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Passion Potion

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Summary: Willow makes a mistake while trying to get over Tara’s death, and ends up with magical males chasing after her… what’s the poor girl to do? Possible W/H, W/D, W/SS, and W/Spike... it's a competition, folks!

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Harry Potter > Multiple PairingsAddyFR1557,8861153,41029 Mar 0328 May 03No

Things That Go Bump in the Night

Title: Passion Potion (1/?)
Author: Addy (
Rating: PG-13, possibly an eventual R rating
Pairing: Haven’t really decided yet, but if you like Willow/Spike, Willow/Harry, Willow/Draco, Willow/Snape, or all of the above, then I think you’ll like this story. (For all you webmistresses that don’t know where to put this, just stick it in the W/H and W/D sections for now.)
Distribution: Twisting the Hellmouth, WLS, Semper Fidelis,
Summary: Willow makes a mistake while trying to get over Tara’s death, and ends up with magical males chasing after her… what’s the poor girl to do?
Notes: BtVS/HP X-Over. If anyone thinks they’d be a good beta reader, holla at me.
IMPORTANT!!!: Willow is 18. This is AU, b/c I have just squeezed everything that happened from the last 4 seasons into her senior year of high school. Yay creative license! (Ascension/graduation happened, Oz left, Initiative happened, Spike got the chip, Glory happened, Warren happened, Tara died, and Willow tried to end the world, and Spike lost the chip... but he doesn’t have a soul. Giles & the Magic Box are still around.)
Harry, Malfoy, etc., are 18, and in their 7th year at Hogwarts.
It’s winter, just after Christmas time, both in Sunnydale and at Hogwarts…

I just had to follow Xander’s lead. The last month has been like a replay of his attempt to win Cordy over again back in high school, but much, much worse. At least I wasn’t trying to make anyone fall in love with me. I just wanted the pain of losing Tara to stop. I thought maybe, just maybe, a potion could help me out. Any good potions teacher would have warned me otherwise, but I didn’t know any potions professors until after the deed was done.
It must have been the grief of Tara’s death, because there is no way I would normally do anything this stupid. I just don’t deal well with losing love; the "My Will Be Done" spell was proof enough of that. And if that wasn’t, then this definitely will be.
The potion looked helpful enough in the spell book. "Compel Lost Love to Return Tenfold." I thought it might even bring Tara back, or at least ease the pain. I mixed the potion, drank it, and waited. Nothing happened. No calming feeling, no burst of energy, no Tara. Just me, late for a Scooby research session.
The first sign that anything was wrong came when I was heading towards the Magic Box…
Chapter 1: Things That Go 'Bump' in the Night
The glow of the streetlights flickering on startled Willow as she walked through the streets of Sunnydale. She wasn’t exactly sure why she was so jumpy, but she couldn’t shake the feeling that something was off. The rumbling storm clouds in the distance did nothing to ease the tension in the pit of her stomach. She quickened her pace; she wasn’t too worried, but she definitely did not see any reason to dawdle on the Hellmouth after dark. She didn’t want to bump into anything that went bump in the night-
"Wiiiiiillloooooooow!" Lightening lit up the sky for a brief moment, illuminating a silhouette that she spun around just in time to see. The thunder that followed drowned out the echo of her name.
She scanned the area, eyesight blurred by the rain that had just begun to fall. She remained focused none the less, ready with a stake in her hand and a spell on her tongue. But nothing was there. She backed up slowly, looking out for any movement, but saw none. Still, she could sense a presence. Now if only she could locate it! "Come out, come out, wherever you are…" she said in a quiet, sing-song voice, ears straining to hear any response to her taunt above the sounds of rain and thunder.
Suddenly she shrieked as she bumped into something right behind her. "Right here, Red," replied a low voice with a British accent as a mouth nuzzled her ear and arms wound around her body. Struggling to turn her head and face her attacker, she saw a flash of platinum blonde hair. Relaxing slightly, Willow breathed a sigh of relief. "Oh, it’s you. Don’t scare me like that, Spike!"
"Awww, Red. I can’t let you forget who the Big Bad is." He let his true face show and let his fangs graze Willow’s neck. Willow rolled her eyes at his tactics.
"Fine. Spikey is the Bad Bad. Happy now?" She started to shrug him off, but he only held her tighter. "Haha. Very funny Spike. Come on, we need to get some research done." No response. The fangs on her neck were beginning to raise welts. "All right, you win! I’m now officially wigged out. Let go!"
She tried to move away, but he wasn’t letting go. "Spike, stop it, this isn’t funny anymore."
"I’m not laughing, love." Willow’s confusion was rapidly becoming alarm as Spike’s fangs finally pierced her skin. "Thicken!" She cried out, relief flowing through her as his motions came to a halt. She wriggled free, grateful for the rain that aided her escape by making her body slippery. She ignored the groans that emanated from her captor because of her… escape route. ‘Is it just the freezing spell, or is his body always that hard?’ She wondered to herself.
She took several steps away from him, using a few moment to calm herself before turning to face him. He stood there, appearing as if he were clutching some invisible captive, in the middle of the rain. Even in such an uncomfortable position, he couldn’t help but appreciate the way the water made her white shirt cling to her skin in all the right places. He shut his eyes, knowing that if he wanted to get out of this mess, he would need to control his libido, if only for a few moments. Opening his eyes again, he looked at her pleadingly.
"What the hell is wrong with you? Serves you right to be stuck like that," she grumbled, wondering what she should do with him. She couldn’t leave him here by himself without any defenses, and she couldn’t take him with her to the meeting if he was going to accost her. She sighed and rubbed her temples. The constant drumming of the rain was giving her a headache. She looked back at Spike, not missing the irony: the predator had become the prey. Still, she took pity on him.
"Do you promise that if I let you go, you’ll behave yourself? Blink once for yes, twice for no." He blinked once, then held her gaze again.
"All right, come on. Release." Spike stumbled forward, glad to be free again. Straightening himself out, he somehow managed to stalk toward her while still wearing a contrite look on his face. "I’m sorry if I scared you, Princess. You just looked so good… and smelled so good… I just thought you’d taste-"
"OK, you’re invading my personal space now. What is going on with you, Spike?" Willow asked cautiously, dodging him and nearly slipping as he stepped closer.
"Pet, I just can’t resist you any more. It’s like I’m seeing, really seeing you, for the first time, Willow. It’s almost like I’m compelled to follow you, love… I need you with me for eternity."
"And I need you to get a grip on whatever vampiric hormones are flowing through your system so we can figure out what the hell is going on." She replied, frustrated. At this rate, it might be better to just cast a spell and transport him to the Magic Box, despite whatever magical trail she might leave behind. She promised Giles she would never do that unless it was an emergency. She re-evaluated Spike’s leer and replayed his words in her mind. ‘…I’m compelled to follow you, love…’ The potion! Oh yeah, this was definitely an emergency.
End Chapter 1
AN: Don’t worry, our favorite cast from Hogwarts is on the way. Wizarding folk are in the next chapter, I promise. Send feedback, please! A happy author writes faster.
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