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And Kingdoms Fall

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Summary: Challenge Fic. BtVS/Arthurian Legend. Long ago a love triangle damned the forces of light. In modern day Xander, Buffy, Angel an co' get to know the legend intimately. Gen or Slash.

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Miscellaneous > Myths & LegendsRivanaFR1835,0241104,21828 Feb 054 Dec 05No

The King's Dream

A/n: This one's slept for a while as well, but I found this ficlet I'd written and got inspired so I incorporated it into this new, short...chapter. Hope you'll like. And I really hope I'll get some more inspiration really soon. :-) These fics of mine all need updates. Oh and thank you for the lovely feedback. I love you guys...

The King's Dream

That night. The winds of fate gathered into a mighty storm and through several mortal and immortal minds it cut through veils of time and space. It howled as unimaginable pain and suffering was unleashed into the minds of the chosen ones. Chosen so long ago.

The King, The Magician, The Knight, The Queen, The Witch, The Son, The Mother, The Pure One. They were all haunted in their own way by memories of an age long passed…an age that had now come again as it had been promised. All things in this world move in cyclic patterns and the wheel was once more reaching its axis. The table had been set only years before, the final pieces placed on the board, now there was only the Awakening left then the Fates would be able to leave things into the Chosens’ hands as it had always been meant. This time, they were going to do right. This time, they had a chance, these unfortunate blessed ones…

The wind ripped into the mind of Him…the promised one, the one who should have found a way, but didn’t. The one that proved only too human after all…


He was the king. That was his purpose and his all encompassing destiny. He was to bring peace to the land, which he did as well as he could. He was to unite Christianity and the old ways, but in his heart he knew that the new religion would outweigh the old. I was always so after all. The young surpassing the old in strength if not in wisdom.

It was his duty to take a queen and to produce an heir. In the old days he could have taken a prince consort and produced an heir on the side, but that was not the way of the white priests and he knew better than to push too far. He always knew better, it was a curse of being raised by Merlin the Magician. His wisdom surpassed even his destiny which was a bitter irony indeed, but one he could but smile over.

He loved his people, he loved this land. He loved his queen in his own way. He loved what he had accomplished with the Knight Order of the Round Table though he knew such an idea could not last, ideals seldom did. But still, some things would be remembered in generations to come and that was well. He could not ask for more than to be the best king his subjects let him be and a catalyst for things to come.

Life was irony for his queen that he married for a child was left barren and the knight that he desired was Christian in every way, especially when it came to his preference of bed partners. The king knew only despair. He wished them luck, the unfortunate two, hoped they were not mad enough to get caught in their ventures. Hoped that it was he who could not sire, maybe then Lancelot would sire a child for his sire.

Ah, sweet irony. That would be a child of love indeed. The child of a love’s love for a lover that was loved, but unwanted from the love that was denied, for the sake of a lover’s child. Yes, Merlin had taught him well. Perhaps too well if he was likening his life to a riddle.

A child, he had a child, of a love he would never have had for his sister, had he known her as what she became. And was he to blame for that as well? A love twisted, tainted by darkness, a child. The heir he had strived for, that could not be. And the queen was pregnant, again such irony. How it plagued him this little word. And who would reveal the lovers betrayal in the end, but the fatherless heir? The only thing lacking was having seen his eyes in the child of the queen, of the people’s betrayer. Not his betrayer, never his. How could it be? He loved them both whether they knew it or not. Should that child be his, that would be the sweetest irony of all he thinks as he lay slaughtered by his loveless child, the heir of irony.


In remembrance and in deference to this great sadness, the energy wind turned physical and mellowed down for an instance as it almost lovingly dried away the fallen tears of the King awakened. Soon, oh so soon, it promised and died down around him as he turned in bed and went deeper into sleep. The tiredness his heart felt at that final moment taking its toll.


The End?

You have reached the end of "And Kingdoms Fall" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 4 Dec 05.

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