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A Second Opinion

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Summary: (working title) *First Fic Warning* Management is not pleased with the way the PtB are handling things. The Deck of Fate is reshuffled and Wild Cards are put into play.

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A Second Opinion

A Second Opinion

by Archr

A BtVS/AtS x-over with Stargate SG-1 (to start with, more to come)

The Management is not happy with the plan of the PtB, so another has been called to 'improve' the situation.

Authors notes at the end of the Prologue.

*WARNING!!!*- This is my first fanfic, well at least the first one I got to this stage. Please be gentle. C&C will be welcomed, as long as you explain what the problems are and how they can be fixed. 'It SUCKS!' does not help me.

Disclaimer- the characters of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Stargate SG-1 and other crossover elements do not belong to me. I do not use them for financial gain, I just am letting them play in the Chaos that is my mind. Drake is an original character of my creation.

Please enjoy and review.


A Second Opinion

Prologue- Stacking the Deck

Xander awoke and took in his surroundings. The fight was still going on, but something seemed off, somehow. His friends were still up against the pair of vampires, but no one was moving, no one but Xander.

‘Um, hello? What’s going on?” he asked as he got up, feeling the beginnings of major aches in his neck, back and shoulders.

“So, kid, nice to see you moving,” said a voice from behind.

Xander turned quickly, “Owie,” he griped, as muscles protested the extreme motion so soon after their abuse. Xander saw a man leaning against the nearby wall. “Um, who are you and why is no one moving here?” he asked, knowing this was so not of the good.

“Well, kid, it goes like this. There is a situation we need to take care of. Something big is coming down the line, and we need you to head it off.” He straightened himself and walked over slowly, making a clear effort to show Xander he meant no harm.

“Me? Why me?” Xander asked, very confused.

“Simply put, kid, you’re a wild card. Prophecies, the Skein of Fate, even the Oracles get all tangled after a Wild Card gets involved. The technical term is a Nexus of Probability. Basically the Boss’s way of keeping the other powers in line.” The man stopped in front of Xander, staying just out of reach, leaning against the crate that Xander flew into. The crate his body was still lying on.

“Um, am I dead here? This whole out of body thing is new, but why are you telling me this if I am dead here? Am I supposed to go ‘Boo!’ at this Big Badness you’re talking about? Rattle some chains and make it see the error of its ways?” Xander was getting freaked now. Not since facing down Angelus in the hospital had he been this wigged.

“Not dead, not near-dead, just in between for the moment. By the way, name’s Drake. Normally, Whistler would be the one doing this, but since a little blonde threatened to wear his ribcage as a hat, he seems to be a little skittish about coming down here,” he said with a smirk.

Xander chuckled. “Yep, that’s our Buffster. She is known for spreading the love around to all cryptic seers, advisors and the like. I agree with her sentiments as well. None of us like to be lead around by the nose, with only enough info to think we have something to do but no idea what or how to do it.” Xander was getting a little worked up. The whole incident with Angel/Angelus last school year was bad enough but Buffy still was not back yet. Holding the line, such as it was here in Sunnydale, without her was not working very well at all. The summer lull was over and the Vampires were returning to action.

“I know, and so does the Boss. Basically, I am here because the Powers that Be dropped the ball. They did not figure on you being here. Not your fault, but they should have figured out something to prevent Angelus from resurfacing,” Drake told him, with an apologetic look on his face.

“Me? What the hell did I have to do with… damn. The cave,” Xander’s eyes widened as he began to connect the dots in his mind. He played the clown, the idiot, but he had been sharpening his mind while working with the others, fighting the Darkness. War did not favor those who could not think, and this was war. “I saved Buffy when she was supposed to die. If she died, Angel and her would never have gotten together like that… oh man,” he whispered, shock flooding him. He steadied himself against a table, his legs weakening at this revelation.

“Not your fault. Free will. One of the basic foundations of our system here. She and Angel made their choices. As did you. While the PTB were pissed that their war plan against the Forces of Darkness was adjusted without their input, the Boss told them to get over it and adapt to the new situation. Some bad things are going to happen, a lot of bad things actually. All because the PTB need to keep their plan going. They don’t change, they hardly adapt, and they do not care too much for the warriors under their care. Due to that, there are a lot of victories we get that give the Darkness more of a toehold. So, the Boss told me to give things a nudge.”

“Um, not to sound to rude but… when you say Boss you mean...?” Drake nodded his head while looking up, “Ok that Boss. We have the attention of The Boss.” Xander shuddered a bit and slumped to the floor, as this is too much to take in.

“Yeah, it is a lot to take in. But, that’s why I am here. I used to be like you, human, and tired of dealing with people who thought they were superior just for a few special abilities and the like. I also hated prophecies. I hated being locked into a future. I hated the fact that someone else was dictating my actions. So, when the time came for someone to tell you the score, I volunteered. I figured if anyone could get you to listen for more than two minutes without becoming a victim of frustrated rage, it would be me. So, are you willing to see things that are going to happen?”

Xander just nodded, still a little spaced by this, but willing to give it a shot.

“Oh, you will come back here after we are done, I promise you that. As I said, my name is Drake, former mage, human and currently a guardian angel. No, not yours, but one that might give you a little help. So, without further adieu, let us see a little further down the road. “

Drake reached out with his hand and pulled Xander up. With a flicker, the surroundings changed, and Xander looked upon the destiny of his friends and himself. Drake had a bet with another angel as to what the kid’s reaction would be. After seeing a few scenes, Xander leaned over and emptied the non-existent contents of his non-existent stomach onto the lot they were non-existenly standing in.

‘Looks like Leo owes me fifty bucks,’ Drake thought.

After Xander gathered himself and could think coherently, he asked, ‘so you said I have a chance to change things. I can make those things not happen, right?” Drake nods. “Ok. Whatever it is, I’ll do it,” he stated firmly, the look in his eyes leaving no room for argument.

“All right, but I will tell you what it will entail, at least the most important parts, to you at least. This will change your life forever,” the angel stated. He then told Xander exactly what accepting the power to change the future would require.

He told him that the knowledge of the future would be erased or suppressed in his mind, but he would know that he chose this of his own free will. He also has to keep it a secret, at least until the end of high school to the best of his ability. He then tells him the last detail.

“So, are you still wanting to do this?” Drake asked once more.

“Yeah. I do. I mean, to be honest, I never really liked the quiet. This is a little disturbing, but if it means I can stop… that from happening, it would be worth it.”

“Done!” Drake spoke in a voice of command and power.

Xander's senses were overloaded and darkness claims him.

“Xander! Xander! Wake up!” A worried Willow shook Xander back to consciousness.

“Wha...? Did we get them?” He asked with a slightly punch-drunk grin. He noticed Willow, Oz and Cordy standing over him; looking not too much the worse for wear.

“Nah, dusted one, the other got away,” stated Oz rather nonchalantly, though he did have a concerned look for Xander. Helping him to his feet, he asks, “Alright?”

“Just peachy. A little ring-y in the ears, but other than that… the usual aches and pains after a wonderful night of patrol. Call it a night?” he asked the others.

The general consensus was yes, so they got themselves together and headed out.

“Another night on patrol. Perhaps tomorrow will be better,” Xander mumbled, almost to himself. Almost, as a voice within responded, 'Most assuredly. But, tonight, we need our rest.'

'Yes, Thallia,' Xander thought to his new partner and resident in his mind. None of the others noticed, but as he received his partner’s thought, his eyes glowed briefly.


Destiny just took a left turn against the light.

Fates began to shift, and as Xander set foot on his new path, Destiny followed.

Welcome to uncharted territory.

Drake watched with amusement as the Powers that Be tried to plot the new fate. “I’ll have to keep a close eye on him to make sure those guys don’t try to screw Destiny up any more than it already is. The Powers need to remember who signed off on this plan.”

Drake sighed, watching. “At least it won’t be boring."

The Beginning.


Authors notes:

Ok, this is a decision that I made after nearly 48 hours of being awake, a long duty day (deployed on a US Navy ship), and about 2 hours sleep. Caffeine and sugar help me through it, but also make me a little rash in decisions. Anyway, enough with the excuses. I meant to tell you why I am doing this.

Here it is: I wanted to fix things I saw in BtVS/AtS and other series. I read a few stories where the conclusions of both series lead Earth to a dark fate, so I wondered what would happen if someone Up There decided that was not an acceptable conclusion. If all the 'middle management' like the PtB's accepted the status quo, how would one go about fixing it?

I also wondered this: If there are Demons and Dark Powers, where are the Angels and the Forces of Light? This is my answer. The Darkness has been using the Rules to their advantage, and the Light has grown apathetic, or we are to it. So, I brought in an outsider who does not accept it.

He believes in Free Will, but he stretches coincidence to the breaking point. He also beleives in taking care of his troops, something that anyone in the military will tell you is a valuable commodity in a CO. I saw very little of thePowers taking care of their Champions. It was either 'Perform this Task or ELSE!'.

I thought it time for a change. (from the Cannon)

*looks at preceeding text* Damn, that was a rant and a half.

Anyway, I am still working out the next chapters, so please bear with me. I have a few victims.. er friends who offer C&C IRL, as well as a few online. We shall see how things go with this.

Enjoy. I hope.


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