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A Sarcophagus in Sunnydale

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This story is No. 1 in the series "These Kids Would Kick Goa'uld A**". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: A newspaper article has sent Jack and Daniel to Sunnydale. What will they find? Spoilers for Season 2 Buffy up to 'What's my line?', no real spoilers for SG-1.

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Stargate > GeneralthecrystalkeyFR131516,5024666180,94926 Feb 0528 Feb 05Yes

Sarcophagus in Sunnydale Chapter 15

Jack did make it back to the school before the kids, but only just.

He’d just dropped into a seat, having come in through the stacks, when the kids themselves came in through the main library doors.

Amused glances from the other four in the room assured Jack that they wouldn’t give away his secret.

“You just had to set them off, didn’t you?” Cordelia was asking.

“What did you want me to do? Just leave them there?” Xander was asking. “Or better yet, try to retrieve them tomorrow?”

“Why not?” the cheerleader asked.

“Because it would easier all around if we just hung a sign around his neck saying ‘I did it’ as having him hanging around the crime scene,” Buffy explained.

“Could we? Make the sign I mean?” Cordelia asked.

Xander rolled his eyes and Buffy laughed.

“No Cordelia,” the blond girl said firmly.

“Went well, did it?” Jack asked.

“Well, there were some complications,” Buffy admitted.

“But now we know there’s no evidence left,” Xander added with a twinkle in his eyes.

“Good lord,” Giles said. “You didn’t…”

“You owe me french-fries,” Xander said to Buffy. “Told you he’d say that.”

The blond girl rolled her eyes.

“No, we didn’t,” Buffy reassured Giles. “No historically significant objects were harmed in the making of this heist. Not even by Captain Blow-‘Em-Up over there, who blocked our escape with some well-timed garbage can explosions.”

“And SoldierBoy saves the day,” the kid said triumphantly. “Now that we’re done saving the world again, can we eat? I’m hungry.”

“First, who do I give the keys to?” Cordelia asked. “I don’t even want to hold them any longer. That is the worst, and ugliest, truck I have ever driven.”

“It’s the only truck you’ve ever driven,” Giles pointed out dryly. “I believe Colonel O’Neill will take the keys. There’s a good girl.”

She tossed the keys to Jack who caught them handily. She actually had a pretty good arm.

“There,” she said impatiently. “Can I go?”

“Please,” Xander said, gesturing at the door. The prom queen stuck her tongue out at the boy as she walked past him and out the door.

Before anyone could say anything else Xander held up a hand and began a silently countdown from five. When he hit zero, he pointed at the door just as Cordelia walked back in.

“I was wondering if someone would walk me to my car?” she asked. “It is dark outside and all.”

Buffy got up with a sigh. “I’ll be right back,” she said to the others and walked out with the other girl.

“So,” Xander said, throwing himself down into a seat, “you headed back to…wherever you came from now?”

“Guess so,” Jack said easily.

“I still can’t quite believe that you did it,” Daniel said.

The two teens still in the room looked hurt.

“I’m just looking forward to returning that truck and loader to the Sunnydale Base CO with compliments. I’ve been wondering if I can get whoever pulls that duty to take a picture and send it to me,” Jack said.

He found himself sharing a grin with Xander and wondered again what his chances on recruiting the kid after high school were. Jack was sure he’d be an asset to the SGC.

“If you do,” the kid said, “send a copy to me.”

Jack and Daniel waited until Buffy got back from walking Cordelia to her car and then said their thanks and left.

As they were walking out, he heard the adults and teens begin to argue about what food to get.

He and Daniel were both silent as they walked out to the military-issue truck waiting in the staff parking lot.

Without a word both men went to check the contents of the back of the truck. Lifting the black tarp covering it, Daniel verified that it really was the real thing. He also bent to take a closer look at the seals on the cover.

“So?” Jack asked as they got into the truck’s cab. They had already gotten rid of the rental car that afternoon.

“So, they did it,” Daniel said in amazement. “They really did it.”

“And they really just handed it over?” Jack asked.

“It’s the real thing, Jack,” Daniel reassured him. “Unless they had another one just lying around this is the one.”

“How do the seals look?” Jack asked as he turned the truck’s engine over and began to drive.

“It’ll probably take us years to get them open,” the archaeologist said. “That thing is heavily sealed. Hammond will probably send it to Area 51 for their guys to play with.”

“Oh,” Jack said sarcastically. “That’s just too bad.”

“The good news Willow gave me a copy of that 3-D image she made, so I’ll be able to study it and maybe figure out who’s inside.”

“Hopefully before we open it,” Jack said.

“Hopefully,” Daniel agreed.

There was silence in the truck as the men passed a sign saying ‘Goodbye from Sunnydale. Thanks for visiting.’

Jack O’Neill stepped on the gas just a little as they passed the sign.

He regretted not having been able to get the Harris kid alone and, maybe, recruit him out of high school, but all in all he was glad to be leaving the place that housed something called a Hellmouth.

-The End-

Except I can feel another plotbunny coming on invloving Xander and Jack at the SGC...Those two are just too fun to write.

The End

You have reached the end of "A Sarcophagus in Sunnydale". This story is complete.

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