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Such A Nice Girl...

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Summary: After Marie ran away from home, she meets Joyce Summers. Later parts involve Joyce/Logan, and Marie/Xander

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Marvel Universe > X-Men > Multiple PairingsLucindaFR131720,06056776,80731 Mar 0313 Mar 12No

Talking About the Silliest Things

Marie noticed that Buffy didn't seem to be in a good mood after talking to Mr. Giles during lunch. She was fairly certain now wasn't the time to ask, especially since she suspected that it had to do with the whole slaying monsters and ugly destiny part of Buffy's life.

"I think I'm going to blame you," Buffy said, dropping into a seat beside Marie. Buffy then crossed her arms and pouted at Marie.

"Blame me for what?" Marie blinked.

Buffy let out a huff, "Some short, grouchy guy with very well hidden very sharp blades had a talk with Giles. Cranky is going to be joining on the afterschool nature walks, and taking an interest in my training. And yours, and probably Xander and Willow too."

"He's very good at that sort of thing," Marie offered, fighting back giggles at the idea of Buffy calling Logan cranky. Not that he wasn't, but still...

"Now I'm going to have someone else telling me what to do with my not enough out of school time," Buffy continued to pout.

"He wants you to be as safe as you can when you do something risky," Marie offered. "And he's been makin' googly eyes at your momma."

"Ack!" Buffy made a face, and waved her hands, "Don't go there! I need to take my time getting used to the idea, and... and..."

"An' you still want to tell your momma not to be makin' googly eyes at anyone," Marie finished.

"Right," Buffy nodded, looking pleased.

"It won't work." Marie shook her head. "Your momma's got a right to have her feelings, even if that means gettin' all googly eyed over someone. And she might even get married to someone again, someone who isn't your daddy. It won't be about you, or me, or anyone but her an' who she's all googly eyed about."

"But...!" Buffy sighed, "You're right, and I know this, and they don't seem to be rushing into anything... not that I know of anyhow..."

"But it'll take time t' get used to the idea. I know," Marie nodded. "Just be happy for them, hope they don't tell you any of the details, and that things don't end in a disaster."

"And in any other town, that might sound overly gloomy," Buffy paused and then muttered, "Sounds like a good place to start for this place."

"Eventually, you'll find someone else t' be googly eyed about yourself. I don't know who, or when, but you will. Then you can worry about your own love life instead of your momma's, or mine," Marie insisted.

"And speaking of yours..." Buffy brightened.

"I can touch someone for about two seconds. Long enough that someone bumping into me in the hall is safe, not long enough for holding hands, let alone kissing," Marie fought the urge to pout. "Havin' a love life isn't an option just now."

"But maybe in the future..." Buffy hinted.

"A couple seconds is a big improvement from not at all, an' Mr. Giles is hopeful that I'll continue to improve. Maybe some day I won't have to worry about it at all. That day is a long ways off, if I ever get there. I'm takin' things one day at a time for now, an' I can't have a boyfriend yet," Marie insisted. She didn't mention that she had more than a few ideas about that to do when she could touch. Or a very clear idea who she'd like to be touching.

"Sometimes being reasonable and responsible sucks," Buffy mumbled.

"Far as I know, you could still pester Willow about her love life," Marie offered. She felt a little guilty over possibly setting Buffy on the shy redhead, but she was certain Willow couldn't die of embarrassment, and she'd get over being angry. Willow didn't seem like the sort to hold grudges.

"Ohh, good point!" Buffy brightened. "I'll have to talk to her and figure out just how much of a love-life they've got. Someone needs to have one..."

Marie snickered.

"Someone that isn't my mom!" Buffy added with a frown.

Marie started to giggle. As many real problems as they both had in their lives, and Buffy was fretting about their love-lives. And trying to be over-protective about the idea that her momma might want to have one.

On a more serious note, she suspected that Logan meant it when he suggested taking part in their lessons for fighting. And if there hadn’t been lessons before, there were going to be now – for all of them. Probably Joyce too. Not that it was a bad idea, but it wouldn’t be what she’d call fun.

Then again, if those lessons gave her the time to make it to the point when she had conscious control over her power, over when to use it and when not to use it… She’d be very glad.

End Such A Nice Girl 17: Talking About the Silliest Things

The End?

You have reached the end of "Such A Nice Girl..." – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 13 Mar 12.

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