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It's all about the blondes.

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Summary: Because the world wasn't weird enough without these people knowing each other. WIP.

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Multiple Crossings > GeneralFortunaAngelusFR1572,863055,1545 Mar 057 Sep 07No

Private hell

AN: Wow, I actually wrote something. O_o
M'kay, usual goes. I don't own anything but the story, English is my second language, and a new thing! Slash warning! If you don't want to read about a boy on boy crush, then head back! ^^ Here thar be sea-monsters! (*giggle*)

Since it's been a while since I last wrote fanfic, I'm sure my writing style has changed, just so everyone knows.

Private hell

"Oh sweet Merlin, please be online!"
His hands were shaking. No, his whole body was bloody shaking. Could this day get any worse?
"Bloody!" Thunk "Hell!" He smashed his head against the desk again.

A beep followed by some whistling noises alerted him. A precise click and seconds later GoldenBoi was online.
Unfortunately neither of his 'net-pals' were.

"Time differences. Right."

What to do? He couldn't head out again, he'd told his 'guards' he'd stay in, and there was also the possibility that he might run into-
Quickly stopping that train of thought's he slammed his head down again.



It'd started out as a perfectly normal day. Get up, wash, eat, get guards and leave for the Ministry. Of course the fact that there had been no warm water, that his breakfast had been burnt on one end and frozen on the other - what was up with Dobby? - and he'd interrupted two of his guardians during you-know-what, hadn't stopped him from hoping that it'd be a good day.

Then he had shown up at work, - apparently passing the safety measures with no problems - with a great, big smirk on his face.
Smug bastard.
Then his boss had informed him that, no, he couldn't hex the git, since he was his newest case. He was to protect, not damage.

Damnation to it all.

This meant they had to spend most of their days together, stay in the same house, for the love of God, the only thing they basically didn't have to go together was shower!

His boss had encouraged him to sleep in the same room, the same bed as that... That!

"I can almost see the hamster running in there, Potter."
The cool, smooth, suave voice stopped him from pondering over what words would have described the bane of his existence - well, if you ignored Voldemort, that is. -

"Malfoy. Shut up!"

AN: Yeah, as short as ever.

The End?

You have reached the end of "It's all about the blondes." – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 7 Sep 07.

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