted otherwise.

Just like the ghouls, the newcomer was an undead human – in this case, a vampire. Tall, slim and blonde, seemingly carved out of birch wood, Samantha really disliked her on the spot.

“Abi,” Ron growled in that same, deep voice. “Always a pain in you know what.”

“Really?” Sam asked, sceptically. “She does have that annoying look that all blondes have, but still...”

“Well, feel free to try,” Ron said wryly, “meanwhile I still have Amanda to take care of.” He picked her up, slinging the heavyset young woman over his shoulder without any effort, to Sam’s surprise.

Time, however, was pressing. The ghouls and their vampire ally – also. Therefore, Sam chose the opponent that she was most likely to beat, and charged at the blonde.

Abi countered with a couple of punches, and each one made Sam feel like the Titanic, who had its butt handed back to it by the iceberg. More precisely, Abi’s punches sent the young Vampire Slayer skidding backwards on her back, bruised and clearly hurt.

“My turn,” Abi said in a purring tone of voice – rather like that of a tiger or some other big cat – and the ghouls charged forth towards the prone Vampire Slayer, running and leaping.

That was the end, Sam was sure. Grievously hurt – Abi’s punches had snapped at least one bone in her skeleton – and with her wind knocked out of her, the Vampire Slayer was no match for a pack of about a dozen ghouls.

As the ghouls leapt, their shadowy silhouettes blocking out the moon something huge slammed into them, slicing and shredding them to pieces in mid-air. Within moments the ghouls’ number was halved, and the rest of them were fleeing back into the shadows from which they have come, leaving Abi on her own.

The blonde bloodsucker, however, wasn’t perturbed, but just smiled slightly and left, just as calmly as she had appeared.

“What a piece of work,” Ron growled from behind still prone Samantha. “And her allies are stronger than her, to make things worse.”

“...You know,” Samantha said from her still prone position, “I’m a Vampire Slayer and I am usually a much better fighter than tonight. Want me to be your ally?”

“Well, now,” Ron leaned above Samantha, “and I am a terlen-sorcerer, servant of the First evil. I think we might be in business!”

* * *


The docks were dark and quiet, but Samantha’s trained eye could see a small fire burning close to the water’s edge. This was disturbing. Samantha had had communicated with Ron and Amanda before (or with their nominate minions), but as a rule there was no fire for obvious reasons – but this time there clearly was. Feeling more cautious than before, Samantha approached the flame nevertheless.

Apparently, her caution wasn’t in vain. Ron was there, and so was Amanda, but there was a pair of strangers as well. “And who are you?” one of them, a gruff man (distantly resembling William Wallace Sam had seen on a TV series) asked.

“I’m a Vampire Slayer,” Sam decided to state the obvious, “and who are you?”

“He’s the chief of the local selkies, who finally decided to admit himself as such, and his feminine companion is Lucinda Sleet, a mercenary from Australia,” Ron explained cheerfully.

“And this?” Samantha pulled the oversized corpse from behind her.

“That is a merrow, girlie,” the selkies’ chief said in the same tone of voice. “Where’d you get it?”

And Samantha began to explain.


The End?

You have reached the end of "New York's docks in February" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 17 Aug 11.

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