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New Watchers II

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This story is No. 2 in the series "New Watchers". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Dawn and her Slayers are still on their way home, but take an unavoidable side trip throught the DA universe, where Erika decides to get clever. Buffy/Dark Angel

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New Watchers II

Title: New Watchers II
Author: Feygan
Fandom: Buffy/Dark Angel
Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Dark Angel.


"Man, I wish this thing had a working radio," Emily complained, smacking her palm against the dashboard.

"Hey, watch it, superstrength," Dawn warned. "You break it, you bought it, and I don't think you've got enough cash in your pocket to pay for this puppy." She lightly tapped the steering wheel.

Emily rolled her eyes. "Whatever. It's not like it cost the Watcher's Council megabucks to buy a crappy van."

"It's an interdimensional van, Em," Kay said. "This thing pierces the fabric of timespace like nobody's business, and you think they picked it up Kia-style? Yeah right."

"Allow me to reiterate: whatever."

"Hand me the map, would you?" Dawn suddenly said, leaning forward to peer out the windshield intently.

"Why, what's wrong?" Emily asked.

"Nothing... nothing. Just... I think we might have taken a wrong turn back in the wonderful world of Disney dimension. We might even have to turn around."

The two slayers groaned. "Oh god no," Kay whimpered. "Please... hippos in tutus were bad enough, when all those brooms attacked us and the sorcerer went completely bugshit... I just can't deal with that kind of trauma twice."

Dawn sighed heavily. She was so tired of dealing with temperamental teenaged Slayers. Just once she wanted one that was mature for her age. A Slayer that was responsible in her everyday life and not just when it came to end-of-the-world stuff would completely blow her mind.

She was really looking forward to going home. It would feel good to have some time away from Emily and Kay, and Erika really needed to be placed in a secure facility to keep her from escaping. The rogue Slayer had already tried to make a run on her three or four times, and a couple of the giant turtle guys had been beaten up pretty badly when she'd taken that O'Neil lady hostage.

If Dawn had her choice, the minute they all got home, she was going to take a nice hot bath and wash the stink of Slayer off her skin. Then she was going to go out and spend some time with some normal people, even if there weren't any left her own age.

Big sigh.

Being the Watch-Master for the active Slayers wasn't quite as fun as she had thought it was going to be that long ago day when she was volunteered for the position. Or maybe she was just getting old, even if she really didn't look it. Being nineteen forever did have its serious perks, even if she did have to sport a fake ID for the rest of her life. At least she wasn't all wrinkly and gray haired and stuff, 'cause that would suck.

"Hey, D, what ya thinking about?"

Dawn sighed again. Never a moment to her own thoughts. "Nothing, Emily. I was just spending a moment alone in my own head, that's all."


And "Oh" was exactly right, because that was the exact moment the van decided to burst a tire. They were just lucky they were mostly solidly in the next dimension, or things might have gotten really ugly.
She had almost let herself give into despair at the thought of being dragged back to headquarters where she would be punished for her crimes. Then fortune suddenly shined and she took her opportunity when it presented itself.

The minute the tire blew, she was up and slamming through the wall of the van, hitting it so hard with her shoulder and the full force of her strength that the metal ruptured outward. She stumbled to her knees on the sidewalk outside, but ignoring the pain in her dislocated shoulder and the agony of her twisted knee from hitting the ground so hard, she was up and limping away as fast as she could.

Metal jingled around her from the shackles loading her down and she could hear the shouts of her ex-sister Slayers as they prepared themselves to chase after her, but she didn't even bother with hesitation. She didn't look back and she didn't even think about giving herself back up to their tender care.

It didn't matter what kind of dimension she was in as long as she got away free and clear and didn't have to go home to pay for her sins.

With barely a pause for breath, she just threw herself over the rail that presented itself and into the water below. The ocean was cold, a definite shock to the system, but that didn't matter. Her only thought was to get away, to live up her freedom to the max.
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