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Of chocolate and penguins.

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Summary: Xander blames it all to the penguins.

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Lord of the Rings > Xander-CenteredFortunaAngelusFR71260053,5766 Mar 056 Mar 05Yes
798 - Chocolate and Porn

Anyone remember Elijah Wood's interview with Leno soon after LOtR came out? I vagily recall him saying something about lacking sleep, a convenience store at 1 in the morning, and himself random screaming "Chocolate and porn", as in those were the two things he wanted to buy. Snicker, snicker.

Now, work it out however you want - a BtVS/LOtR x-over, or even BtVS/LOtR real-life actors story. Either way, I would love to see Xander and Frodo/Elijah interact, with chocolate and porn on their minds. Not a riske person? You don't actually have to do anything more than mention porn. Or chocolate....

That whole interview had me LOL, and for some reason it seems like something Xander would find funny too.

Oh, and as always with me - extra happy points if there are penguins in it somewhere. (Doom penguins who steal the CandP?, who knows?)


AN: Alright, a little drabble from me. I hope you like it. ;) Reviews are always welcomed. :D

Disclaimer: I don’t own nothing.

The man stared long at the small child-man creature. Who just stared back.

“What do you mean no Twinkies?!” Xander wide-eyed cried. “This is it, I can live with a world without shrimp, but no chocolate, no way!”

Frodo was faintly bemused, what was the strange man talking about? But before he could ask anything, a new voice cried out, “What do you mean no telly?! I need my porn... I mean... my passions!”

Xander whirled around, “Great, deadboy-junior to the rescue”.

Suddenly Gandalf and Elrond’s girlish screams could be heard as they were chased around by small birdlike things.

“Okay, who invited Pingu and friends?”

The End

You have reached the end of "Of chocolate and penguins.". This story is complete.

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