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Miss Memory

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Summary: Buffy Sumers, (Elizabeth Potter), makes her way back into the wizarding world with her sister and friends...BA

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Harry Potter > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: OtherGoddessaFR1511,946283,03126 Feb 0526 Feb 05No
Title: Miss Memory: Changes

Author: Goddessa39

Emails: or

Spoilers: None really. Otherwise it is edited flashbacks.

Summary: Buffy (Eliszabeth) Potter and her fellow Marauders in the past.

Timeline: Pre-slayer

Pairing: BA. etc.

Disclaimer: I own nothing but the fic, Liam, Elisabeth, Thomas, etc. I don't own BTVS or HP.

Feedback: Please. I need my reason for writing- your ideas and me knowing my work is read.

Rating: (May change. But I cannot write NC-17.) PG

Notes: none

Changes: minor


Btvs/hp (cuts off at S1 ATS, S5/6 btvs,? hp) you get your letter at 11 right? Oh well.

Buffy is James Potter's long lost twin sister, and is best friends with a girl named Lily Evans. She is nearly raised with her brother (James Prongs Potter), Sirius (Padfoot) Black, Remus (Moony) Lupin, and Peter (Wormtail) Pettigrew.

But because of the Watchers Council, she was forced to leave her home and go to America. When she refused, they kidnapped her, faked her death, sent her into the future a few years, and changed her memory. But they weren't prepared for her to remember. Actually, they weren't prepared for her period. But they don’t know that do they? Thankfully, one of the secretaries ‘misplaced’ some files, and no one really remembered her.

Now, she lives in Sunnydale California, and is in her last year of college atop the hellmouth. Her best friend (a Wicca) Willow Rosenberg is still urging her to date; but she wont. Her son and daughter, Elizabeth and Liam Summers live in LA with their 'aunt' Anne.

Miss Memory


Buffy. Sixth year.

"But Ja-ames!"

"Buffy! I already told you. Mom said that we aren't allowed to teach you how to do it."

Pause. "James. I already know how."


"Oh puhlease James! I am your twin sister, and around the rest of them 24/7. Did you really think I wouldn't find out easily?"

"Quit going through my head little sister." He replied annoyed. He knew that she could do it without him knowing. She could look through her twin’s mind with ease.

"By two minutes, and maybe later." She replied.

"Buffy..." He started.

"I know, you'll tell, but when has that stopped me?” she asked, turning that over to him.

“Okay, Phoenix, what is your animagus form, then?” he asked, giving in. He knew it was the truth. She had been raised with him. After all, they were twins.

“Why do you think I picked ‘Phoenix?’” she asked, giving the idea a start.

“But we’ve always called you ‘Phoenix, Phoenix.” He said, not quite getting it yet.

“Yeah, but you know how I’ve always felt about them. Now I just know why.” She told him.

“Cool…” he started. But he got annoyed and got back on subject. “But you still-” But he was cut off.

“I know, I know. Besides, Lily totally has a crush on you." She said, changing the subject with ease.

/"Buffy. You’re brother is stupid beeping wannabe freak that ... clumsy oaf!" "Of course he is. He's a guy." "Yeah, but he's stupid, and rude, and, and just plain... rude." "Right." Looks thoughtful. "What?" "Oh, nothing. I was just thinking..." "What? Buffy, you've got that look..." "I don’t have any look." "Yes. You have that look that you are planning something." "I’m not planning anything." "Okay, but if you do, then I'll have to beat you with my broom." "Okay. If I plan something that you don’t like within the next few days, then you can beat me with a broom." Lily didn't catch the slip that would ensure Buffy's plan."/

"Really?-" He was speechless (and what Buffy knew as his looking excited) until he caught himself. "Wait. I don’t care. Tell her to go and get a boyfriend."

"Oh, I plan to." She smirked

"Good." But inside, he was getting a little jealous and mad.

"Great." She said, as she saw the various quick-play emotions running across his face.

James, somehow, missed Buffy's mischievous smile as she directed the conversation away from the no-no and they both walked into the living room. As Buffy stopped and James followed forward to the bathroom, Padfoot, Moony, and Wormtail did not.

"Phoenix, (her nickname) what is goin on in your head?" Sirius asked as he saw the look on her face. The other two boys looked at her as well.

"Oh, nothin." She replied in a cheerleader-like manner.

Buffy could easily act like the dumb blonde that many thought her to be. Very few people really realized that she was very smart, with a top IQ. No one really noticed how she could weasel her self out of anything. Of course, she had told the guys to kill her if she ever started acting the dumb-blonde 24/7. She needed her ‘special time’ to act herself.

"Riiiiight... and I'm a potato." Wormtail said.

Buffy looked at him. Doesn't matter how close she was to him and the others, she didn't really trust him. 'Well, I don’t think that'll be far off in the future, say about 20 years.' she thought.

But instead, she said, "Just James and his crush." she said nonchantily as she looked up to the ceiling with an innocent contemplative tone.

That perked the guys up. "Who?" Remus asked.

"That would explain that..." Sirius said, thinking about a dreamy, scowly look James had had the day before. Sirius knew his fellow marauder had not been really paying attention to the update plan at the moment.

"James has a crush?" Remus, Padfoot, and Phoenix looked over at Wormtail with a 'Duh!' look. He sat down with an embarrassed look on his face. Sometimes, Peter could be really oblivious.

Buffy turned back towards the rest of the group. "Of course, can’t you guys tell?" she asked.

They looked at her with the look that said, 'if you don’t tell us now...' and she just smirked.

"Well, if you don’t already know, do you really think I'll tell you guys something that useful?"... She let the sentence end. “Give me a week; they'll be together by then."

They looked at each other (the boys) and a silence hung over the air. That's when the three guys tackled her, and started tickling her mercifully.

"Who?" Padfoot jumped with the question.

"Do we know this girl?" Remus asked.

"It is a girl, right?" Sirius asked.

"Of course it's a girl, don’t be dumb." Lupin responded.

"Is she pretty?" Wormtail asked, cheekily.

"How does he know her?" Remus asked.

"How does she know him?" Black asked.

"How do they know each other?" Lupin looked curious.

"Do they know each other?" Wormtail asked.

"Of course they do." Lupin said.

"They do right?" Padfoot asked.

And that's what and over-protective James came down to. "What the bloody-hell are you doin to Phoenix?!" he said aloud.

The boys jumped up, followed by Buffy.

At the look on his face, all four of them cracked up.

They'd continue their conversation later.


"What do you mean 'James is in the Forbidden Forest'?!" Buffy yelled at Sirius.

"Well, it means-" He said, afraid that he was about to get an outburst out of the younger Potter twin. James got one of those once, and he ran from her for a whole week straight. That had put the others in their place as well.

"Yeah. I get what it means. What I mean is 'How could you just let him go?!" She yelled again.

"Buffy, you know how he is when he is onto something." He tried to calm her. ‘he is almost as bad as you.’ He thought.

"Yeah, Sirius, I know.” She said. “But you could have just called me!" She screamed right in his face. Then she walked off into the forest with a Lily, Wormtail, Sirius, and Remus all behind her.


"Yeah, I know Buffy… but, Luscious challenged me to the duel, and" he started. He was afraid of his little sister when she got like this. She was worse then Lily.

"So what. Win.” She said, knowing that the Potter line wouldn’t back down from a good fight. “But be careful!"

He shrugged. "You know me." He said, without thinking.

She got that look in her eye and he instinctly knew that he had said the wrong thing.

"Oh-kay, okay, I'll be careful." He returned, trying to save his hide so that he could actually go to the duel.

"You better be." Then she took a look at him and squinted her eyes, motioning for him to take her seriously. "James Henry Potter, If you die, I'm telling!"

He smiled then; he really did love his little sister. Even of she could be a handful. She was really protective.


The duel was over, and Luscious went and sulked, secretly, up to his room in Slytherin. The male marauders sighed in relief and smiled happily at James’s winning.

And then, they saw them.

As the girls ran at the boys, a small sweeping motion was felt by all, but was soon ignored as Buffy's feared voice was heard. The boys tried to hide their reactions as they shook with fear.

"Prongs! I may be two minutes younger, but I am older in far more ways then you are! What do you think you are doing?!" She nearly screamed and ran at him. He had apparently done something quite dangerous, and she had seen them.

Sirius had gotten there before her, knowing where the duel was taking place.

"Yeah, oops...?" He said, trying to back away.

"Oops? That's all you have to say?!" she seethed outraged. He, as well as the other three boys behind him got ready for her to blow up, and slowly moved backwards as well. And Lily, who was standing behind her, grinned happily at the about-to-be-punished boys.

"Well, at least its better then your last reason." Buffy said as she smiled.

Lily, who was as clueless as the boys for a second, got hot headed, so she finished it. Buffy stepped out of her way, as Lily walked up to a standing scared James, and seethed.

But before she got the chance to say anything, Buffy stepped up behind her and pushed her into James's arms; and before any of the boys, and Lily, knew it, they were kissing mindlessly.

Lupin, Black and Wormtail got pushed down. And when they realized what she did, they all had smiles on their faces. And then they all scowled for a second. Then Peter blushed, Sirius cracked up, and Remus said, "Well..."

Buffy smiled, satisfied. Then she thought about it. "Hey, It only took me five days." she looked down at the three on the ground. "Pay up." She put out her hand. She had a handful of money in her hand. Yeah, she was rich, but money was money after all...

They said a few more words in good fun, before the whoosh of something none knew was real, and preferred not to be called crazy by another if they told took place, and they were left to try to drag James Potter and Lily Evans apart. The couple preferred to be in the other's arms then anything else.

Buffy was contented, basically happy.


A week later, Hogsmaede was attacked by unidentified people who appeared to be death eaters, but with closer inspection, were found not to be. They were actually assassins hired by the watchers council to take out Buffy or capture her-whichever works.

One of the council operatives transfigured a bench near him into a replica of her body. She was chloroformed, and taken away.

The wizarding world was outraged at her death, and even though they were found not to be Voldemort's people, most wizards and witches ignored it, and the death of Buffy (Elisabeth) Anne Potter was taken as a great tragedy to all. And the danger level for the dark lord rose higher.

The young lovable twin of James Potter had a great impact on the wizarding world. Little did she know, that she would have a great impact on the muggle world as well.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Miss Memory" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 26 Feb 05.

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