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Her Hair Blew In The Breeze

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Summary: Lucius develops a fixation on Dawn that leads to an obsession. His violent side emerges when he sees her with another man. Note: Character Death.

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Harry Potter > Dawn-Centered > Pairing: Lucius MalfoyorganicmagicFR181790061,7908 Mar 058 Mar 05Yes
Rating: R for graphic violence.

Pairing: unrequited Dawn/Lucius, Dawn/Connor

Summary: Lucius develops a fixation on Dawn that leads to an obsession. His violent side emerges when he sees her with another man. Note: Character Death.

Disclaimer: Neither Dawn Summers, Connor Angel nor Lucius Malfoy are my property, they belong to Joss Whedon and J.K. Rowling and their associates respectively.

A/N:: Character Death, Violence, Stalker Issues. Reader discretion advised.

Spoilers: S3 Angel, but nothing major.

Her hair blew in the breeze.

Her long dark hair flowed behind her in the wind, it caught in the stream of air and danced around her perfect, oval face and the deep pools of her eyes. He always watched her as she left work at the same time as he did. Both strangers, both always left their respective buildings at 5pm Monday through Friday.

Today was different. The beautiful young woman had started giving him a nod in recognition that he was shocked to find he returned each day, two strangers that knew each others faces just nodding in politeness to each other as they made their way home to their own separate lives. Nothing more than a nod and a slight smile. Lucius had no idea why he even acknowledged her, after all she had to be a mere muggle, but something about her always drew his gaze. Shocked, he found himself going home from his disapparation spot, greeting his wife and son politely but then going to his study, ostensibly going over the work he brought home, but more often now, he’d sit with a brandy and close his eyes. Sipping the fine alcohol, his mind would go back to the young beauty with the long dark hair and eyes that haunted his very existence. He’d re-watch her in his mind until he knew what every single strand of hair was doing as it was tossed by the wind.

But today was different. He left the office and walked down, hoping to see the vision he spent more and more of his day thinking of and she was not there. Startled to not see her familiar quiet beauty, her ever-blown hair whipping around that oval face, he waited. He simply stood there until the sun had gone down and was about to leave, his heart heavy in his chest that his angel had not come to see him when he saw her. She walked out of her building, arms full of books, talking to a young man that Lucius instantly loathed when she turned that smile onto him but with more meaning that it had ever turned on Lucius. This smile filled the darkening sky with a luminance that rivaled the sun and it was wasted on this scruffy looking boy who didn’t deserve to see such radiance. Lucius’ anger started to well up inside of him and he couldn’t see straight. The cap blew off his barely-controlled anger when the young woman had dropped her books. The young man had bent to pick them up at the same time as she had and they paused, looking into each others eyes in such a way that Lucius knew what was coming next. They hesitantly pressed their lips together and Lucius knew it was a first kiss, all notes and books lying on the street forgotten in their joy of first coming together.

Lucius found himself on the other side of the street and he pulled the infidel who dared touch his Goddess off of her.

“Don’t touch her.” He snarled in a feral voice.

“What’s going on, who are you?” she asked, looking fearfully at him, she locked eyes and hers went wide. “You, you’re the guy I see going home aren’t you? What are you doing to Connor?”

“Get off her!” the boy cried out.

“Don’t touch her you mere muggle.” Lucius hissed as he pulled out his wand. “Putting your filthy hands on her, she is so far above you that you can’t even conceive of her beauty.” His eyes had hardened into an insanely savage look that scared even Connor Angel, Destroyer of Quor-toth.

The blond man raised his wand and pointed it at Connor.


Then he pulled it up in what Dawn recognized to be an arcane pass and the study she’d been doing into witchcraft snapped into place and she hurled her hand forward and thrust her fingers towards the man she’d assumed to be no more than an office worker. His wand shot out of his hand in a stream of green light and it clattered to the floor. The man whipped his head round to her, startled.

“You’re a witch?” were the last words that ever passed through his lips when Connor took charge and ripped Lucius’ hand off his neck, pulled him round and caught his head before snapping it like kindling.

The two young people looked at each other in sadness and shock, then down at the broken man before them, he’d died with a smile on his face for in the instant Connor had snapped his neck, Dawn had turned to Lucius and her hair had whipped round her face in the breeze.

The End

You have reached the end of "Her Hair Blew In The Breeze". This story is complete.

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