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It's all about the blondes.

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Summary: Because the world wasn't weird enough without these people knowing each other. WIP.

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Multiple Crossings > GeneralFortunaAngelusFR1572,863055,1545 Mar 057 Sep 07No

It's all about the blondes.

This is an answer to challenge 813.

Annoy tiny, blonde one. Annoy like the wind.

Online Chatroom conversations, wherein the characters can vent, swap stories, and seek advice pertaining to their respective Blondes.

Must Have:

Spike, talking about Buffy.

And two or more of the following characters:

Lex Luthor, talking about Chloe Sullivan (Smallville)

Logan Echolls, talking about Veronica Mars (Veronica Mars)

Jack, talking about Sam (Stargate SG1)

Gil Grissom, talking about Catharine Willows (CSI)

Harry Potter, talking about Draco Malfoy (Harry Potter)

Luke Girardi, talking about Grace Polk (Joan of Arcadia)

Seth Cohen, talking about Ryan Attwood (The O.C.)

Other (one that I haven’t thought of.)


The pairings don’t have to be romantic, but I would prefer it if some of them were, use your discretion.

Characters must use interesting handles, both for themselves and their Blondes.

Must contain at least two mentions of character appropriate weirdness. Ex: Demons, Magic, Wormholes, Other planets, Other Dimensions, Meteor freaks, etc.

Can be a one-shot, or chapter by chapter pov style.

Try for humour over angst.

Have fun ;-)


AN: There isn't really timelines on this, Spike and Buffy are sleeping together, therefor it's after the episode 'Smashed'. Nothing in the Stargate, nothing about Daniel being gone, or O'Neill being promoted (*tries not to spoil anything*.) And Harry Potter is after he has graduated, I don't know yet wether Voldemort is there or not.

Harry is still Auror in training.

I don't know how long this is going to be, or anything yet, this is written late at night, and I wrote it in very little time. So, see any mistakes (mostly spelling at the moment, no spoilers yet.)

And mind that english is not my first language, and that I might have some words or other that I put in wierdly, if so, tell me. ;)

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the known characters in the story, I'm just playing a little with them, I promise to put them back as they were before I sto- borrowed them.

Reviews is highly loved and I'll bake cookies to those who write. I can't be a better writer if I don't know what people think of my writing.

The start.

-BadMan has logged on.

Such a small thing as someone logging on for their first time in a chatroom,

-GoldenBoi has logged on.

can change everything. Many things can be discussed, because most of the time, you know you’ll never meet the person, and therefor ranting isn’t as embarresing.

-Spacemonkey*Guardian has logged on.

It all started a day not so long ago.

Spike sat in his crypt, somehow Clem had gotten a phone line there, and afterwards it wasn’t so hard to have an internet connection, and the laptop he had stolen from Red, she wouldn’t notice anyway, she had just gotten a new one.

Now to make this infernal machine work!

Harry Potter sat in his flat in London, the new rules in the wizarding world said that Aurors needed to know a lot about the muggle world. Thus him sitting with a new computer infront of him.

Ron had bough it for him, - with the help of Hermione of course, since Ron still called it a ‘thing from hell’,- at his 19 birthday, a very nice gesture from the couple.

If he could just make the infernal machine work!

Jack O’neill was hiding the one place he was sure not to be found, the labs. The main computer room to be precise. And he intented to stay there until Anise was long gone, the damn woman was lethal in any way possible, and he wasn’t going to be her willing lab-rat. No sirree.

But since she would be here for atleast one day, he had to intertain himself somehow, without the help of the others, since they hadn’t made it away in time.

He stared at the beeping monster infront of him, he could do this.

All he had to do was make this infernal machine work!

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