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Hell's Girl

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Summary: Andromeda xover, Some things are tied together for all time . . .

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Television > AndromedaEenaAngelFR211428,19713522,0072 Apr 0325 May 03No

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Hell's Girl

Title: Hell's Girl
Author: eena_angel2001
Rating: R, might be higher later
Category: Andromeda/BTVS
Pairing: Willow/Gaheris Rhade?
Disclaimer: Wished I owned them, but unfortunately, they belong to Roddenberry and Whedon respectively.
Spoilers: "The Inconquerable Man" for Andromeda, Season Six for BTVS.
Summary: Some things are tied together for all time . . .
Notes: Yeah, I know, yet another one. Couldn't help it, really couldn't, especially after watching "The Inconquerable Man". Damn that Rhade is hot! And ever since Carol brought up the idea of doing such a fic, I couldn't help it. Anyway, you probably should take a look at these:

1) I'm not an expert on the Andromeda verse, so some things might seem off. Helpful criticism will be welcome should I make too much of a mistake.

2) I'm changing the end of "The Inconquerable Man" making it so Gaheris is still with us all. More will be explained later.

3) Xander's along for the ride because I love him and don't think he's get enough fic time. Not from me anyway.

That's it for now, I might have more later.


It was all very simple.

He knew what he had to do, what needed to be done for that possible perfect future that Trance was always talking about. As well, he had done enough damage to the universe with his actions that this sacrifice would have redeemed him in the end. He knew without a doubt that he was not the one who could bring about the peace that the universe needed. No, that person could only be Dylan Hunt.

And that's why he was here, looking down at his younger self-his dead younger self. He had shot himself before he could commit the same mistake he had done the first time around. It was time to set things right, to do what should have been done all those years ago.

The jacket still fit, snug as ever. His lance was in his hand, his finger on the button. He turned his head to the deck, momentarily flashing back to the first time he had done this. The pilot would be the first to go, and then he and Dylan would fight.

And this time, Gaheris Rhade would lose.

With a frighteningly calm manner, he made his way to the deck, to his own death. The pilot was disbatched easily enough, and then that left only him and Dylan.

He recited his reasons, just like he had done last time, convincing Dylan of his betrayal. His captain was readying himself, betraying to fight. They went through the motions, just like last time. Their lances were thrown away, they both made a dive, both turned around, both leapt into the air, both prepared to fire-

When the ship began to shake violently. His concentration shot, Gaheris missed his target, as did Dylan. Both shots crashed against the ships walls, doing damage to Andromeda's frame, but nothing substantial. They both fell to the floor, bodies landing heavily, momentarily pain flaring up in the both of them.

And then all was still. He raised his head, looked around him. This had not happened the first time. It should not have happened this time. His eyes met Dylan's, seeing his captain raise his lance once more and then stop. Confusion and understanding flickered in Dylan's blue eyes and slowly he took his finger off the button.

He opened his mouth, trying to tell his captain something, but it was too late. They had reached the black hole, right on schedule, and then they were frozen.

Three hundred years would pass before either of them would move again, three hundred years that would bring much change and damage to the universe.

And in three hundred years, things would not be as they were meant to be, as they had been, the first time around.


Part One

She remembered pain, emotional and physical. She remembered the weariness, the aching emptiness inside. She remembered the way the sun had been peeking up behind the hills, offering little warmth in the still chilly early morning.

She remembered the statue, tall and grotesque, glaring down at her as if disdainful of her pain, of her reasons. She remembered hate and anger, remembered despair and loss. She remembered a sudden spark, a flashback to the way she used to be.

She remembered him standing there, puppy-dog look to his eyes, face open and warm. She remembered his words, the frivolous words he had used in attempts of bringing her back down to herself. She
remembered the way they cut into her, ripping her apart from the inside out until she was screaming for him to stop. She remembered lashing out in anger, trying to drive him backwards and failing in light of his love-his foolishly brave love.

She remembered collapsing, the energy draining from her as she sank to the floor in tears. She remember a futile fight that ended with his arms going around her anyway, drawing her close for a comfort she had been denying herself since it all happened.

And then she remembered the quiet, the air filled only with the sounds of her silent sobs and his whispered words of comfort. She remembered crying herself to the point of unconsciousness, seemingly falling asleep when really, something very different was happening.

When she opened her eyes again, nothing was as she remembered. She woke knowing that the feel of his arms were absent from her body. She woke knowing that time had passed, and she was not where she was supposed to be. She woke to see a glass case in front of her, her own reflection staring back at her.

Her hair was horrendously long, curling around her feet no less. Her nails were long as well, like she hadn't cut them in a good few months. Her skin was as pale and smooth as ever, but no sign of the aging one would expect given the state she was in. Dressed in a long flowing white gown that she knew didn't belong to her It felt like she had been asleep for years, the drowsiness slowly ebbing from her limbs, bringing her to a higher state of awareness.

She was locked up in something. She could tell that much. She was stuck in some sort of closed space. There was metal at her back, and clear glass at her front. It took a while of squinting for her eyes to focus, to see what was out of the glass. It was a room, filled with various people. It looked that they were fighting. Listening carefully, she could pick out sounds of crashes and screams, along with blurred signs of light flashing across her eyes.

But it was all secondary in a second as her confinement became more apparent to her. She was locked up, in something as akin to a coffin. She was having problems breathing as her situation took more hold in her mind. Frantically, the redhead beat against the glass in front of her, a petrified screech coming from her lips as she flailed to no avail.

Again and again, she beat on the glass without success. It was becoming harder and harder to breathe, drawing in breaths in ragged gasps. But there was hardly any air left in there, and her struggles began anew once more.

She didn't think anyone out there realized that she was awake and screaming. They all seemed pretty occupied with whatever fight was going on. They would be of no help to the redhead.

She was becoming lightheaded, the lack of oxygen too much for her. Something floated around in the back of her mind, and before she knew it, words were coming from her lips. She felt something wash over her, a feeling of power and renewed strength. And when it receded, her eyes widened and she shot out with her fist.

The glass casing was shattered, the sound swallowed by the cacophony going on outside. But she didn't care, because air was rushing up to her, the redhead greedily gulping it in. And then she retracted her fist, unmindful of the bleeding, and punched another hole in the glass. She kept at it until the glass was almost gone. She tried to move forward, startled to find a metal band restraining her at the waist. Her hand moved over it, another few strange words coming from her lips before the metal just snapped off.

She stumbled out of the pod, disoriented and unsure of her surroundings. Her mind was racing, things coming to her that made no sense. Images and visions flooded her, but she pushed them aside. The fight was still raging on around her, people screaming and yelling. She couldn't make much out in the dark, but she knew enough to know that she wanted to be anywhere but here.

She tried to run away, but her legs were too weak for her to make it far. She stumbled backwards, amazed at the lack of strength in her own limbs. She fell against something solid and cool to the touch.
She glanced upwards, seeing another case like hers with another slowly awakening occupant in it. Her eyes widened as she saw HIM, the one she remembered though his name wouldn't come to her. His hair was long and brown, though not as long as hers. His face looked just like it had before, only a whole lot more relaxed, more rested. He was dressed all in white, just like she was. Tall as she remembered, warm brown eyes filled with confusion looking down at her.

She looked up at him with wide green eyes, panic overtaking her when he began to struggle as she had done before him. He couldn't breathe!

And then she was fumbling for that metal strap she had snapped off herself, gripping it in her hands and trying to summon up enough strength to hit the glass with it. But she was too tired, her limbs too weak to undertake such a task.

The words came from her lips again and she felt that same energy fill her as it had before. This time, she smashed through the glass, hacking at the case with her weapon until all the glass was gone.

He was sagging in there, a metal strap also around his waist, holding him up. She tugged at it, knowing with the power she felt that it would snap off like hers had. And it did, falling to the floor with a clink.

He fell forwards, right into her arms. She dragged him as far away from the broken glass as she could. She fell against a wall, barely aware that the sounds of fighting had disappeared now, knowing that her burst of strength was fading fast. She could only bring her arms around him, hugging him close as he took in ragged breaths. She didn't know where they were, or even who they were right now. All she knew was that she remembered him, and he made her feel safe and comforted. She wouldn't let him go to save her life.

Footsteps were heard, making their way over to the two frightened and confused people. She raised her head, looking at the tall men in front of her with unveiled fear. They had no expressions on their faces, and what looked like guns in their hands. She cowered back when they made to come closer, clutching him to her chest out of fear.

She heard an exasperated sigh, watching as they put away their weapons. One with his long hair in braids reached out and took him from her arms. She made a protesting noise, trying to fight him but failing in her weakened state. The other man, the one with shorter hair, merely pulled her off and swept her up in his own arms. Again she tried struggling, but it was futile.

Without a word, the two men carried them off, stepping around broken glass and fallen bodies. She tried to work her mouth, for something other than screams to come out. She remembered how to talk, knew she could do it. But her throat felt sore, and just as weak as the rest of her. She was only able to get out one word, one question.


"To our ship," was the quick reply from the one holding her. "Abroad the Andromeda Ascendant. Fear not, we're not going to harm you. But you are needed."

Needed? For what? Her brain hurt as she tried to make sense of all this. She looked towards the man carrying him, noting that no sound came from either of them. Her eyes met HIS and something was exchanged between them, though she didn't know what.

Tired and confused, the redhead gave up her struggles, laying her head down on the shoulder of her captor. She closed her eyes and fell into a deep sleep, images of HIM and others dancing around her head.


"This is it? This is what's going to save us?"

Captain Dylan Hunt of the Andromeda Ascendant could only shrug, eyes on the two unconscious people in his Med Bay at the moment. Trance Gemini, in her gold avatar, fluttered around them, checking vitals and administering medicine. They had been very weak when they were retrieved, confused and disoriented from the report given to him by his crew members.

"I don't know," he finally replied, looking down at the blonde woman at his side. "But it does seem to be the popular belief."

Beka Valentine frowned, hands on her hips as she looked down at the two strangers.

"They're a bunch of kids," she protested. "And I don't care how long they've been frozen or whatever, they're still just kids. What can they do?"

"According to some, a whole lot," Dylan shrugged, turning away and leading Beka out of the Med Bay. "We won't know until they wake up and we ask them."

"I still think this is a long shot," Beka muttered as she walked alongside her captain. "I mean, seriously, those two?"

"We'll see Beka," came the reply. "We'll wait and see."
Beka frowned, arms folded across her chest in the most stubborn fashion.

"I hate waiting."

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