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A Sarcophagus in Sunnydale

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This story is No. 1 in the series "These Kids Would Kick Goa'uld A**". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: A newspaper article has sent Jack and Daniel to Sunnydale. What will they find? Spoilers for Season 2 Buffy up to 'What's my line?', no real spoilers for SG-1.

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Stargate > GeneralthecrystalkeyFR131516,5024666180,91826 Feb 0528 Feb 05Yes

NOTE: This chapter is rated FR7

A Sarcophagus in Sunnydale Chapter 1

A Sarcophagus in Sunnydale

Disclaimer: All characters copyright MGM or Joss Whedon/Twentieth Century Fox/Mutant Enemy. Only the plot is mine. This is a non-profit fan story not intended to infringe the rights of MGM, Showtime, Gekko or Double Secret productions. Nor those of Joss Whedon, Twentieth Century Fox, or Mutant Enemy. Besides I have no money, sueing me would be a waste of time. :)

Author's note: First thing I've written in the Buffyverse. First thing I've finished that's more than two pages. This is what happens when the only shows I have time to watch are first season Stargate and second season Buffy.


“Welcome to Sunnydale,” Colonel Jack O’Neill said, reading the sign out the window.

There was no sound from the seat beside him. Dr. Daniel Jackson had his head buried deep in a book and hadn’t once looked up.

“Pretty place,” Jack remarked, resisting the urge to knock the book from Daniel’s hands. “For the middle of nowhere.”

Daniel’s lips twitched and he lifted his eyes to look over at Jack. “It’s not the middle of nowhere, Jack. It’s the middle of California.”

“Same thing,” Jack grumbled. “The only good thing about California is Disneyland and that’s hours from here.”

“Jack,” Daniel said warningly.

“Daniel,” the other man mocked him. “Why are we here again?”

Daniel dug a newspaper out of an outside pocket on his bag and tossed into Jack’s lap. “We’re here because of this,” Daniel said.

The newspaper was carefully folded to show a single article with a picture of an Egyptian-looking sarcophagus next to it. The headline read “New Egyptian Exhibit Features Long-Lost Sarcophagus”.

“Right, I remember now,” Jack said. He started to re-read the article. He had only skimmed through it initially.

It detailed the finding of an Egyptian sarcophagus buried in the concrete foundations of a house that used to belong to an eccentric collector. The guy had been dead awhile and his descendants had eventually sold the house to move out of town. The new owners had had it torn down and, during the destruction, had found the sarcophagus and, in turn, sold it to the Sunnydale Museum.

What had gotten Daniel all excited was the close-up picture of the side of the sarcophagus. Daniel was convinced he could make out Goa’uld symbols in the grainy photo. So here they were in Sunnydale, California.

Jack sighed, looking back out the window. Oh well, he thought, at least the weather’s nice.
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