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Passion Potion

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Summary: Willow makes a mistake while trying to get over Tara’s death, and ends up with magical males chasing after her… what’s the poor girl to do? Possible W/H, W/D, W/SS, and W/Spike... it's a competition, folks!

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Home for the Holidays

Chapter 5: Home for the Holidays

Title: Passion Potion (5/?)
Author: Addy (
Rating: PG-13, possibly an eventual R rating
Pairing: Haven’t really decided yet, but if you like Willow/Spike, Willow/Draco, Willow/Snape, Willow/Harry, or all of the above, then I think you’ll like this story. (For all you webmistresses that don’t know where to put this, just stick it in the W/H and W/D sections for now.)
Distribution: Twisting the Hellmouth, WLS, Semper Fidelis,, OADNT
Summary: Willow makes a mistake while trying to get over Tara’s death, and ends up with magical males chasing after her… what’s the poor girl to do?
Notes: BtVS/HP X-Over. If anyone thinks they’d be a good beta reader, holla at me.

IMPORTANT!!!: Willow is 18. This is AU, b/c I have just squeezed everything that happened from the last 4 seasons into her senior year of high school. Yay creative license! (Ascension/graduation happened, Oz left, Initiative happened, Spike got the chip, Glory happened, Warren happened, Tara died, and Willow tried to end the world, and Spike lost the chip... but he doesn’t have a soul. Giles & the Magic Box are still around.)
Harry, Malfoy, etc., are 18, and in their 7th year at Hogwarts.
It’s winter, just after Christmas time, both in Sunnydale and at Hogwarts…


Chapter 5: Home for the Holidays
Harry rubbed his temples and tried to ignore the pounding in his head that perfected coincided with the pounding on his door. He winced as a voice made its way through the woodwork, screeching, "Open up, you little brat!" It was hard to tell whether Vernon’s pounding or Petunia’s screeching was more disconcerting. Harry found them equally disturbing. Though he had faced things that were more terrifying by far, it didn’t mean that he wanted to stick around and find out what kind of harm the Dursleys could inflict on him while he wasn’t allowed to use magic. Although, if he hadn’t used magic, he wouldn’t have been in the situation in the first place. He was on the verge of regretting the actions that had caused his current predicament, until he remembered the look of piggish delight on Dudley’s face when he had punched Harry in the face and smashed his glasses. The he recalled the Dudley’s expression when he hit him with the jelly legs hex, followed by Petrificus Totalis. Harry smiled to himself. Yes, it had been worth it.

Harry was jarred from the pleasant memory when the screeching began again in earnest. The payback may have been worth it, but now he wished more fervently than ever that he had just stayed at Hogwarts for the winter holidays. He had only come home because he had received a message that his aunt wanted to make amends for the way she had treated him. Harry snorted; he should have known that wasn’t the case. He should have known it was one of Malfoy’s pranks although he still didn’t know how Malfoy had managed to make the handwriting look like his aunt’s. He wasn’t too worried about it, though; he would get his retribution before the year was over. The Weasely twins would be more than happy to help him find the perfect way to pay Malfoy back. He made up his mind to owl them once he got back to Hogwarts.

He shook his head suddenly after hearing another loud thud against the door. He still didn't know what he should do. After he had released Dudley from his frozen state, Dudley had told his mother, who then relayed the news to his father. Well, not relayed so much as screamed hysterically into the phone, at which point Mr. Dursley immediately returned home from his business dinner. Then the entire Dursley family had proceeded chase him up the stairs and was currently trying to break through the locks and charms he had put on his door. Harry paced around his tiny room, anxiously awaiting the help he had called for. He had sent Hedwig almost an hour ago, but had yet to receive any response. The room didn’t offer much space for pacing. The room was especially cramped because the few wizarding things he had brought with him for the winter holidays were out, packed, and ready to go. Still, it was the only way he could think of occupying himself to keep his pounding headache at bay. It was much easier, and much less nerve-wracking, than just sitting and waiting.

Suddenly, he heard a screech that was infinitely more welcome than his aunt’s was. "Hedwig, you’re back!" he said with a sigh of relief. He opened the window and let Hedwig in. She shook the snow off herself as Harry took the letter from her. He gently put her bag into her cage before he opened his letter.

Dear Harry Potter ~
Due to the mild nature and consequences of your actions, the Ministry of Magic will not be notified of your lapse into the use of magic, despite Professor Snape’s opposition to my chosen course of action. However, he has advised me to give you a detention, which you will be serving in two night’s time. Until then, perhaps we shall celebrate Christmas again upon your return to Hogwarts, as it was no doubt not celebrated properly on Privet Drive or Malfoy Manor…
~ Albus Dumbledore

Albus Dumbledore, Headmaster
Order of Merlin, First Class, Grand Sorc., Chf. Warlock, Supreme Mugwump, International Confed. Of Wizards.

Harry laughed out loud with happiness. He would have a chance to enjoy Christmas after all! But why did Dumbledore mention Malfoy Manor?

Harry looked up from his letter when he heard a rumble. He looked out his window just in time to see Hagrid, along with two other figures, land his motorbike in the tree next to his window.

" ‘Ello there, Harry! It’s good ter see yeh agin!" Hagrid boomed as he cut off the engine. It was quite odd, seeing a half giant sitting with two other people on top of a motorbike on a tree branch. Harry correctly assumed that the little branch was holding up against the thousand-pound load with the help of magic. "Now, before yeh do ‘nything, drink this." Hagrid felt around his coat pockets. "Oh, where’d I put dat vial?"

As Hagrid dug though his many coat pockets, Harry focused on the two figures on the motorbike behind Hagrid. He couldn’t get a good look at either of them, but he saw a flash of red hair that piqued his interest. He squinted, trying to get a better look at her face-

"Dere it is!" Harry jumped when he heard Hagrid’s loud voice. Hagrid had pulled the bottle out of his coat pocket triumphantly and was now handing it to Harry through the window. "Drink up, now."

Instead of continuing to try to discern the face of the red head, Harry took the potion he had been handed and drank it. The bittersweet taste somehow prompted thoughts of… a broken heart? He felt his heart give a weird sort of leap before freezing for just a moment. He coughed, taking in big gulps of air while holding his chest. What was this stuff?

Harry shook off the feeling and prepared to ask Hagrid what exactly had he just imbibed until he heard yet another thud at his bedroom door. "We have to go quickly," he whispered, hoping that somehow the Dursleys hadn’t heard the motorcycle land or Hagrid’s booming voice. "I don’t know how much longer my charm on the door will last."

"Harry…" Hagrid said reprovingly, "Yeh know you ‘ave ta take the charm off before yeh go. Now yeh know I don’ like da Dursleys – really, ‘oo could? – but the ‘ole reason yer in trouble is ‘cause ya used magic ‘ere. I don’ think da Ministry would be too pleased if yeh lef’ a spell behin.’ Do you?"

Harry opened his mouth to respond, but the voice of Vernon Dursley cut him off. "Open this door, you little voodoo freak, and take what you have coming like a man!"

Hagrid winced before he frowned and looked back at Harry. "On the other hand…"

Harry gave a small grin before he sighed. "No, Hagrid, you were right. But could you help me get my luggage onto the motorbike first? When I release the charms, I already want to be out the door… er, window."

Hagrid frowned. "Harry, I’m beginnin’ ta think yeh’ve spen’ too much time wiv these Muggles. Jus’ shrink yer bags down an’ put ‘em in yer pocket!"
"That would be more magic, Hagrid. I don’t want to make things worse than they already are."
"I don’ think they’d really notice, Harry, but all right, I’ll shrink ‘em down." Hagrid waved his umbrella at the bags and Harry watched as they shrunk. Harry was about to thank him when Petunia’s voice interrupted.
"Harry Potter, I smell magic. Are you doing those crackpot tricks of yours in there?"
"Thanks, Hagrid," Harry whispered, putting his luggage into his Muggle coat pocket.
"Yer welcome, Harry. I think we’d best be goin’. Yer aunt doesn’t seem too ‘appy, and I’d hate to ‘ave ta put another pigtail on yer cousin." If the slight smile on Hagrid’s face were any indication, he wouldn’t hate to hex Dudley Dursley again at all.

Just then, the door swung open. Harry winced; this wasn’t good, but at least now he didn’t have to remember to take the charm off.
"Harry Potter, what–" Mr. Dursley froze, and he turned a darker shade of purple than he had been before, if that were possible. "What... is... that... THING... doing... HERE???" he ground out.

"That THING is takin’ Harry back ter Hogwarts, where he belongs!" Hagrid roared. "Now stay back, Dursley. I don’ wan’ ta hurt yeh," at this Harry snorted, "But I will iv I ‘ave ta!" Hagrid paused for a moment. "Harry, get on me motorbike quick-like." Harry didn’t have to be told twice. He crossed the width of his room in two steps as Hagrid got back onto his motorcycle. With Hagrid no longer blocking the window, Harry climbed out with ease. As he got onto the motorbike, he glanced back at his room, and saw something that chilled him. "Hagrid, wait a second!" Harry shouted, jumping back off the machine. The tree branch underneath them shook, but did not break.
Hagrid couldn’t keep the exasperation out of his voice after he cut off the engine. "What, Harry?"

Harry pointed back at the window at Dudley, who was squealing with swinish glee. He held a cage in his hand. "Forgot your bird, freak?"

Harry watched in dismay as Dudley poked and prodded Hedwig. After he made his way back to the window, he pulled out his wand. He was ready to hex Dudley into oblivion when the cage suddenly started floated toward him and out of Dudley’s reach.

He smiled with relief when Hedwig’s cage reached his arms. He turned back to Hagrid and was about to thank him when he noticed the surprised look on Hagrid’s face. He hadn’t been expecting that any more than Harry had. If Hagrid hadn’t saved Hedwig (or at least, saved Harry from hurting Dudley and getting deeper into trouble with the Ministry), then who had?

Pondering this intently, he climbed back onto the motorcycle, not paying any attention to his surroundings. He finally noticed the red head that sat behind him when she yawned. How had he missed her when he had gotten on? He twisted around to look back at her, and she smiled. Harry couldn’t help but smile back, not when her face seemed to light up so wonderfully...

"She’s a beautiful owl, and not too hard to float." It took a moment for the words to filter into Harry’s mind, as he was a bit too focused on those lips that curved into that smile. Not noticing this, she looked at Hedwig admiringly. "Are you going to let her fly back to Hogwarts? She doesn’t look like the type that would like to stay in a cage for very long." Harry nodded mutely as looked back down at Hedwig and opened the cage door. So this witch had made Hedwig float? But where was her wand? And how had she known Hedwig’s preferences after just looking at her? Who was she? But before he could ask any of those questions, Willow asked one of her own.

"What’s her name?"

"Hedwig." Harry replied, snapping himself out of his daze. "What’s yours?"

"Willow." She was about to ask his name, but cold and exhaustion combined forces again. Her mind returned to Morpheus’ embrace while her body settled back into Draco’s.

End Chapter 5

side note: Morpheus was the god of dreams (not Laurence Fishburne’s character from the Matrix, although I do love that Morpheus too!)

INCREDIBLY sorry this took so long... my AP exams ended about 2 weeks ago, but the final exams for my regular classes start this Wednesday, and then the SAT IIs are the weekend after that, and the ACTs the weekend after that, so I’ve been a bit test-stressed for the last, hmmm ... year or so. LET IT BE SUMMER ALREADY!!! Or at least, if its still now, then SEND FEEDBACK AND MAKE THE NOW EASIER TO BEAR!
In the next chapter:

The little preview I wrote will be in it when Hagrid makes another stop. After all, even magical motorbikes need gas:)

Feedback: I live for it, I’d die for it, I’m *begging* for it!

The End?

You have reached the end of "Passion Potion" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 28 May 03.

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