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X Woman

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Summary: Post-B2. Post the first XMen movie. Buffy runs away and eventually ends up, knocked up by Angel, at a school with her cousin Scott...

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Marvel Universe > X-Men > Buffy-CenteredGoddessaFR1311,1880124,27626 Feb 0526 Feb 05No
Title: X-Woman

Disclaimer: I only own the fic, Liam, Elisabeth, and maybe a few little things here and there. Also, I am going to introduce a character made up by me. She will be in other fics too as a person depending on the fics. She is totally made up by me. I will try no to ‘Mary Sue’ her…

Pairings: BA, etc.

Timeline: Post Becoming pt.2 for BTVS. Post the first movie for Xmen. A little AU for Xmen though too.

Genre: Btvs/Xmen. Angst, adventure, etc.

Chapter Summary: Buffy leaves Sunnydale. Cerebro is alerted of something/someone.

Summary: Xmen/BTVS xover. Buffy got pregnant on her 17th birthday. Slight changes. B/A of course. Professor X finds her (a new mutant) and Scott's cousin. They help out. More slayers are called, etc... :) PLEASE REVIEW!

Notes/Changes: The time that Angelus had been out has only been a long two months, so she doesn’t know she is pregnant. Dawn is not here-she just doesn’t exist.


Buffy shoved the sword in his gut and lost all feeling as the sound reverberated around the room and imprinted in her mind. The sword her sister slayer gave her was lying on the ground a few feet behind her, and the one inside her lover was going to be replaced in the demonic statue.

It went too fast and too slow for her. He reached out to her, unsure of what he was doing, and Buffy had no idea why she didn’t go with him. The only thing she wanted to do was grab his hand and follow him into the hell that she was responsible for throwing him into. But the portal already swallowed him up when she became aware of what was going on at all.

She went home and got her stuff that she could carry. She wrote a goodbye and sorry letter to her mother.

She said a silent goodbye to her friends, and watched them join in front of the school, then go inside.

She went back to the mansion, and saw that her friends had been there looking for her. Dust from the vampires remained on the ground, looking like no one had been there in a while. The sun caused a glare over to the side, and she said something she felt while staring at the empty room. Maybe he would hear her. “My love. I’m sorry. I can’t handle being away from you, but so close to our memories. I’ll go, and they’re problems with the supernatural will be over- I won’t be here to get them into trouble and watch them die.” She ended her small message to the house when she ran out of room. One last look back and she left the house.


She saw the ‘Now Leaving Sunnydale’ sign, and also saw the ‘Come Back Soon.’ On the back.

She thought about it to herself. “Maybe someday. But hopefully not soon.” She said.

She didn’t talk for the next two days, until she had to look for a job. She soon got one at ‘Helen’s Kitchen, and ran into a girl that had been a victim in Sunnydale, of denial and vampires. She saved her from a ‘Hell’ and gave her, her job and apartment. She left that night. ‘Too many memories.’ She was starting to make more memories of LA. Time to leave.


Xavier’s School for ‘Gifted’ Children...

Professor X sat on his wheelchair; using his machine he called Cerebro that helped him locate other mutants. He was getting confused. Professor Xavier was going through the new mutants, and he was trying to concentrate on a girl. But he got no feeling from her, and he couldn’t always pinpoint her.

He finally got a reading on her. LA. He sighed as he took the helmet off and put it back on the desk. He turned his ‘wheels’ around and headed out of the machine, the door closing behind him. He talked through his mind, seeing as how he is telepathic and all.

“Storm, Jean, Scott, Logan, I have found a new mutant, and am getting strange readings off of her. I think we’d better go and retrieve her.”

They replied; the line was still connected. It was Scott who spoke up. “Cool. Any ideas as to who she is?”

“No, it’s like I am being blocked off of her mind. I am uneasy around it, but I think she needs help.” The Professor replied.

Scott, Jean, Wolverine, and Storm went to the nearest elevator and went to the lower level, to suit up. Ten minutes later, they were in the jet.

The professor gave directions and within about twenty minutes, they were in range of the mutant. When they landed the jet in an alley, Logan went with Storm, while Cyclops went with Jean. Professor X went on his own, trying to track her, and lead the others to her.

He found her a few moments later, and was surprised. He recognized her off of one of Scott’s pictures. And he couldn’t get anything from her. He usually didn’t probe without one’s okay, but she was basically non responsive as she walked away slowly, as if she didn’t even know he was there, or she was for that matter.

“I’ve found her but she doesn‘t seem to know she is being watched. Scott, I think I’ve seen her off of one of your photographs. She is in front of the club around the jet. She is walking slowly, so you should have plenty of time to get her.” He finished giving them all directions, and waited for them.

Two minutes later, they had found her. Scott stood still for a moment, taking in his cousin’s appearance. “Buffy?” he asked aloud, and slowly walked to her. She just kept slowly walking forwards.

She didn’t notice anyone was taking notice of her. Her eyes stared blankly at the ground, not seeing. No one usually did notice strange things in these parts of cities. She would know. She had been going from foot to foot from city to city. She had ended up in LA again; she didn’t know how. She probably got turned around. But Buffy didn’t show any signs of caring.

“Buffy.” Scott said again, trying to get her attention. He put his hand on her shoulder. She looked up at him. The professor thought that even though she looked up, she wasn’t really seeing him. He was right.

“Buffy. Some friends and I are here to help you. We need to get you safe.” He said, in a way that made Buffy look like a small child. She just kept walking. Scott tried to turn her, not hard, but hard enough for her to feel it. Her body did what it was told, and walked with them, to wherever they were going. Logan and the others did not notice how Buffy’s body reacted instinctively to the directions. Even though Buffy wasn’t necessarily in charge or aware, the slayer in her and her body reacted.

Scott led her to the jet. The others were ahead of him. The door was opened and the women were already at the steering devices. Professor X was seated, and was waiting patiently for Scott to settle his cousin, and to sit down. When it was done, they were off.



There will be other things going on, like school, so I'm sorry I do not continue often. Oh, does anyone know any really good other BA sites or fics? I am looking for Serena’s ‘Free Time’ and ‘The Meeting.’ They’re really good, but her site isn’t up, and I want to find those fics… 2/25/05. Aren't you glad I at least ficed it? (Sorry I haven't tbs'd it lately. I'm going to try to now, but I'll nottify you on any changes to this if anything, well, changes...)

The End?

You have reached the end of "X Woman" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 26 Feb 05.

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