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And Kingdoms Fall

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Summary: Challenge Fic. BtVS/Arthurian Legend. Long ago a love triangle damned the forces of light. In modern day Xander, Buffy, Angel an co' get to know the legend intimately. Gen or Slash.

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And Kingdoms Fall

A/n: I just got so excited when I read the challenge on the StepAwayFromMyXander list by Will.J (Chilli124) who asked for Arthurian Legend and BtVS. I’ve thought about the exact same thing, but hadn’t placed Spike, Giles and Willow yet, which were excellent suggestions.
Well, if I wasn’t alone in my madness, of course I had to do it. So here comes the prologue. Tell me what you think! I’m already working on other fics so I probably won’t finish with this any time soon although I have a pretty good idea of the outlines of it. I had to get this off my chest though, simply could not help myself. ;-) And hey if anybody wants to help out, lemme know.
PG13 and up. I have no idea. GEN or SLASH as of yet undecided, though I am leaning towards…yep you guessed it –SLASH!

Messing with timeline, messing with canon. You know the deal. This is after Glory, but Buffy never died, how that solved itself you get to decide for yourself. Glory was smashed between a rock and a hard place or rather between a wrecking ball and a troll hammer however. Giles didn’t kill Ben, Xander did and he didn’t suffocate him, he broke his neck. The whole relationship with Anya was a hoax to help her get her powers back, Xander was in on it because being human shouldn’t be a punishment and because Anya had promised him to try and be more restrained with her punishments and think before she acted and she would owe him of course. So, the whole wedding that never was was just part of the hoax and thus Spike and Anya never slept together. Anya went back to being the patron saint of scorned women. Willow hasn’t gone bad yet though she is messing with dark magic and Tara is still alive, but they’re broken up. As I said I’m totally messing with the timeline so whenever he did, Spike hasn’t tried to rape anyone. And… Oh well. You’ll see. BTW I know next to nothing of Angel canon and will thus disregard it with glee. Like I do everything else that doesn’t suit my needs.

Archive: Sure, whatever. Just let me know, yeah?

Disclaimer: Buffy et al belong to Mutant Enemy and associates, none of which are me. Anyone who could lay claim to the original Arthurian Legend is long dead and gone by now, which means I get to play with it to my heart’s content. You who own BtVS, be happy. This is free publicity and a great compliment to you all.

Here’s the challenge:

And Kingdoms Fall

”Aye Sire. ’Tis true. I’ve lain with the fair queen no more than two nights ago the last time. I have nothing to say in my defence. I am utterly guilty and await your judgement sire. As my life has always been in your hands, so too is it this time. A wretched existence though it is. My regrets are many with this whole affair, but above all I regret having betrayed your trust in me sire. I have taken your love and desecrated it. You took me in your arms and called me brother. I have done wrong against you brother. If it takes the rest of my existence, be it here or in the afterlife I swear to you that I will atone for this. My soul is in your hand sire. It is no longer mine to hold for I have muted its voice and let my body lead me into damnation. My apologies, sire. My deepest regrets.”

Thus spoke Lancelot du Lac on the day of his reckoning before the High King Arthur Pendragon. On account of high treason he was found guilty together with the queen Guinevere. It is said that the castle itself cried on that morning which would mark the beginning of the end of the golden age of Britain: the age of the One True King, He who reigned with the blessing of Christians and Pagans alike with a firm, but kindly hand. The warrior king, the scholar king, the wise king, the wielder of Excalibur, founder of the Knightly order of the Round Table and of the great city and castle of Camelot. It is said that the High King shed one tear each for his betrayers before passing judgment. The queen was banished to a convent at Glastonbury to live out her days making penance to her Lord, the Christian God, seeking there the forgiveness she could never find in the eyes of the people whom she had betrayed far worse than her husband. Lancelot du Lac was exiled to France, never to set foot on British soil again for as long as the High King’s reign would last.

“I bid you to live,” ruled the High King. “To live with your actions as I will have to, for we have all truly been damned upon this day. Go, my former wife. Lady of my Heart. Go, my former Knight. Brother of my soul. And may you find mercy where you go, for I have none left to give.”

Arthur Pendragon lived to rule for many more years to come, he was killed in battle by his claimed bastard son Mordred born by his sister Morgana. On the eve of his funeral, done in the old way, but with a Christian priest attending as well as the High Priestess of Avalon it is said that the former queen Guinevere was found dead sitting by her spinning wheel. Staring sightlessly out over the waters. As to the last days of Lancelot du Lac, nothing is certain though there were rumours that he too had fallen ill in tandem with the High King’s death and died as well on that very eve. Mordred was said to have taken his own life after having ended his father’s. Of Morgana, naught was seen nor heard of her after that fateful day and Merlin, the High King’s mentor and adviser, druid of Avalon disappeared in the middle of the funeral which was held by the banks of the sea. People claimed that as the funeral pyre lit out on the waters the elderly man simply vanished before their eyes in a mist.

After the end of the Rule of the Pendragon line Britain fell into Chaos and the dark age followed. Whatever became of the Knights of the Round Table history can but speculate. Some claim that they started a new order that was to await the return of the Once and Future King while battling the evils of the world. Others say that they simply dispersed and led out their lives as best as they could. Others still, claim that the knights tried to keep order in the land in the King’s absence, but were soon disillusioned and spiralled down into utter despair and destruction. What accounts of the Arturian legends that are true this author cannot and will not attest to, but I assure you my dear reader that, as is the case with most legends and myths, some of it is the complete truth. Which part though, that is the question. I for one choose to believe in redemption and that the glorious days of the High King Arthur and his Knights will come again. Now you must believe as you will -Dixi et salvavi animam meam.

Thus write I, Gabriel de la Gaulle, Anno Domini 1756


Buffy closed the book that she had browsed through while waiting to go on patrol and wiped a stray tear from her cheek. God, what a sad story. Wonder what Giles’s doing with a romance novel amongst all his old dusty tomes of demonoly and other icky stuff…
Buffy shrugged. He probably wouldn’t miss it if she brought it home to read over more thoroughly. Lancelot was just so dreamy. With a happy smile she slipped the old book into her backpack which she slung over her shoulder before greeting Xander and Willow who were just coming in to the store.

“Giles! We’re leaving, see ya tomorrow!”

“Yeah, bye G-Man.” Xander shouted with a teasing grin on his face.

“Bye Giles.” Willow added towards one of the back rooms where Giles was sure to be puttering around amongst his books. Muttering of demon this or prophecy that.

“Yes, yes. Goodbye children. Have a good night and do be careful, rumour has it that there are some Drakhna demons moving into town. They’re big, green and scaly, but beheading and such should work just fine.”

Giles emerged from behind a bookcase, dusty old tome held securely under one arm while he cleaned his glasses, peering with unnerving accuracy straight into all of their eyes seemingly at the same time.
Xander shook himself at the weird thought. Need to get out more, Xand-man, maybe get some more friends. You’re starting to become paranoid.

“Yeah, sure Giles. Dragon radar on.” Buffy quipped while throwing off a horrendously inaccurate salute for which Xander cringed inwardly.

“G-man, got my good sword anywhere? After all, should they be hostile, all dragons encountered deserve a knightly death.”

“Certainly Xander,” Giles answered and headed out once more to get the weapon.

“Good sword, Xander? Since when do you have a sword anything, let alone a good one?”

Buffy’s question was condescending as almost always and Xander rolled his eyes, but put on his patented grin which could be seen to say –I’m such a happy and simple creature, you’ve got to just love me. While in reality it actually said –I know you think I’m stupid, but actually I’m just humouring you.

“Well Buffy, while on my roadtrip I met this guy whom I saved from some vampires and as a thank you he gave me this really cool sword and I keep it here because it probably costs a lot of money.

“Oh. Okay.” Buffy frowned. “You know, you shouldn’t head into a fight on your own like that. I’m the slayer, that’s my gig, you could get hurt.”

“Buffy, come on he’s a grown man and he got through it okay didn’t he?

Willow’s voice sounded as a referee and Xander had to smile. At least she had come around a little and wasn’t siding with Buffy all the time anymore.

“Well yeah.” She shot him a smile. “Sorry Xan, I just worry you know.”

“Yeah, Buff I know.” He gave her a genuine smile of his own.

“Speaking of fighting men. Where’s Spike?”

Buffy’s face clouded immediately.

“Stirring up trouble and or getting drunk somewhere I’m sure.”


Xander was silent at that. He hadn’t seen the bleached menace for quite some time and was a bit worried about him despite what he might say or do. Having had the vampire as a roommate he had gotten to see glimpses of another Spike, one that wasn’t just the big bad, but an actual person. Of course the vampire’s shields were so multi layered that they were almost impossible to penetrate, but shame on he who giveth up. Maybe he should head over to the crypt and check things out. Challenge the blonde to a pool game or two. Yeah, that sounded like a good idea.

“Here you go, Xander. If you want to replace it directly after patrol, you have the key. Now, is there anything else I can do for you?”

“Nope, I’m good.” Xander answered while putting on the sword belt with it’s plain scabbard and much valued sword. “You guys ready to go?”

“Yep, all ready here.”

“Me too.”

“Bye Giles, “ they said as one and headed off into the night.

Giles stood for a while on the same spot just staring at the door and beyond it, as if trailing his young charges with his eyes. He had felt something very strange stirring in his mind since sometime before Xander and Willow had appeared and he was damned if he could put his finger on exactly what it was. For a moment while in the back room he had felt as if somebody had tread on his grave and his ears had almost, but not quite made out the whispering voices of fate on the wind. Hm, strange… Since there was no wind inside the store to his knowledge had Rupert Giles been an ordinary man, he would of course have shrugged off the whole experience and gotten on with his business. However Ripper Giles was anything but ordinary and was therefore greatly disturbed by this eerie feeling of premonition. He resolved to raise the powering of the magic shields on the store and to keep his senses out for anything out of the ordinary, but this being the Hellmouth, he didn’t hold much hope that what he would find would be what he was searching for. Not until it, whatever it was was ready to let itself be revealed.

Dixi et salvavi animam meam. ="I have spoken and saved my soul."
Anno Domini (A.D.) ="In the year of our Lord"
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