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Summary: Dawn get a new protector, an Assassin from the world of Sancuary. This a multipule crossover, with BtVS/LOTR/D2 and maybe I'll throw in HP

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Multiple Crossings > Dawn-CenteredxoulbladeFR1321,807011,12724 Feb 0524 Feb 05No


I have no claim to LOTR, BTVS, nor Diablo II. I thought I'll try this combination,
so everyone sit back and relax.............

By Xoulblade


On light feet, the dark figure walked into the meeting place of the Viz-Jaq'taar,
coming to the middle of the room, the figure waited to be acknowledged.

The person had not long to wait, as the torches around the room flared up,
three robed figures entered the room, the dark figure knelt, withs its face to the
the floor.

"Child, theres a new mission for you." The voice echoed around the large room,
"The key is about to be taken, her protector is no longer worthy to do so."

The dark figure's voice spoke out for the first time, "But My Lords!! I was about to
defeat Diablo when you called for me, my friends are in danger, I must go back to
help them!!"

The cloaked beings rose to their full height, but said in a gentle tone, "They are in good hands
child, another is there to help."

Growling under its breath the figure nodded and knelt again, "Yes my lords."

It has begun, the colliding of worlds has started.

For anyone has played the computer game, Diablo II the expansion pack, the assassin is
the newest member of the group, and this character kicks major @$$. This is one of my
favorite character to play, theres only three girl parts in this game, the Amazon, and the
Sorceress. I have played them both, but the Assassin is my favorite ^_^.

Just R/R!!
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StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking