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Sarmatian Ladies

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This story is No. 2 in the series "The Quest". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Dawn was sent back in time to conceive a child from the past, where she learned her true purpose. Armed with this truth, she leads the greatest warriors known throughout the world to see the prophecy fulfilled. Sequel to Protector of the Weak.

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Movies > King Arthur (2004)JmariaFR152162,0051611243,2191 Mar 0526 Apr 12Yes

Sarmatian Ladies

Title: Sarmatian Ladies

Author: Jmaria

Rating: Pg-13 - R

Disclaimers: Joss owns Buffy & Co., Fuqua & Bruckheimer own Arthur & Co. I own the baby.

Spoilers: Buffy: s7, the movie King Arthur, and my story Protector of the Weak

Summary: Six weeks ago, a girl was sent back in time to conceive a child from the past. Through hardships, loss, and time, she learned her true purpose. Armed with this truth, she leads the greatest warriors known throughout the world to see the prophecy fulfilled.

A/N: Yeah, yeah yeah. I’m back. You’re probably saying, why didn’t I just continue on in PotW. . . because that focused solely on Dawn and Dagonet. This one, focuses on everyone.

1. Misdirection


When the key is made flesh, it shall carry one that unites the people.

Born of the Dark Knight’s blood, formed in the host of the Key.

The child will unite all in the battle against the immortal.

-Prophecy of the King


Her nights were haunted with half-known memories of a time when she lived for the battle, when life and death happened hand in hand. She tossed in her sleep, as the memories bombarded her subconscious. She awoke each night, her mind plagued with thoughts of him. Her king, her lover, her leader. Gwen Hamlin bolted upright in her bed. She dreamed of his death nightly, and all the pain it had brought her.

Running a hand through her shoulder-length brown hair, she looked at the bedside clock. Tomorrow was the big day. They would track down more of the knights, and she needed to be fresh. Dawn needed her to be fresh. Sighing heavily, she turned back to her bed.


Dawn Summers wiped the drool from the corners of her mouth at the ungodly cheerful voice calling her. Had she been that annoying when she was younger? Susan, one of the young slayers living on her floor, was calling from her closed door.

“Miss Dawn? Miss Dawn, you have guests! It’s the cute boys and Miss Hamlin!” The eleven year old slayer said giggling through the door.

“I’m coming.” Dawn said, groaning.

Dawn stumbled over discarded clothes and thrown pillows and twisted the lock on the door open. There, on the other side of the door stood Gwen Hamlin, Gavin Mitchell, Garrett Jones and little Susan Blake all looking nice and shiny.

“You look awful.” Garrett said drolly.

“Bite me ‘the Chaste’” Dawn snapped, turning to the little girl. “Thanks Susie, you can go hang out with the other girls now.”

“No problem, Miss Dawn!” The girl said cheerfully, bouncing away giggling.

“Rough night, then?” Gwen asked sympathetically.

“Puke-o-rama for three hours.” Dawn groaned, inviting them into her room.

It wasn’t huge, but it had it’s own little kitchen area and a private bathroom. Dawn plopped gently back onto her bed, feeling another wave of nausea wash over her. Garrett was the last to enter the not-so-tidy room, closing the door behind him. Gwen went over to the sink and let the tap run while she reached for a clean glass.

“I thought you’d finished with the morning sickness?” Gavin said, rubbing her back.

“So did I, but then Gina asked if she could use my microwave to make soup.”


“The smell of it made me hurl.” Dawn groaned.

“Here, drink this. Can’t have you getting too dehydrated.” Gwen said, handing her the glass of water.


“I guess you didn’t get around to packing then.” Garrett said from the doorway.

“Ha ha.” Dawn said.

“Well, we came to help.” Gwen said cheerfully. “If you want to rest a bit longer, we can start packing up the unessential things before we go.”

“Go?” Dawn asked.

“Yeah. To the West Ham United match? To find Bors, you know, one of the knights you’re obligated to find.” Garrett deadpanned.

“Shit, that’s today? Wait, why are you packing for me?”

“Because you’ve just had a three hour-long stare at the toilet bowl.” Gavin replied.

“Funny.” Dawn said snippily.

“Willow said the deed was signed over yesterday and that we could start moving in. We’ve already packed up Garrett’s dorm, and Gavin’s things have been boxed for a few weeks from when we moved him into the Council’s flat.” Gwen said. “And half my things have still been boxed from when I moved down here from my parents home.”

“We can go without you, if you’re not feeling up to it.” Garrett said, concern showing on his face.

“Please. You guys don’t seem to ‘tip’ each other off to the fact that you all used to know each other. I seem to be the key.” Dawn said tiredly.

“Literally.” Gwen said smiling.

“And when do you turn into Mr. Are-You-OK? I thought you were still pissed about me ruining your life?” Dawn turned to Garrett.

“I’ve known you now for almost a month. I can’t be eternally pissed at you, now can I?”

“You could always try. Wouldn’t be that big of a stretch.” Gavin said laughingly.

“Funny.” Garrett deadpanned. “Seriously though, Dawn. You shouldn’t push yourself to do anything that’s not necessary.”

“This is necessary. We’ve got, what four more knights to wrangle in? Plus we don’t even know if we have to get the full round table.”

“Full round table?” Gwen asked.

“Gavin said he remembered there being twenty-six chairs at the round table, which means there were twenty-five knights and Arthur.” Dawn said, pausing to take another sip of water. “So, if we find Bors, Tristan, and Lancelot that leaves nineteen more knights to find.”

“Nineteen? Don’t you mean twenty?” Garrett asked.

“Nineteen.” Dawn said quietly. “Dagonet - he chose not to return.”

“You could chose?” Garrett asked. “Why didn’t I get to chose? Who said I wanted to come back?”

“You, you dingus.” Dawn said rolling her eyes. “You got to chose and you wanted to live again. He didn’t.”

“Dawn - “ Gwen started to say, hoping to shut Garrett off before he put his foot in his mouth.

“How do you know this?” Garrett asked, not catching the looks Gavin was throwing his way.

“The Powers. Cordelia, she told me that he was given the choice and he didn’t want to come back.” Dawn said quietly. It hurt, thinking that her love wasn’t worth coming back for. She knew he was offered something better, but had the roles been reversed, she would have wanted to be with him. “So that’s why we need to know if I have to gather all twenty-four of you.”

“Do you even know their names?” Gwen asked, changing the subject.

“Well, if you’ve boned up on the legend -” Dawn was interrupted by two snorts of laughter. Turning to Garrett and Gavin, she narrowed her eyes. “Are you two twelve?”

“No, but - well, Gwen has boned the legend.” Gavin smirked.

“Haha, very funny.” Gwen rolled her eyes. “I sure as hell wouldn’t be boning up on you two prats, now would I?”

“If we can get off the whole boning tangent, please?” Dawn sighed. “Like I was saying, if you go by the legend there’s like fifteen knights. Kay, Ector, Bedivere, Gawain, Agravain, Gaheris, Gareth, Sagramor, Lancelot, Perceval, Tristan, Bohort, Lionel, Lamorat, Galahad, and Modred.”

“Modred? Isn’t that Arthur’s bastard son conceived by Morgan Le Fay?” Garrett asked.

“Yeah. But he was a knight in the legends. He actually exposed Guinevere and Lancelot’s love affair.” Dawn shrugged. “The Arthur of legends probably felt guilty and made him a knight because of that.”

“I thought you said Dagonet had been a knight in the legends?” Gavin asked.

“No, I said in the legends he was part of the court. They might have called him Sir, but he wasn’t a knight.” Dawn said bitterly.

“What was he then?”

“Dagonet was the big-hearted court jester. He was known for his ‘tom-foolery’.” Dawn spat. “He was painted as a clown.”

“Dawnie, please don’t get so upset.” Gwen was at her side in an instant. “Not over this. Think about it, they painted cast of us in disfiguring lights. They said that man-whore over there was Sir the Chaste. And Gavin, well he got bamboozled by a silly green-clothed bint. And me? They call be the biggest tramp of all time.”

“Is it bad that her calling me a man-whore kind of turns me on?” Garrett mock whispered. Dawn laughed at him.

“You’d get turned on by dry toast!” Dawn giggled.

It was amazing how at ease she was around them. They’d already formed this protective group and they’d only been together for two months. They teased each other as if they’d grown up together. It reminded her of the old Scooby gang in a way.

“You can‘t let it get you upset. It could be bad for the baby.” Gwen said, a small smile on her lips.

“That’s right, ducks. We want that little girl nice and strong.” Gavin winked at her.

“Have you picked a name yet? We’ve got to start calling her something.” Garrett said, grinning. “If we’re to play protective uncles, we need to know her name.”

“Nerys Joyce. After my mom.” Dawn said, smiling softly.

“What’s it mean?” Gwen asked. “I saw you going down page after page on that baby name site.”

“Nerys means ‘a lady’ in Welsh, and Joyce means ‘a lord’ in Middle English. Joyce was my mom’s name.” Dawn paused, before continuing.

“Why Nerys?” Gavin asked.

“It’s what he used to call me before I made him call me Dawn.” She said quietly.

The three exchanged a glance. She didn’t like talking about him yet, and even though they tried to lift her spirits they just seemed to bring the conversation back to him. Garrett cleared his throat, playing ‘conversation saver’.

“Lady Lord.” Garrett grinned. “Cute name, not as catchy as Ladyhawke, but still.”

“Your name means ‘a spear warrior’, ‘the Chaste’, so you have no room to talk.” Dawn smiled back at him.

“Bloody hell, you’re never going to let me live that down are you?”


“Wait, Galahad means a spear warrior? Or Garrett?” Gwen asked, slightly confused.

“Garrett.” Dawn grinned slyly over at Gavin. “But you’re the one who should be worried.”

“Why, what did I do?” Gavin jumped.

“I’d watch out for Tristan when we meet up with him if I were you.” Dawn said, her face very serious and serene.


“Cuz your name means ‘little hawk’.” Dawn said seriously, trying hard to keep her face completely neutral. “He might try to pet you and make you sit on his hand.”

Gavin sputtered loudly, his eyes going wide. Gwen started giggling so much she fell back on the bed. Garrett laughed so hard his eyes were watering. Dawn grinned at him. Gavin merely grinned right back at her. And then the tickling commenced.


Buffy Summers was scared. It didn’t happen often and she really didn’t like the feeling. Especially since her fear was over her sister’s safety. Again. She’d spent the better part of her life worrying about little Dawnie. Her major concern was over her sister’s pregnancy. Giles had tried to reassure her that Dawnie hadn’t been impregnated by demon spawn, but Buffy just wasn’t sure.

It was her baby sister! Was she supposed to take this lightly? Was this supposed to be an easy thing for her to accept? Dawn wasn’t the same little baby she could look out for. Which was why she was in Rome, hanging out with Mort when she really wanted to be there with Dawn.

“Mi bella, what is troubling you?” The voice whispered in her ear, handing her the fragrant rose.

“Mort.” Buffy smiled in spite of her mood. He really was the most charming man she’d ever met. . .even if he wasn’t completely human. “I’m missing Dawnie, I guess.”

“Come, my beauty. I would not see you so sad.” The dark haired man crooned. “Let us dance long into the night.” He said suggestively.

Buffy sighed. Dawn had been right. After a while, the Italian charm started to fade and he seemed kinda sleazy. So much for the Immortal being the one to enjoy cookie Buffy. She smiled and nodded, dancing was better than sitting here worrying about her sister.


Dawn munched quietly on the saltine. She hated plain crackers, but at least it calmed her stomach. The train lurched beneath her and she clenched her teeth. Stupid, stupid train.

“How you holding up, ducks?” Gavin asked, slinging an arm around her protectively.

“Well, the urge to puke has passed, so I guess everything’s good.”

“Dawn, have you made an appointment with the local doctor up there yet?” Gwen asked, her head propped on her hands.

“Yeah. I’m supposed to meet Doctor Kingston when two weeks from today.” Dawn sighed. “He’s a general practitioner, but everyone swore up and down he was the best.”

“That’s good.” Gwen replied. “Sounds like a nice gentlemanly old country doctor.”

“That’s what I thought.”

“Oi, next stop is the field.” Garrett called, leaning over his seat. “You ready to awaken a thirty year old assistant coach, Dawn?”

“Bring on the Bors.” Dawn sighed, munching on the cracker.


Europa felt her smirk of pleasure droop a little. The wretch was about to get herself another knight. This was not good. She was only supposed to find Lancelot. He was the proverbial key to all of Europa’s plans. All in good time. The child would be hers and then she could dispose of the key. She hoped her accomplice was having more fortuitous luck than she.



A/N2: I’m back! Or at least partially back. Oh, btw, Ray Winstone, (who plays Bors) according to, supports the West Ham United Football Club. I didn’t even know that when I said he lived there. I scare myself sometimes. Also, if you’re wondering what Europa and the Immortal look like, I’m basing their appearances off of Saffron Burrows (Andromache, Hector’s wife in Troy) and Benno Fürmann (William Eden in The Order)

Europa’s origins: She’s in the Greek myths. Zeus basically had the hots for her, pretended to be a pure white bull to seduce her away from her handmaidens or friends, and when she got the courage to hop on his back, he swam across the sea with her. They slept together, and she later became the mother to King Minos. I went through this phase in the sixth grade where Greek and Roman Mythology were pretty much my life. Yeah. That’s been replaced by my King Arthur fix I’m going through right now.
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