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The 'Me' in Team

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Summary: RPIT is always looking for a few good men. Or, in this case, a good woman, in the form of ex-LA cop Kate Lockley.

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Anita Blake > Kate-Centered(Past Donor)MhalachaiFR1517760164,29128 Feb 0528 Feb 05Yes
Title: The 'Me' in Team
Author: Mhalachai

Disclaimer: Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy own all things Angel. Laurell K. Hamilton owns all things Anita Blake. No profit, no financial gain, et cetera.
Author's note: Set in the months after Incubus Dreams for the Anitaverse. Spoilers for all of Angel, sort of. Feel free to visit my livejournal for update information and such.


Kate pressed her hands together in her lap, trying very hard not to look up at the man behind the desk.

This isn't going to work, she thought nervously. It had been five years since the LAPD fired her. Since the, she'd tried to get a job in every big city from there to New York. No dice.

But then Addison v. Clarke hit the ground running, and all those things hiding in the dark suddenly were able to walk in the free light of day. Or at least at night.

Kate would have called up Angel to see what he thought of the whole thing. But then, as far as she knew, Angel was dead.

Well, deader.

So here she sat, in the preternatural hotspot that was Saint Louis. It was even crazier than New Orleans. Kate involuntarily shuddered. She really didn't want to think about New Orleans. That had been a really bad week.

The man behind the desk folded back the last piece of paper and closed the folder. Kate kept her shoulders back, head up, face blank. Keep hidden all the quivery fear of being told she was too reckless, too loose-cannon, too crazy to be a cop anymore. It had been years, and she still missed it every single day.

"Ms. Lockley, I've looked at your file," Lt. Storr said slowly, "And I contacted your old chief. He said you were nuts, unhingbed. That after the death of your father, you started seeing demons in every corner."

Kate could keep silent no longer. Knowing her dream of being a cop again, for real, was sliding down into the gutter, she said, "Not every corner. Just the ones that actually had demons in them." She swallowed hard. "I didn't go crazy, after my father died. I just took the blinders off."

Lt. Storr looked back at the closed file. "I also read that the thing that brought you up before internal affairs was something to do with you letting a maniac into another police officer's office?"

Kate raised her eyebrows. Why did she think that the man was challenging her? And what did it matter? What did she have to lose? "Zombie cops."

The lieutenant's blank exterior finally cracked. "Excuse me?" he asked, confused.

"Zombie cops," Kate repeated. "The precinct chief was raising dead cops from the grave and had them terrorizing one of the worst neighbourhoods in L.A. The guy I let into his office, broke the zombie statue thing. Stopped those zombies from killing a whole shelter full of runaway teens."

The lieutenant opened the file again and ruffled through its pages. "You never told them this at your hearing," he said.

Kate made a bitter sound, sort of like a cough. "They didn't want to hear it," she said. "It wouldn't have made any difference." She stood up, unconsciously smoothing her knee-length skirt down. "Thank you for your time, Lt. Storr."

"Where do you think you're going?" he demanded, standing up as well.

Kate frowned. "I was going to leave," she said, pointing at the door. "Save myself embarrassment of getting escorted out of the building later on."

"Sit down," he ordered. "We're not done the interview yet."

Now she was really confused. So confused, in fact, that she sat down.

"I also reviewed your arrest record, how many of your charges stuck in court. Your record was amazing, Ms. Lockley." Lt. Storr closed the file again and pushed it across the desk to her. "If you can pass the police physical and the gun test, you've got one month to prove to me you can do this job."

Kate didn't know what to say. No, wait, she did. "Why are you doing this?" she had to ask. "Did you read the entire file?"

Lt. Storr gave her a look that was halfway between a glare and exasperation. "I know what it was like in L.A., especially before Addison and Clarke. You were there, you dealt. Things are heating up around here, and only God knows why. We need all the hands we can get."

"I don't know what to say," Kate stammered, her heart racing so fast she might just have a heart attack there in his office. "I won't mess this up, sir."

He twitched the corner of his mouth in what might have been the distant kin of a smile. "You've got a month, Lockley. You'd better hope you don't mess this up."

The End

You have reached the end of "The 'Me' in Team". This story is complete.

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