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A Second Opinion

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Summary: (working title) *First Fic Warning* Management is not pleased with the way the PtB are handling things. The Deck of Fate is reshuffled and Wild Cards are put into play.

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Stargate > Xander-CenteredArchrFR738,18425523,0676 Mar 0526 Mar 05No

Side Story- A Second Chance

A Second Chance
A Side story to ‘A Second Opinion’

"Come in, Whistler," said the voice.

Whistler walked into the office wondering what was going to happen to him. As a 'handler' for the Powers that Be, he dealt with many individuals, powerful and not, celestial and infernal. This time, he was being called in for the first time since Soul-boy Angel let it out of his pants and became Angelus again.

This was either a new job, or oblivion. Whistler was not quite sure which he was looking forward to more, if at all.

The office was plain, utilitarian in appearance. There were no windows, a desk, a chair in front of the desk and behind, a row of filing cabinets in the back and a computer on the desk. Those were not the focus of his attentions. That was reserved for the being behind the desk.

He was the new kid on the block, the Guardian Angel selected to take over the War from the previous Powers that Be, more like the Powers that Were. He looked rather average, but appearances never told the whole story.

Whistler's own attire was a testament to that.

"Sit down and let’s get started, shall we?" The angel never looked up from the files he was reviewing. Whistler sat and waited for his new boss to start the interview, interrogation, brief, or whatever this was going to become.

"Do you know why you are here, Whistler?" he asked without looking up from the file.

"Because you are the new Power that Be, err Is or whatever the term you chose is," Whistler responded, hoping to get out of this with his existence

"Only partly. You are here because a situation was bungled badly. The one I am referring to is the Angel/Angelus situation. I take it you are fully familiar with the situation?" The Angel asked with casual interest, no rancor or sarcasm in his voice. He still did not look up from the file.

Whistler winced and nodded. "Yeah. I admit, I sent him in to help the Slayer, but things got out of hand. I tried to salvage the situation though."

"Only after a threat to the planet, if not entire plane of existence had surfaced. Correct?" he asked in the same calm tone and manner.

Whistler winced again, knowing there was know way he could get out of this. "Yeah, that's about the size of it."

"Anything to say about it?" This time the angel looked Whistler right in the eyes.

"I was not comfortable with the job I was given, but the old Pub PTB gave me my marching orders and didn't give me the chance to say anything about it. I mean, the Slayer was only, what, fifteen? Sixteen? That tall, dark brooding mess made a serious impression on her, and we won't even get into the whole curse issue. Basically, I was hamstrung with little information and no instructions to give the big lug, not to mention the no-contact restriction was only lifted when Acathla showed up. Basically, the job sucked serious rocks." Whistler was sure that this was it. If he was going out, though, he was at least going to speak his mind when asked.

"If you had it to do over, with the chance to point out possible issues like that, would you?" Once again, he the new guy asked in the same calm manner, but not letting his gaze waver from the Balance Demon.

"I'd tell the Bosses any problems I saw, but knowing most Archangels and other celestial powers, it'd be like pissing in the wind."

The angel smiled and leaned back. "Excellent. Welcome back to the War, Whistler."

"Ya mean that I am gonna be able to walk out of here, still in one piece?" Whistler was surprise at the response.

"More than that, you are going to me be my primary aid, at leas least until we get a real staff working. The previous Powers were removed completely removed from the real world, and I am still playing catch-up. I will have to do certain jobs here and there myself, but I will need your expertise. Bit But I also expect you to sound off if you se the first sign of a problem with anything I do, or that may come up. Understood?"

"Ya got it, Boss. So, what is the first job on the list?"

"We need field agents. I need you to go through the files of our first stringers. Find anyone tied to them that we can recruit. I also need someone, preferably a few some ones to handle the admin side of the house. The old Powers had their own system, but I prefer a more hands hands-on approach. Paperwork is so much easier than just balls of energy or visions, right?"

"To each there own, but I get ya, Boss. I figure that I can have some names for you in short order."

"Excellent. Now we also need to make sure we get the players where we need them. I already started the ball rolling with Harris. He is starting to network three independent parties together, but we need to make sure that the situations will be ready for them when they get to where they need to be. Right?"

"With you so far."

"All right. To do that, we need to get instructions to them. That means, not only face-to-face, but prophesies as well."

"Aww, Boss? They hate that just as much as we do setting it up."

"True, but we need to set up these new ones as the old ones are now null and void. The Wolf, Ram and Hart will be so extremely pissed about the Shansu one, don't you think?"

"Eh, how ya gonna do that one, boss?"

The angel passed the appropriate file to Whistler and let him read. As the Balance Demon read, his eyebrows steadily rose, till they almost disappeared into his tasteless fedora.

"HOLY SHIT!" he yelled, reading the logistics of that plan. The angel just grinned.

"She-who-will-not-be-named is gonna be so pissed at this one. Ya might wanna warn Skip before he picks up that job for her. He's a good guy, does quality work and enjoys his job. Not too many guys like that."

"Noted. I'll call him up for an interview as well. But, you see where I am going with this?"

"Oh yeah. This is really gonna make waves. And I so want in on it."

"Even if you meet up with a certain blonde who wants your ribcage as a hat?"

"Um, do I get a good medical plan?"

The angel laughed hard at that one. "Done. You get a Get-Out-of-Slaying-Free Card in that case." Whistler let out a sigh of relief.

"So are you ready to go shopping for new agents?"

"I'm all yours, Boss."

"In that case, I need you to get these two for my administrative assistants. The both of them held jobs of an administrative nature, but with varying ability and method. First is Robert L. Flutie. The second is Aaron Snyder. Bob will be in charge, and Snyder will be his assistant."

"Boss, Snyder was a prick of the first order, and worked for Mayor Wilkins. Wouldn't he have been consigned to Hell for that alone?"

"No, actually, there were mitigating circumstances for some of that. He was a halfway decent administrator, and I'm sure he would jump at the chance to escape Purgatory. Get them and I'll give you your next set of instructions."

"Gotcha Boss. I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship."

"If you’re going to be like that, call me Drake."

"Gotcha Boss." Whistler smirked. This could be a good thing after all. Second chances don't grow on trees, so he was going to make the most of this one.

Who knows. They might even win. Either way, it would be a hellavua ride, and on the side of Angels, no less.

A/N- If one is going to run a war, you need Warriors but you also need a Staff.

The End?

You have reached the end of "A Second Opinion" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 26 Mar 05.

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