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Mistaken Identities

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Summary: Collection of Fic for All ficlets that invlove one or more characters mistaking or being mistaken for other characters.

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Multiple Crossings > Multiple Pairings > Ficlet Collections - FFAJmariaFR1592,1280912,55128 Feb 0513 Sep 06No

Co-ed Confusion

Title: Co-ed Confusion

Series: Mistaken Identities

Author: Jmaria

Rating: Pg-13

Disclaimer: I don’t own Dawn or Cooper. Joss and somebody else owns them.

FfA Pairing: #1082 Dawn / Cooper Harris (Eurotrip)

A/N: Yeah. Not the best but I was bored, and Eurotrip was on.

Co-ed Confusion

Dawn stared at the campus map trying to figure out where Hawley Hall was. She was back in Ohio trying to help Xander his cousin, but had gotten separated from him. You’d think it would be easy to find a guy with an eye patch? Surprisingly, it wasn’t. She sighed. Frustrated, she turned around to see if she could spot him in the crowd.

She’d been standing on her tip-toes, peeking over the crowd when someone draped their arm around her shoulder.

“Hey dude.” A voice said, squeezing her toward him.

The next thing she knew, she was lip-locking it with a complete stranger. And he wasn’t even a cute stranger. She grabbed the Taser from her pocket and held it against his neck. The blond dropped faster than a rock in water.


“Dawnie?” Xander yelled, racing up to her.

“Cooper?” A girl asked, shaking the guy.

“I see you found my cousin Cooper.” Xander said, staring at the blond.

“That’s your cousin? Why did he kiss me?”

“Probably thought you were his girlfriend.”

“His girlfriend?” Dawn yelped.

“You do kinda look like her.” Xander gestured to the other girl.

“I do not!” The girls snapped in unison.

“What’d I do now, Jenny?” Cooper asked, shaking his head.

“You got confused.” Jenny replied, smacking the back of his head. “You kissed the wrong girl.”

“You’re not a girl, you’re a guy with long hair.” Cooper groaned.

“I’m not fielding that one, cos.” Xander sighed.

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