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Faith in Faith

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Summary: Faith has family. Who saw that coming?

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Movies > Bring it OnJoycelynSoloFR1316491133,23728 Feb 0528 Feb 05Yes
Faith in Faith

by Joycelyn Solo

Disclaimer: “Bring It On” is the property of Universal Studios. “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” is property of Mutant Enemy, Inc. This story is meant for entertainment purposes only and no copyright infringement in intended.

AN: Answer to the challenge “20 Minutes with Faith.” A “BtVS”/“Bring it On” crossover. I’ve never actually done a Buffy fic before, so hopefully it doesn’t “bite”. Hee hee.


It’s really weird how life can just totally go all screwy on you in a matter of minutes, y’know?

I mean, look at me.

I spent most of my life bouncing from foster home to foster home, causing as much trouble as I could for each family so I didn’t have to worry about becoming attached to any of them.

Attachment leads to heartbreak -- and I’m not the kind to deal well with heartbreak.

So when I was called -- activated as the next Slayer -- it was like the biggest excuse not to get close to people. I had a reason to remain distant. Get too close to me, get yourself killed.

Little did I know I’d have to share the title with B -- the reigning Slayer. I didn’t get why she would bother allowing her “Scoobies” to follow her around, getting in the way of her Slayer duties. When I did finally get it, I realized I wanted that. I wanted what I had always denied myself -- to make a connection with another person.

Too bad that revelation came just in time for the Mayor to make his move. There’s a part of me that still cares for the old man. I was his Faith and, in a way, he allowed me to have faith in myself.

Of course, then B put me in a coma and blew up the only father-figure I ever had, but I guess it turned out alright in the end.

Okay, not for another couple of years it didn’t, but eventually everything turned out alright.

But, just when you think the Hellmouth’s no more, that the world is safe, that there are hundreds of other Slayers out there ready to fight the good fight...something completely unexpected happens.

Turns out, I have family.

No, not just B and the rest of the Scoobs. I mean a real family.

It was pretty weird how the whole thing came down. I was back in LA, visiting D at UCLA. I’m walking through campus, right? Minding my own business, when this guy just comes running up to me and hugs me out of nowhere.

I’ve had my share of weirdoes come up and grab me out of the blue. They usually didn’t hold on for very long, but this was different. This wasn’t some random guy trying to cop a feel.

I could tell all that in the way he held me. Like he knew me.

It turns out, he did know me. Sort of.

He’s my brother. I have a brother.

And -- check this -- I have a sister, too. A twin brother and a twin sister.

Freaky, huh?

He -- Cliff -- is a total Xander of nerd proportions and she -- Missy -- is a cheerleader at UCLA.

Imagine the shock to my system to find I had such straight-laced siblings.

Imagine their shock when they found out their long-lost corner of the triplet triangle was an escaped convict (I should really have that taken care of).

I haven’t actually met my parents -- still weird to even think I have parents -- but I did talk to them on the phone at Cliff and Missy’s insistence. They admitted that they’d had triplets twenty years ago, but only Cliff and Missy had survived according to the doctors. After I told them everything I knew about my life, Mr. -- I mean -- my father, called the hospital and raised holy Hell to find out what had happened.

Still no answers, but it doesn’t really matter. I don’t know if having a real family would have changed the person I became, but I know that I like the person I am. For once, for the first time, I can look in the mirror and be proud of who I am. I’m not proud of all the things I’ve done, but I’m proud to be me.


The End

You have reached the end of "Faith in Faith". This story is complete.

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