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Chains of Passion

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Summary: Angel/Xander slash (sort of). Xander stripping with a twist cuz I'm sick of sub-Xander.

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > Romance > Angel/XanderRivanaFR1813,8810104,26714 Mar 0514 Mar 05No
Disclaimer:The original characters of Xander and Angel belong to Mutant Enemy, Joss Whedon et al. No copyright infringement intended, just playing around. Likewise I am in no way implying that the actors portraying these characters on the show are gay. As I said, I’m just playing.

Claimer:The song lyrics belong to me.

A/n:Having read one too many sub-Xander stories, I just had to do this. Tell me what you think and if you want more…

Chains of Passion

Xander stood on the metal walkway of the nightclub surveying the workers on stage with a keen eye. He’d been lucky to find this job after his car broke down. Who would’ve thought that a town like Oxnard would be the Mecca of nightly entertainment? Not him that was for sure. Then again being so close to the Hellmouth and yet far enough away for comfort the town provided an excellent point of meeting for people and other, creatures wanting to interact for one reason or another without bloodshed. There was, as had quickly come to his attention, a violence ban on the whole town put in place even before the Mayor took control of Sunnyhell. In other words, it was the perfect vacation spot for a demon fighter such as himself. He didn’t have to worry about who knew or didn’t know about what goes bump in the night and he didn’t have to worry about patrol or anything of the sort. Worst thing that would happen here while walking through a dark alley was getting propositioned or getting a free show of someone or something getting their groove on, occasionally both would occur.
Xander suppressed a shiver at the remembrance of one such encounter. He might be okay with not all demons being evil, but having sex with something that had more tentacles than he had hands that thought was just plain creepy.

After having looked around for a bit when arriving in town he’d found this club, Chains, which had out a wanted sign asking for a handyman. Being quite good with his hands, especially after the soldier incident Xander applied for the job and was hired on the spot due to his versatility (being able to bartend as well as screw light bulbs into spotlights 20 feet above ground and knowing where to position them for greatest effect on the stage put him right up there with gods and higher demons as far as the management was concerned).
The club was a strip club, something that was quite all right with Xander. He didn’t care and getting free shows was always good. That there were both male and female dancers was even better as it made his longing for Kyle and Thor lessen to some extent.

The two were hyenas had opted to leave Sunnydale for greener pastures. Kyle had gotten into an Ivy League college and Thor wanted to join the service. Rhonda had never really been comfortable with any of the Hellmouth scene and he had had her animal spirit suppressed as per request directly after the incident with principal Flutie. Heidi had headed for MIT with a kiss and a hug and that sunny smile that always reminded him of the Willow of old. Which left him completely alone after the battle at graduation. Sure, they would all have stayed if he’d asked them to, but that wasn’t the way he did things and though the missing closeness of his pack was like a knot of pain in his chest at all times, he would never want to keep them with him if they had other dreams to fulfil. They were still pack, the ties were still there. He could feel them alive in the back of his mind as strings of light, a constant little buzz, that, okay wasn’t as fulfilling as actually having them physically near him, but it would just have to do.

Lost in his musings Xander was a bit annoyed at the sudden intrusion of a voice speaking by his ear.

“Brand twisted his ankle an hour ago. It’s severely sprained. He won’t be able to go on tonight.”

Selina’s voice was worried and Xander sighed internally, he already didn’t like where this was going.

“I’m sorry Selina, is he allright?”

“Yes, but as I said he won’t be able to do the show tonight and I don’t have a replacement for him.”

Xander frowned.

“Isn’t it policy to always have backup dancers on the ready?”

“Yes, normally, but I’d just given Gavin the week off to go on an errand for his Alpha. He would have quit otherwise, you know how it is with were politics.”

“So replace the show.” At least I can try.

“I can’t do that, you know we’re on skeleton crew this week due to the troubles in San Fran and anyways, it’s such a popular show, our star act you know. People won’t be pleased if it’s cancelled.”

“It’s not like they’ll tear the place down or anything Selina, they can’t do that remember.”

“Please Xander.”

He could practically hear her lower lip tremble. Damn it all to hell, what was it with him an any damsel in distress that came his way? He was more into guys anyway.

“Please what, Selina? What do you want me to do about it?”

“Please could you take Brand’s place. You’ve got such grace for a human and you’re so sexy. The audience would love you.”

Xander’d known it was coming, he just couldn’t believe it.

“You want me to play the master and switch Dan to submissive?”

“Well, no.”

Xander closed his eyes. He was just prolonging the agony, he knew.

“It’s just you know Dan is not a very good actor, he has trouble learning a new choreography and anyways his is the leading part, the sub dancer just has to follow you know. So it’s much easier to learn for someone who hasn’t worked before.”

“You want me to dance the submissive part of Chains of Passion?”

He just had to make it completely clear.

“Ye-es… Please, Xander, pretty please? I know you’re not a sub or anything, but your imitations are so good, you’re such a great actor, I’m sure you could fool everyone… And you know; it’s more logical to have a human as a sub to a Ferini demon than the other way around, least in these parts. I have to think on politics too you know. God, please don’t take offense, please do this…Please?”

Xander laughed, he couldn’t help it. This was just so hilarious, everything from Selina’s outright babble fest to his own perfect shielding that made him look and feel human to all and the careful way in which he tried to avoid drawing attention to himself for fear of loosing any tactical advantage later on. His pack would laugh at this for weeks if they ever found out and he couldn’t fault them, it was just such sweet irony. Actually, to think on it, it could be fun. The ultimate test for his acting skills, to act as the opposite of everything he was. It was hilarious, it was ridiculous, and it was fucking great! Trying to reign in his snickers Xander nodded his consent.

“Sure Selina, I’ll do it. One night only and I want time from now till tonight to rehearse with Dan, oh and I want pay for my job plus the dance, just cause I’m doing you a favour.”

“Sure, Xander, anything you want.”

Selena beamed at him and Xander rolled his eyes in amusement.

“Yeah right. Will the clothes fit?”

“Of course that’s one of the main reasons why I asked you.”

Selina looked like the cat that ate the canary and then had whipped cream for desert.

“Of course.”

Xander shook his head.

“Well, if there’s nothing else, I’ll be on my way then.”

“Nope nothing else. Thank you…”


Xander headed over to the dancer’s lounge where he met up with Dan and they started to rehearse for the night’s performance.


Angel was in a wonderful mood. Finally he was out of that hellhole Sunnydale, out of the slayer’s clutches and on his way towards his own destiny. Powers, but it felt great. He was taking a little vacation before going back to LA and start hunting for demons and helping the hopelessly helpless and there was no place better for that than Oxnard. The town was a no fighting zone so he didn’t have to worry about his champion status one way or another and there were lots and lots of chances for sex. Something that the vampire had definitely missed. The curse had been fulfilled as he was sent to hell and no longer controlled his mind. He was whole, just like he had always had the capacity for being as he were one of the Aurelius line that had always been big with the mystical and the mojo as his boy would call it. Ah, that was a problem though, in leaving Sunnydale he had also left his dark boy behind.

Alexander Lavelle Harris was a dear obsession of his. The boy was an enigma and smelled absolutely delicious. Angel didn’t know how many times he’d cursed himself for going with the slayer instead of trying to seduce the young mortal. Sure it had been the sound tactical thing to do to stay close to the slayer and be completely trusted soon, but it really was a hassle. Pretty and perky as she was, Buffy was not of his usually preferred taste. He liked brunettes, always had. His whole family was brunette, from Spike’s light brown curls before he’d gotten it into his head to use bleach, to Drusilla’s jet-black mane and Penn’s chestnut brown hair. How on Earth Darla had been able to lure him that night all those years ago still amazed him, he must have been exceptionally drunk. Well whatever the case it was too bad about the boy. There wasn’t much Angel could do about it though. He’d pretty much burned all his bridges with Xander these past years. The boy hated him and with good reason, being the perceptive bastard that he was. There was a great amount of sexual tension there of course, but Angel had never been able to tell whether Xander was aware of this or not.

It was frustrating as all hell not being able to read the boy. Many times he’d act the part of the clown and bumbling fool, enticing with sweet light and laughter, but at other times Angel could glimpse in those eyes a capacity for darkness revelling Angelus in his glory days. Of course whatever else Xander was, he was the eternal White Knight, which was another reason to why Angel would probably never have a chance with the boy. Though having a great capacity for darkness the boy still shone with the light of a small sun and at times literally exuded goodness from every pore of his skin. Yes an enigma and damn it all Angel wanted to unwrap that mystery, that and the boy’s clothes.

Angel had very few physical memories of Xander that could fuel his fantasies as more often than not Xander’s clothes, goofy smile and at times slightly over the top jokes made desiring his body something of a challenge, but there were moments… The hyena incident was a very fond memory in a way and likewise the confrontation at the hospital that one time. And of course the visuals of Xander in command mode that Halloween and recently during the mayor’s ascension were more than satisfying to gaze back on. It was also a reason why Angel enjoyed his verbal spars with the boy, being insulted may not be a turn on for him, but Xander’s face as he spurned him over and over, now that was beauty. Such fire… Angel could feel a light stirring in his groin area and was thankful that he’d chosen a strip club with male dancers for the night. Maybe he’d find a nice brunette boy amongst them who would be amenable towards a fuck. Yes, a very nice idea.

Angel made his way to the bar of the club Chains with a strangely serene smile on his face. A smile that, despite the anti violence spells in place, made people and demons give him a wide berth as he moved over the floor. Reaching the bar he ordered a glass of 0-neg and a tumbler of fine whiskey. Having received his order Angel chose a booth with great view of the big scene and waited for the show to start.

Time passed and Angel was growing frustrated. The dancers were all right, but the acts lacked spice. He motioned for a waiter.

“Is this as good as it gets?” An arrogant question, but he was a master vampire, he didn’t do polite in places like this, not tonight anyway.

The young man, pretty if you went for the blond and oblivious type smiled flirtatiously.

“Oh no sir, this is just the warm up. The headliners are coming up soon. Can I get you something more to drink while you wait? It won’t be long now and they say it’s well worth it.”

Angel frowned.

“All right, get me a scotch. The best quality.”

“Right away, sir.”

The young man shot off another brilliant smile and sauntered away, his hips swaying a bit more than was actually necessary for movement. Angel had to smile slightly, well; he still had it.

It was indeed not that long a wait before the acts started to get really good, Angel was already as hot as a room temperate vampire could get when the announcer presented the main number for the evening, named after the club: Chains of Passion. There was a hush settling over the audience as they waited for this promised treat. Then the scene was blacked out and Angel could just barely make out something rising from the floorboards, obviously they had a trap door or something, the music changed into a slow, sultry beat and the lights raised slowly with the volume of the music. As a sensuous voice started to sing the two figures on the stage started to move with the beat.

“Break me, mold me in your grace
Paint your colours on my face
Purple, yellow, black and blue
I belong to you”

The two young men where both dressed in leather, the one standing had on brown leather trousers that clung to his nether regions and thighs while hanging straight from the knees down. His hair was long and light brown and tied back with a brown leather strap behind his neck. He wore a cream-coloured silk shirt that was open to his navel and stuck into his pants, with billowing arms that reminded Angel of times past. This was a revelation of gold and earth with a golden chain on his hairless, tanned chest and golden earrings, a pirate. The golden man was holding a black leash which led to the other young man.

“Let me crawl and kiss your feet
Dance before you to this beat
Love me master, hold me tight
Bring me into night”

This was a creature of the night if he ever saw one, pale in comparison with dark brown, almost black, spiked hair, a silver stud in his right earlobe dressed in soft black trousers that billowed down to his feet and rode very low on his hips and clinging enticingly to his bottom. On his upper body he wore a stark white silk shirt with laces at the front and down his arms. He was down on his knees moving with the rhythm, acting out movements as the leash was moved this or that way, sometimes fighting, sometimes submitting, constantly moving. The leash probably went to a black, leather collar around that pale throat Angel mused as he watched the mesmerizing dance. He had yet to see the submissive’s face, but he wouldn’t complain, the view so far was wonderful.

“Taint me with darkness
Twist me with words
Chain me with passion
Taint me with darkness
Twist me with words
Chain me with passion”

After a bit more dancing however the submissive was turned face towards him, back flush against the other’s chest as the master played with his slave, keeping the leash almost chokingly tight.

As his eyes travelled from naked feet to enraptured face Angel sucked in a sharp breath. It couldn’t be… He knew it was impossible, but the wonderful submissive up on the dance floor had the face and body of Xander, his boy. Angel’s pants got almost painfully tight as he continued to watch as the master tore away the other dark boy’s shirt. Mesmerized by the sight before him. What a lucky break that he would find a perfect look-alike just on this night. Because it had to be a look-alike, right? Suddenly unsure Angel called on the same waiter as before.

“Who’s the dark boy? I think I know him.”

The waiter looked at the stage with a longing smile on his face.

“That’s Xander. It’s his first night, better enjoy it cuz it’s his final night too, unfortunately.

He’s just doing a favour for the Boss, but isn’t he just to die for…I can’t believe he got all of the choreography down in one evening. That’s real talent, don’t you think?”

“Yeah,” Angel answered absently. Dismissing the boy with a wave. Xander… My, what secrets we’re hiding. I’d never have guessed such a firy surface would hide a closet submissive. Not that I’m complaining, not at all…I could always use a new William…

“Come possess your willing slave
I promise you I won’t behave
Punish me as no one can
No, no other man

Mark my spirit with your whip
Every time I try to slip
From this leash as is your right
You my only light”

The dance was becoming more and more provoking as the black leather whip had entered the game and Angel found himself growling sub vocally. Nobody but him should have that boy on his knees before them.

“Taint me with darkness
Twist me with words
Chain me with passion
Taint me with darkness
Twist me with words
Chain me with passion”

Xander had lost his pants now, wearing only a black thong and the other young man had lost his shirt long ago. Angel had been much too involved to notice the other man as other than a holder of the leash, all his attention was on Xander’s almost naked body gyrating, twisting, bending. Man, that was one limber move…

At the finale Xander was on his knees with his face rested on the other’s, now naked, thigh, seemingly forcibly held there by a strong hand lodged in his hair. The whip lying discarded on the floor.

“I belong to you
I belong to you
I belong to you

I give you all I am
Break me, please I beg you”

At the final words the stage was blanketed in darkness once more and a roar of applause and catcalls were heard. Angel barely noticed as he rose from his seat and put some money, probably a lot of money, on the table before walking, with some difficulty towards his waiter.

“There’s a shiny nickel for you if you take me to Xander. I want to surprise him.”

He smiled charmingly at the young man.

“S..sure…” The blond stammered and pocketed the bill before heading towards a back door.

Angel followed with a sense of anticipation, wondering how he was going to play this. He figured he’d start out with a blatant proposal and if that didn’t work play it off as a joke and show his concerned champion side instead. This was after all a demon infested town and he didn’t think Xander would want to stay here voluntarily. Maybe he’d play white knight this time…seduce the damsel in distress. The thought made him feel a quick pang of guilty conscience at his thoughts and actions, but frankly, he was too horny to care and Xander was an adult after all.

Stopping before a non-descriptive door in a dark corridor in the area behind the stage Angel thanked the waiter and waited for him to disappear before knocking on the door. A muffled “yes” was heard from within and Angel tested the door knob. Unlocked, imagine that.
In the artificial light of the dressing room Angel could see that Xander was wearing make-up on his body, making him appear paler than he was. The boy was wearing nothing but the thong as he was drinking down a soda bottle and Angel shivered at the phallic symbolism, wishing that some of the content would spill so the drops would trace of the sculpted chest and abs.

“Well, what’d you want?” Xander asked as he opened his eyes and gazed at Angel, his whole body tensing for a second as he recognized him.


The voice was calm and full of disdain and the body unfroze immediately, letting the arm with the bottle lower to a table with a graceful movement.

“Or is that Angelus?” He asked, looking pointedly at the leather pants and even more pointedly at the evident strain over his crotch.

“Both, actually.” Angel answered with a smirk.

“Lovely. So, what can I do for you then?”

“Well I don’t know Xander. How about going down on your knees and worshiping me like a good little sub…” Angel purred.

Xander’s eyes widened a fraction, but then he snorted.

“Figures that’d turn you on. You’ve known me for what? Two years now Angel, you should know I haven’t got a submissive bone in my body.”

Angel quickly changed his mindset as he’d smelled the air and couldn’t sense any fear or arousal coming from the boy. Clearly not a sub, he must really be a great actor. Even better actually, I already have a William after all and it always was his fire anyway that turned me on when it comes to Xander. Angel smiled.

“Sorry, just messing with you. The show did turn me on, I’m not made of stone you know, but really, I just wanted to know what you were doing here and if you needed my help.”

Xander shook his head.

“Sure you did. Don’t worry Angel, I’m fine with you wanting me, it’s not as if it’s news or anything.” He smirked.

Angel blinked in confusion.

“I’m sorry,” he choked out.

Xander just waved a hand.

“No worries. If you head out to the bar again while I shower and change we could go for a coffee and talk?”

Coffee, as in a date?

Too late Angel realized that that had come out loud.

“Fine Deadboy, a date. Now, scram, this body make up is killing me.”

Before he knew what was happening Angel stood outside of the dressing room door once more looking dazedly at the wooden surface.

Well, that was unexpected. Good, but unexpected. I have a date with Xander Harris, Angel, you’ve got it going on!

With a grin Angel headed out to the bar once more.


In the dressing room Xander was staring at the same door with a suddenly goofy smile on his face. I’ve got a date with Deadboy. Go Xander!
Shaking his head to rid it of too much mushy thought he stripped off his last piece of clothing and headed for the showers.
I wonder if he’d like me to wear the thong… Nah, better to just go commado.


The End?

You have reached the end of "Chains of Passion" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 14 Mar 05.

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