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Blonde Troubles

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Summary: Online chatroom where people can talk about their respective blondes and seek advice if needed or simply vent

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Multiple Crossings > GeneralziliFR1322,6360153,05613 Mar 0515 Mar 05Yes

Blonde Clothes

For Vld and Illusia and dharkcharlotte because I never actually thought I’d get any reviews

A/N: The first chapter adheres to the challenge’s rules this one might not I’m not really sure

~*~*~*~*about a week later from the last conversation*~*~*~*~*~*~

The Big Bad has entered Blonde Troubles
Universe's Key has entered Blonde Troubles
Goblin Queen has entered Blonde Troubles

Goblin Queen: Jareth appeared in my room last night

The Big Bad: Who?

Universe's Key: Her blonde. What did he want?

Goblin Queen: He came to try and convince me to come back to the Labyrinth earlier than I planned to

Universe's Key: Did he apologize?

Goblin Queen: No but that’s not the point. I love him really I do but you would not believe what he was wearing.

Universe's Key: What?

Goblin Queen: I’m used to his tight fitting crotch enhancing pants and weird frilly shirts

The Big Bad: I never want to hear those words again tight fitting crotch enhancing pants *shudder*

Universe's Key: I know certain other blondes who wear those

The Big Bad: yeah but the slayer is cute when she wears those

Universe's Key: I wasn’t talking about my sister

The Big Bad: Hey! Mine aren’t crotch enhancing

Universe's Key: Sure they aren’t *rolls eyes*

Goblin Queen: Hey he’s your blonde?

Universe's Key: Yea but he says he doesn’t count because he dyed his hair blonde but it doesn’t matter because I have many other blondes I can complain about

Goblin Queen: he counts

Universe's Key: see

The Big Bad: hey don’t gang up on me I’m not stopping you from talking about me, am I?

Universe's Key: Yeah okay but anyway so what was he wearing

Goblin Queen: He was wearing these black leather pants that have like an inch wide slit on both sides that go all the way up in fact it would be two pieces except there is dark blue leather lacing it together and the butt had peek a boo panels

Universe's Key: Oh my god!

The Big Bad: eww

Universe's Key: shut up you know you’d probably wear those

Goblin Queen: yeah and my mom almost walked in to see him

Goblin Queen: oh and he also decided he didn’t need a shirt either

Universe's Key: What is it with blondes and their clothes?

The Big Bad: Hey!

Goblin Queen: It’s true

The Big Bad: Yeah but still

The Big Bad: actually I remember the annoying one saying something about what the slayer was wearing when she went to kill the Master. It was like a white dress and she was going to kill the Master one of the oldest vampire in it!?!

Universe's Key: I remember that dress it was pretty but she was so angry afterwards because it got wet and torn

Slayer_of_Voldemort has entered Blonde Troubles
God of Fishing has entered Blonde Troubles

Slayer_of_Voldemort: What you talking about?

Goblin Queen: the way our blondes dress

Universe's Key: Harry does Malfoy dress sexily or get upset if someone ruins his clothes

Slayer_of_Voldemort: actually yeah he does

Slayer_of_Voldemort: not the sex the other thing I wouldn’t know about the sexiness

Universe's Key: *cough* denial *cough cough*

Slayer_of_Voldemort: Shut up Key

Goblin Queen: well give an example

Slayer_of_Voldemort: of the sexiness?

The Big Bad: no you twit, she meant of him being upset

Slayer_of_Voldemort: Oh

Goblin Queen: well?

Slayer_of_Voldemort: Well like two nights ago he almost hexed a guy into unconsciousness because he spit on his robes

God of Fishing: Wait hexed robes?

Slayer_of_Voldemort: I meant hit and clothes sorry typo

God of Fishing: oh okay that makes sense

Slayer_of_Voldemort: One time he almost broke his wand hexing a guy because this guy ripped his shirt

God of Fishing: wand hexing?

Slayer_of_Voldemort: hand hitting*

God of Fishing: Who know if I didn’t know better I’d say you were a wizard or something

Slayer_of_Voldemort: What! Wizard?!?

Slayer_of_Voldemort: Your blonde is an American scientist isn’t she

God of Fishing: yeah

Slayer_of_Voldemort: then I am definitely completely not a wizard

God of Fishing: yeah sure you betcha

Universe's Key: Anyway your blonde isn’t the only one who is like that about his clothes

The Big Bad: am not

The Big Bad: and yes before you ask I am her blonde but technically I dyed my hair so I kind of do and don’t count but it doesn’t matter because I have my own blonde troubles anyway

Slayer_of_Voldemort: I wasn’t gonna say anything

God of Fishing: I was but I’ll be quiet for now

Universe's Key: You so are, do I need to mention the duster

The Big Bad: that is different

Universe's Key: you killed someone for it

Goblin Queen: you killed someone for a coat

The Big Bad: it was self defense

Slayer_of_Voldemort: what and afterwards you decided it would look better on you

The Big Bad: but it does, right Bit

Universe's Key: Well yeah but that’s not really the point

Universe's Key: but enough of the big bad’s clothes what about you of the fishing you haven’t said anything about the way
your blonde dresses

God of Fishing: well for the most part she just wears pants and a shirt but every once and a while she has to put on her official uniform that has a skirt and oh man her legs are so long and slender and her ass…

God of Fishing: not that I like her like that

Universe's Key: Denial ain’t just a river in Egypt

God of Fishing: I don’t

Goblin Queen: *rolls eyes*

Slayer_of_Voldemort: sure

God of Fishing: hey you can’t say anything what about you and Malfoy

Slayer_of_Voldemort: I don’t even like him

God of Fishing: yeah sure you betcha

Slayer_of_Voldemort: I don’t

Slayer_of_Voldemort: *glares*

God of Fishing: *glares back*

Universe's Key: What are you two, twelve?

Goblin Queen: Oh My God!

Slayer_of_Voldemort: What? We’re not that bad

Goblin Queen: No Jareth just came back and you would not believe what he is wearing this time

The Big Bad: worse than before

Goblin Queen: oh my god yes

Universe's Key: worse than the tight fitting crotch enhancing pants

The Big Bad: bloody hell don’t say that phrase

God of Fishing: I agree never say that phrase again that’s just not right

Slayer_of_Voldemort: So what’s he wearing

Goblin Queen: Absolutely nothing!!!

Slayer_of_Voldemort: What!!!

The Big Bad: bloody hell

God of Fishing: that’s not right

Universe's Key: you two have fun then


in case anyone was confused the annoying one that Spike mentions is actually the Anointed One you know the little boy from season 1 and 2

The End

You have reached the end of "Blonde Troubles". This story is complete.

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