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You Hunt Us? We Hunt You

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Summary: Total AU. Xander is a sniper for the US Army. He’s in the Midwest repaying a debt.

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Title: You Hunt Us? We Hunt You (FINAL PART)
Author: Ed Scott

Disclaimer: All characters belong to their rightful owners... none of
who are me.

Summary: Total AU. Xander is a sniper for the US Army. He’s in the Midwest repaying a debt.

Rating: PG

Feedback, It's the coin of the realm.

The Centre was abuzz with activity. That might be one way of putting things. Another way would be to say that everyone was happy now that Raines had been killed. Permanently this time. One of the computer geeks said, “Nothing says dead better than a body riddled full of bullets.” The sweepers silently agreed.

The sweepers, while upset that three of their brethren were killed, would not retaliate because of who would come after them should they want revenge. John Clark scared them more than the people who pay their salaries.

Ms. Parker entered The Centre without knowing Raines was dead. As she was walking down the hall, everyone there had a slight grin on their face. Even the sweepers. She entered her office and found the only person in this God forsaken place not grinning.

“What’s the matter, Sydney?”

“Someone took it upon themselves to get the Centre to leave Jarod alone. And it worked. Lyle and Raines are both dead. Killed by a member of the US Army that Jarod helped out years ago.”

“They’re dead? Really dead? I mean I’ve shot Lyle and he lived and someone shot Raines’ oxygen tank and it blew up and he lived. How did this guy kill them?”

“He shot them with bullets to the brain, heart, lungs and… groin. Because of who this soldier is and how well connected he is, The Triumvirate has decided not to go after this man and to leave Jarod alone forever.”

“Who is this soldier?”

“Major Alexander Harris, US Army.”

“I remember that guy, because his men were the only ones on all the military bases I’ve been to that didn’t make any lewd remarks about me. I never understood why that was.”

“His wife is a lot like you, in looks and personality. They knew how to behave around you because his wife shows up during his work hours and he taught them how to be around her.”

“A man with good taste.”

Afghanistan Six Months Later

Xander was deployed to train desert snipers for the current war. He was in his tent going over paperwork when his XO entered.

“Major, there’s a Lieutenant Jarod Smith here to see you.”

“Thanks, Wilson. Stay here, I may need your help.”

“Yes, sir.” Captain Wilson showed Jarod into Xander’s tent. On one hand, Xander was glad to see Jarod, but on the other hand, he knew why the man with no real last name was there. He’d know why if he’d just do the simulation in his head. Xander knew what the Centre did and that was more reprehensible than what Xander did.

Jarod entered Xander’s tent. He didn’t have a happy look on his face. He walked up to Xander and saluted him. Xander returned the salute, desperately trying to hold in his smile.

“Major Harris, I’m Lieutenant Smith and I have some questions about some murders that took place in the States 6 months ago.”

“What murders, Lieutenant?”

“One in Kansas and another in Delaware. Two men were shot multiple times and three were shot once. They were shot with bullets that were from a sniper’s rifle.”

“What are you implying, Lieutenant?”

“Nothing yet, sir.” Xander looked at his XO.

“Wilson, would you leave us for a few minutes please. But make sure there are M Ps out there in case I need them.”

“Yes, sir.” Wilson saluted and left Jarod and Xander alone.

“Alright, Jarod. What’s your problem?”

“You didn’t have to kill Lyle and Raines. No matter how noble your cause was.”

“If I knew what you were talking about, which I don’t. I’d say whoever did kill those guys had a motive. I knew you’d eventually try to contact me and I’ve had this speech planned. You know everything about me. My childhood, schooling, private and military lives. Now, *pretend* you’re me. With everything I’ve done and experienced, what would my course of action be?”

Jarod did as suggested. He simulated Xander’s life. Jarod’s super genius was able to simulate Xander’s entire life. In two minutes, Jarod had all the answers he needed. If he were Xander, he’d feel obligated to do what he did. Jarod didn’t like what Xander did, but he understood. There was also the fact that all evidence of Xander’s involvement has been severely classified by Homeland Security. Xander would never spend a minute in jail. Jarod was in Afghanistan seeing Xander just to satisfy his own curiosity.

Lieutenant Smith saluted Xander and left the camp. Back in the States, Jarod knew there were others that needed his help. Dwelling on what Xander did was not a productive use of his talents. As he was heading for the nearest airbase, Jarod wondered of Ms. Parker would like to have dinner with him sometime. It’s been forever he’s been on a date that wasn’t part of his undercover work.

The End

The End

You have reached the end of "You Hunt Us? We Hunt You". This story is complete.

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