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Summary: A little something that I remembered from my old works

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Lord of the Rings > Non-BtVS/AtS StoriesDmitriFR131789127557 Mar 057 Mar 05Yes
Children of fire and ice

Melkor and everybody else belongs to J.R.R.T.

Dragons — were their name amongst the men. From fire and ice, by the power of the Music of Creation, by the power of the curses of Darkness and Light, were they created. Arda gave strength and might to their bodies, Night gave them mind and speech. Great was their wisdom, and from those times did men say that whoever will slay a dragon and will eat his heart, they then would become the wisest of the wise, and ancient knowledge will be open to him, and he will understand the speech of all living creatures, even those of birds and beasts, and he will heed the speeches of gods. And the Moon gave her sorcery to the creatures of Lord of Darkness, therefore their gaze charmed others.

First into the world came the Dragons of Earth. Heavy were their steps, fire was their breath, and their eyes burned with furious gold, and the fury of the Master, who created them, burned in their hearts. With red copper were they clothed by the rising Sun: therefore, when they walked, it appeared that flame was bursting from under the armorof their scales. And in their creation the Overlord was aided by the demons of the Dark Flame, Balrogs. From the tribe of the Dragons of Earth was Glaurung, who was also called the Father of the Dragons.

And then it was noon, and the Master created the Dragons of Fire. With golden armour of malleable scales were their bodies clothed by the sun, and golden were their huge wings, and their eyes were the color of pale sapphire, the color of desert sky. The motion of their wings was red-hot wind, and even metal melted from the heat of their breath. Agile, elegant, quick as winged arrows, they are wondrous — and their beauty is deadly. In their creation the Overlord was aided by his pupil, Gorthaur, whose name means "Possessing the Strength of Flame". From the tribe of the Dragons of Fire only the name of one of the last is known — Smaug, the Golden Dragon.

In the evening of the last moon of the fall, when the icy whisper of stars only starts to be woven into the slow melody of fog, when the weak glass of first ice chains the water and sparkling haze covers the thin branches, came into the world the Dragons of Air. The mysterious twinkling of swamp fires lived in their eyes; in steel and gilded silver were they armoured, and jasper-coloured were their wings, and claws of theirs were harder then diamond. Noiseless and quick, faster than wind, was their flight; and they possessed the cold, merciless wisdom of warriors. Few were given to see their slow enchanting dance in the nocturnal sky, when in the dark innumerable mirrors of their scales reflected the stars, and moonlight washed them. And thus speak the men: whoever had seen that dance became the servant of the Night, and the light of day no longer brought him joy. And they also say that in the hour of the sky dance of the Dragons of Air strange herbs and flowers grow from the seeds that for decades had slept in the ground, and draw towards the pale Moon. Who'd gather them in the Night of the Dragons' Dance will learn great wisdom and will gain undefeatable power; he'll become greater than just a man, but will never return to them. But if malice and thirst of power will be in his heart, he'll die and his spirit will become a swamp fire; and only on the Night of the Dragons will he gain a transparent shape, similar to a man's. Such were the Dragons of Air and alone did Melkor create them. From their tribe came the Ancalagon the Black, the greatest of the dragons.

Spawn of Night were the Dragons of Waters. A slow beauty was in their movements, and in black bronze were they clothed, and the light of pale golden Moon lived in their eyes. The ancient wisdom of Darkness attracted them more than did battles; dark and wondrous was the music that created them. Silence — the companion of wonderings — they appreciated above all; and comprehension of the hidden mysteries of the world was the greatest enjoyment for them. Therefore they chose to dwell by themselves in the depths of dark lakes, which reflected the stars, and in the bottomless gaps of eastern seas, unknown and unreachable to Ulmo. Few are those who saw them, therefore in the writings of Elves naught is spoken of them; but the legends of men of East often speak of wise Dragons, Lords of Waters…

The End

You have reached the end of "Dragons". This story is complete.

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