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One Last Crusade

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Summary: Dawn and Faith set out to find an ancient artifact before a demon lord does. They get some help along the way. Response to the 2005 Movie Fic-A-Thon.

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One Last Crusade

By Willowfan

Disclaimer: What, are you kidding? Of course I don’t own Buffy the Vampire Slayer! Joss Whedon does. And as for Indiana Jones…again with the no. Lucasfilm Ltd. and Paramount owns everything. I just wanted to mush them together and say “Heh…cool.”


Summery: Someone is looking for the Holy Grail, following a map over 60 years old.

Setting: About 10 years after S7 Buffy.

Dawn Summers looked out the window of the plane and grinned. She loved it up here, but her traveling companion was terrified. Looking over, Dawn shook her head and touched the small microphone on her headpiece. “Faith. Are you ok?” she asked.

Faith looked up and nodded, looking pale. Touching her own mic, after a small battle of wills to let her hand let go of the seat, Faith replied. “Five by Five.”

Dawn rolled her eyes. “Liar.” She said. “We’ll be landing in ten. We’ll be alright.”

Faith only nodded and went back to clutching the seat for dear life.

The plane touched down after the allotted ten minutes and the two women got off the plane, heading into the busy airport.

“What are we doing here again?” Faith asked.

“When I was working on my doctoral thesis at Oxford, I came across a lot of stuff by Dr. Indiana Jones.” Dawn said, picking up her bags. “He taught here until he retired in 1978. He lived in the area until his death in 2004!” she finished excitedly.

Faith just stood there. “Yeah, so.”

Dawn rolled her eyes. “He was over one hundred years old!”

Faith nodded. “Nothing weird about that. There are several people who live to be over one hundred.”

Dawn showed Faith a picture.

“Ok. He was hot when he was younger. So what.” Faith said.

“That was taken a few days before his death.” Dawn replied as they headed towards the exit.

Faith stopped dead in her tracks. “Vamp?”

Dawn turned and shook her head. “No way. Not going after the stuff he looked for.”

Faith shook her head. “Than how in the hell is he so young?!”

Dawn smiled. “That’s what I’m going to find out.”

Faith nodded. “Ok. Lead on. Your sis is gonna kill me if you die on this little field trip, you know.”

Dawn rolled her eyes. Since the collapse of the Hellmouth ten years ago, Buffy had taken a special interest Dawn’s well being and education, along with Giles. The newly formed Watchers council, which was the scoobies and the few remaining Watchers Giles could find, had a huge chore in finding, training and deploying the newly activated Slayers.

They took on many new Watcher candidates, Dawn included, and paid for full scholarships to Oxford, Harvard, Yale, Brown University…anywhere that would have a major in Ancient Languages, Archeology, the Occult. Of the first years Watchers, Dawn was the best. She graduated with her PhD in Archeology last year. During her graduate years, however, she developed a taste for travel. She didn’t want to read about places, she wanted to explore them. She didn’t want to look at a photograph of hieroglyphics; she wanted to see them for herself.

It had driven Buffy to the point of insanity. Buffy wanted Dawn to be safe, to be away from everything nasty and vile out there. But Dawn was a grown woman. So they compromised. Dawn could go on her trips to the ends of the earth, as long as a Slayer accompanied her. Faith, after a disastrous breakup with Robin Wood, volunteered to go. Buffy wasn’t thrilled with Faith being in charge of protecting her sister, but she agreed. Faith had gone everywhere with Dawn since.

“She’ll live. I’m going to Barnett College, for god’s sake. New York City! Hello! America.” Dawn sighed. “What could happen?”

Faith froze on the spot, looking around.

“And we’re not on a Hellmouth, I checked.” Dawn called over her shoulder, continuing her walk.

“That girl is gonna be the death of me.” Faith grumbled, picking up her pace and catching up.

Dawn and Faith walked up the steps, admiring the look of the venerable college. While Faith never graduated High School, she did have a chance to get her GED in prison. She never really wanted to go to college, but that never meant she was stupid, either. She loved reading (something she picked up in prison as well) and she uncovered a thirst for knowledge. So she really didn’t mind traveling with Dawn all over the world. At least they went to interesting places.

“Dawn Summers?” a young woman called from the top of the steps.

Dawn looked up and nodded. “I’m Dawn Summers.”

The woman smiled brightly and extended her hand. “I am Dr. Enora Brody.”

Dawn shook the young womans hand and tilted her head to the side. “Any relation to Marcus Brody?” she asked. She had read a lot on Dr. Jones considering his expertise in archeology and holy relics. Marcus Brody’s name popped up several times, and besides, he wasn’t a bad archeologist himself.

“He was my grandfather. Come, I have someone who wants very much to meet you.” Enora smiled and led them into the building.

Dawn sighed. She thought back to why she and Faith were here, other than the nearly overwhelming excitement at reading Dr. Jones’ works.

Flashback-Watchers Council HQ

“They’re looking for what?!” Buffy asked, looking at Giles, her eyebrow raised.

“The Holy Grail.” Giles repeated.

Buffy snorted, rolling her eyes. “Ambitious bunch, aren’t they?”

“Quite.” Giles said, taking off his glasses and pinching the bridge of his nose.

Buffy noticed his concern right away. Something about working with a man for seventeen years makes it easy to read them. “What?” she asked. “What’s wrong?”

Giles sighed and put his glasses back on. “I’m not so sure they are insane in this matter.” He said.

“Giles. We’re talking the Holy Grail. This is the mother of all wild goose chases. Wild goose chases sprouted from this legend!” Buffy protested.

Giles opened a book and turned it around, letting Buffy read the marked passage. “Apparently it’s not so wild a chase.” He said softly.

The passage told of a group of Knights that took the Grail. It also held several references to the Grail being found, the last one was just 75 years ago. Buffy looked up and shook her head. “What happens if it is real? What happens if it’s real and they find it?” she asked.

Giles shook his head. “They will become invincible. Totally and utterly unkillable.”

Buffy had been at the Watchers HQ in London for a few months when a group of demons attacked. With all of the Slayers, twenty at the Council itself at the time, Buffy thought that they just presented a big target. It wasn’t until later, while…interrogating…one of the prisoners that Giles had found what they were really after. The Holy Grail. For some reason, the demons believed that the Council had possession of it. If the demon lord who commanded this hoard got hold of the Grail, it was all over. No matter how many Slayers there were, if the demon couldn’t be killed, he couldn’t be killed.

“Will it work for a demon?” Buffy asked suddenly.

“I don’t know. It’s not a vampire, so I doubt the Holy aura will come into play, but I also can’t believe that the Powers would allow such an artifact to be used by a demon.” Giles said. “Of course, they shouldn’t even get the chance, that is, after all, why we exist. To stop them.”

Buffy nodded. “So bottom line is, we need to stop the demon guys before they find the Grail.”

Giles nodded. “That is if they haven’t already begun sending demons to search.” Giles straightened his posture and removed his glasses again, folding them closed gently.

Buffy recognized that look as well. He was about to suggest something she was going to hate.

“What?” The blonde Slayer asked carefully.

“What we need…is to beat the demons to the Grail.” He said softly.

Buffy nodded. “Ok. We can do that. Do you know where it is?” she asked.

“No. However…” Giles trailed off.

This was the part she was going to hate.

“It is exactly what Dawn has been training for.” The venerable Watcher said softly.

Buffy tensed immediately. “It’s also the thing I wanted to keep her from.”

“Buffy, she is a brilliant archeologist. She is the most qualified and has more experience than any five Watchers combined, myself included.” Giles argued.

Buffy closed her eyes. “Fine, but I’m going too.” Buffy said.

“We need you here to keep the demon lord busy. If Dawn doesn’t succeed then we need to make sure that…thing…doesn’t get the Grail.” Giles argued.

The demon lord was ancient, even considering the things they had faced. He was apparently awakened by The First and never made it to the battle in Sunnydale. Caleb was The First’s second choice. They needed the most experienced Slayer on the front line and that was Buffy.

“Giles…” Buffy tried to form an argument to fight with. Nothing came to mind.

“She is brilliant. And Faith can accompany her.” Giles said. “I’m sure she will be fine.”

Buffy nodded. “I’ll ask her.” The blonde said softly.

Giles nodded. “Thank you Buffy.”

End Flashback

Dawn stepped onto the elevator with Faith and Enora, excitement building in her. The Watchers Council had made a few calls and found that Dr. Jones led the expedition to find the Grail. They returned empty handed. But Dawn had a place to start, at least. The school had kept all of Dr. Jones’ notes, papers and effects and said that Dawn could search as long as she wished. Being a brilliant mind in the field sure came in handy sometimes.

The elevator doors opened and Dawn and Faith got off. Enora stayed on the elevator. “The last door on your left. He’s waiting for you.” Dr. Brady said.

Dawn looked at her and was about to ask why she wasn’t coming when the elevator doors closed.

Faith looked down the corridor and narrowed her gaze. She wasn’t sensing anything, and she hoped to hell she was wrong, but everything about this place setup screamed…well…setup. “Stay close.” She said.

Dawn nodded, scanning the shadows for anything unusual.

By time they reached the door Enora had indicated, and nothing had tried to bite them, sting them or ooze mucus on them (what was it with demons and mucus, anyway?!) both Dawn and Faith were a little skittish.

Dawn knocked lightly on the door, the sound of her knuckles on the old hardwood door echoing quite loudly in the empty corridor.

Faith heard shuffling on the other side and tensed as the door handle turned. Her eyes went wide as the door opened. “Holy shit.” She muttered.

“Dawn Summers, I presume?” the man asked, holding out his hand. “I’m Dr. Jones.” Indy said, smiling crookedly. “I understand you’re looking for the Grail.”

Dawn sat in the spacious office and looked around the room. It was stuffed with various artifacts, books, tomes really, and rolled scrolls, maps and various other things. Dawn could have spent a lifetime here.

“Why are you seeking the Grail?” Indy asked, sitting down in the chair across from Dawn and Faith.

“How the hell are you still alive and not looking a day over forty?!” Faith blurted.

Indy smiled. “Clean living.”

Faith snorted.

“Dr. Jones…” Dawn began.

“Call me Indy.” Jones said.

“Ok…Indy.” Dawn smiled slightly. She was a little star-struck. “We need to find the Grail.” She said urgently.

“I’m getting that. Why.” Indy asked again.

Faith shook her head. “You wouldn’t believe us if we told you.”

Indy narrowed his gaze slightly and leaned forward a little. “Try me.”

Dawn looked at Faith, who just looked back at her and shrugged. Dawn sighed. “Ok. Here goes.” She said, wiping her hands on her jeans. “This world is older than you know, and contrary to belief, it didn’t start out as a paradise…” she began the tale that Giles had every Watcher memorize. She told him about Slayers, about The First, about vampires, demons and everything else that goes bump in the night.

Indy listened in fascination. He smiled as Dawn finished. “That’s quite a story.”

Dawn shook her head. “It’s not a story!” she began, then furrowed her brow. “Ok, it is a story, but it’s true. I swear!”

Indy grinned. “Oh, I believe you.” He said. “Actually explains a lot.” He added under his breath. Looking at Faith, he narrowed his gaze. “Where do you fit into this.”

Faith met his stare. “I’m a Slayer.”

Indy raised an eyebrow. “A Slayer?” he asked. “I thought it was The Slayer, singular.”

Dawn nodded. “It was, until about ten years ago. The battle with The First.” She said. “The First was gonna open the Hellmouth and release an army of thousands of Turok-Han.” She explained. “Primitive vampire more powerful than the vampires alive today save the oldest. We had found the traditional weapon of the Slayer, a Sythe, and discovered that the Slayer essence was tied to it.” Dawn looked at Faith who nodded. “A friend of ours, a Wicca, opened the power of the Sythe and activated every potential Slayer on the planet.”

Indy whistled low. “How many exactly?”

“Last count was nearly a thousand.” Faith said. “We’re still outnumbered five hundred to one, but it’s way better than one girl.”

Indy nodded. “You still haven’t explained the Grail.”

Dawn nodded. “Well, an ancient Demon Lord is also looking for it. We have reason to believe he’s not just on a wild goose chase.” Dawn said. “He seems sure that he can find it.”

“What will he do when he gets it?” Indy asked.

“He’ll become unbeatable. He’ll rule the world.” Faith said.

Indy bit his lip, thinking long and hard about things. “I’m sorry, but the Grail is safe. No one can find it, there’s only one map.” Indy said. “And I have that. Besides, he can’t take the Grail from it’s resting place, it looses it’s power beyond the seal.”

Dawn closed her eyes. “If he finds it, he doesn’t need to remove the Grail, he can travel to it.”

Indy’s eyes opened in realization. She was right. After all, he was proof. He had taken a drink from the Grail when he tested it, and here he was. He hadn’t aged a day. “Damn.” He cursed, standing and peeling off his suit coat. He began to tug at his tie as he stormed through an open door in the back of the room.

Dawn jumped up and dashed after him. “Wait, are you gonna help us or WHOA!” she squeaked and spun back from the door.

Faith raised an eyebrow.

“He’s changing.” Dawn said, her face as red as a tomato. She let a small grin slip onto her face. “And he’s in really good shape.”

Faith chuckled.

Indy stepped from his room, grabbing an old leather jacket from the wall next to the door. He adjusted the fit and looked over at a shelf. Walking over, he picked up a dusty, old fedora. He smiled softly and shook the hat. Placing it onto his head, Dawn and Faith could almost see a marked change in his demeanor. Gone was the careful, learned scholar who met them. This was a totally different creature altogether. “Come with me.” He almost growled.

Both girls nodded and followed the man out the door. This would be a hell of a trip.


Gorn snarled as he stepped up to the rock wall. This is where the old map said the entrance was. This is where he was supposed to be. But there was no entrance. There was only the rock wall. Turning, he looked at the ten demons that came with him. “Start digging!!” he bellowed. His voice echoed off of the crescent canyon’s walls.


Dawn and Faith walked down the stairs of the plane and squinted in the sun. Indy followed close behind, scanning the crowd.

“There.” Indy said, pointing to a man in the crowd.

Faith picked him out as well. “Who’s he?”

“My dad.” Indy said, smirking.

Dawn and Faith both stared, stunned, as Indy and the older man hugged.

“Bet there’s a story there.” Dawn said.

“Wow. You are smart.” Faith said, patting Dawn on her back as she walked over.

“Junior. What on earth are you doing here?” Dr. Jones senior asked.

“I’m taking them to find the grail.” Indy said.

“You know you can’t do that.” Dr. Jones replied softly.

“Come on. They have one hell of a story to tell you.” Indy sighed, brushing off his dads protest. “Ley’s move ladies!” he called back to Dawn and Faith.

Hefting their bags, everyone moved to the car waiting for them.

“Place has changed a little since last time I was here.” Indy said.

“Well it was 75 years ago, Junior. Technology has come a long way since then.” Dr, Jones smiled.

“No. Not that…something else.” Indy said, looking out the window trying to place the difference.

“You aren’t being chased by Nazi’s.” Dr, Jones smiled.

“That’s it.” Indy replied, snapping his fingers.

“Nazi’s?” Faith asked.

“It was 1938. Junior and I were using my journal to seek the Holy Grail and trying to avoid the Nazis at the same time.” Dr. Jones reminisced. “It didn’t exactly work out. I was taken and Junior thought it best to come and find me…in Berlin!”

Dawn grinned. “Good plan. They’d never think to look for you there.” She said, sarcasm rolling off of her in waves.

“It worked out ok.” Indy said indignantly.

“Here. See how well it worked out.” Dr. Jones handed a very old, very used, journal to Dawn. “Inside the front cover.”

Dawn opened the journal and raised an eyebrow. “Tell me that’s fake?”

Indy dropped his head, shaking it in embarrassment.

“What?” Faith asked, reaching for the book. She read the hand scribbled name of ‘Adolf Hitler’ on the paper and started to laugh.

“Laugh it up.” Indy growled, smiling. “I got my dad, got his journal…”

“Got it signed…” Dawn cut in.

“And made it out of Berlin safely.” Indy continued as they pulled up to a hotel. “I call that a successful venture.”

Dawn and Faith got out of the car and began to get their luggage out of the trunk.

“We leave in the morning. Five AM sharp.” Indy said. “Here is you key.” He said, handing Dawn a key.

“Dad and I are in the adjoining room.” Indy said.

Dawn and Faith nodded and made their way into the hotel for some rest. It had been a long day and a half.

Alexandria- Two days later

Gorn smiled as the three Feyral demons finally punched through the cave in and went into the inner chamber. “Yes…I can feel it….it is here.” He snarled, shoving the minions out of his way.

Walking into the dimly lit cave, he looked around, followed by his lackeys. “Fan out. Search everywhere.” Gorn said.

A yell came from his left and Gorn looked to see one of the Feyral demons fall into a large chasm in the floor. He stomped over to the crack and peered in, shining the flashlight into the hole. “Is the grail there?!” he demanded.

The Feyral, who was hanging onto a small ledge by his fingertips, shook his head no.

Gorn turned and walked away. The Feyral demons scream echoed as he lost his grip and fell into the pit. “There. Through that archway.”

Two smaller demons ran through the cobwebs and made it halfway down the hallway when Gorn heard metal scraping. Both demons in the corridor dropped, one split in half horizontally at the waist, the other bisected vertically.

Gorn sighed. “Don’t just stand there.” He snapped at the remaining seven demons. “Get me the Grail!”

Valley of the Crescent Moon

Indy peered through the binoculars and frowned. “Someone’s here.” He said.

Faith took the binoculars and cursed. “How the hell did they find this place?!”

Dawn furrowed her brow. “Did the Nazi’s have your map?” she asked Dr. Jones.

The elder Jones nodded. “For a short while.”

“They probably made a copy of it.” Dawn sighed. “And the Demon Lord found out about it.”

“Not this map, sister.” Indy protested. “They didn’t have time to copy it.”

Dawn shook her head. “First; I’m not your sister. Second; I never said they copied the book, just the map.”

Indy shook his head and growled. “Fine. That means all we have to do is wait. They have to pass three trials before they can even get to the chamber the Grail is in. And without the book, they can’t do that.” He said smugly.

Indy turned and was about to grab his binoculars from Faith when he saw she was already halfway down the cliff.

“She does that a lot. More of an action girl instead of a planner.” Dawn said, attaching her harness to the line tied to the jeep. “Coming?” she asked, dropping over the side and repelling down after Faith.

“They’re insane. Completely insane.” Indy said.

“She reminds me of you, Junior.” Dr. Jones said, attaching his own harness to the line and lowering himself over the side.

Gorn watched as another demon fell, its head severed from its body. He was down to three. This wasn’t going as planned. But he was noticing something; the smaller demons would not be beheaded, they were bisected vertically. “You two. Go, and stay low.” He said.

The two demons looked at each other and then back at Gorn, hesitant.

“GO!” Gorn roared.

The two lackeys scampered up the stairs and into the hallway, which was now sprayed with gore. They stayed low, but dropped at about the same spot as all the others.

Gorn noticed, however, that they had their heads. He would solve this puzzle in time…he just needed more demons.

Gorn heard the sound of boots on the stone behind them and turned. None of the demons he brought wore boots. “Hide.” He said to the last demon. They both dove for the shadows, hiding as they could.

“This looks familiar.” Indy said as they four humans turned the corner and went into the chamber. “Careful, there’s a chasm about ten feet to your left.” He warned, thinking briefly of Elisa.

Faith whistled low. “Damn. What the hell did this?” she asked, looking over the gore and blood splashed over the walls in the hallway. “Looks like the demons are history.” She grinned. She took a step forward when Indy yelled.

“Faith, stop!” Indy called out. He ran up and grabbed Faith, yanking her back before she ventured into the hall.

“What the hell!” Faith snapped, turning and glaring at Indy. “I can take care of myself. I am a Slayer, you know.”

Indy shook his head. “Even they can be killed.” He said.

Dawn looked at the mass of bodies in the hallway and narrowed her gaze. “It’s a trap. The first test.”

Dr. Jones nodded, smiling. “The Breath of God... Only the

penitent man will pass.” He quoted from his book.

Dawn nodded. She walked up to the hallway and took a deep breath and coughed. “I think I inhaled demon goo…oh gross…” she said, spitting and shaking her head.

Indy moved to stop her. “Dawn, wait…all you do…”

“JUNIOR!” Dr. Jones practically roared. “They are the tests. Trust in her.” He said.

Indy narrowed his gaze, but remained silent.

Dawn turned back to the hallway and stepped in. She felt and heard the breeze coming from the walls. “Penitent man….penitent…penance….kneels!” she squeaked as she dropped to her knees as a blade whistled over her head. She rolled forward when she noticed she was kneeling on another this crevice. The second blade missed her as well. Leaping up at the end of the hallway, she grabbed the ancient rope that was sitting on the floor and looped in on the wooden gears. They stopped, the spinning blades coming to a halt in the hallway.

“I’m ok.” Dawn called after she wiped her hands on her pants. “I’m through.”

Dr, Jones smiled as Indy let out a breath. “I told you she reminded me of you, Junior.”

Indy shook his head and he followed Faith and his dad into the hallway, edging past the blades.

Gorn stepped from the shadows as the trio crept through the hallway. He smiled savagely, his fangs gleaming. “We follow her.” He said to the smaller demon beside him. The two made their way down the hall, following Dawn and the others.

“Whoa.” Dawn said, peering at floor. It was covered in letters. “Second test?” she asked, turning to Dr. Jones.

Dr. Jones nodded. He looked into his journal. “The second challenge is the Word of God. Only in the footsteps of God will he proceed.” He quoted.

Indy looked at the floor. The tiles where he missed had been replaced.

Dawn looked at the floor. “ Oh. I know. The Name of God... Jehovah.” She said, turning to Indy.

Indy grinned back. “Smart girl.”

Dawn took a step forward and set her foot on the ‘J’ and felt it crumble under her foot, her leg falling through.

Faith grabbed her and yanked her back just in time. “You ok?” she asked.

Dawn nodded and looked at the floor, then back at Indy and Dr. Jones, who were staring at the floor. “What the heck?! Jehovah…it starts with a ‘J’.”

Indy sighed and Dawn could tell he was trying not to speak.

Dr. Jones stayed impassive, his eyes focused on the floor.

Dawn narrowed her gaze. Then she followed Dr. Jones line of sight. He was staring at the ‘I’ on the floor. She snapped her fingers. “Latin!!” she said. “The guys who built this place were the Knights, the language of the church was Latin!” she said. She hopped over to the ‘I’ and landed squarely. She stepped onward; ‘E’ ‘H’ ‘O’ ‘V’ ‘A’

Faith grinned. “Thanks jeeves, for all the creepy Latin texts.” She said.

Dawn smiled. “Come on!” she turned and headed further into the hall.

Faith, Dr. Jones and Indy followed, carefully stepping onto the letters.

Gorn snarled. “Footsteps pf God…please.” He said, resting his foot on the ‘I’ and walking across. Humans were so ridiculous with their riddles.

Dawn faced the expanse before her and turned back to Indy. “You gotta be freakin kidding me.” She said.

Dr. Jones shook his head. “The path of God. Only in the leap from the lion's head will he prove his worth.”

Dawn looked out over the chasm. It was at least a hundred feet.

“Not even I can do that!!” Faith protested.

“I did it.” Indy said. “It’s a leap of…” he turned to Faith grinning. “It’s a leap of faith.” He smirked.

Faith rolled her eyes.

Dawn took a deep breath and nodded. “Ok. Leap of faith…alright…” she said. Dawn tensed for a second and suddenly jumped out across the divide…a whole four feet. She knew she was going to die as she started to fall. It was surprising when she landed after only a foot. Looking down, Dawn’s eyes went wide. She saw it now that she was at a different angle. The stone didn’t quite match up. “It’s a rock bridge! It’s an optical illusion!” she said, walking over the bridge and entering the cave.

Faith looked at Indy and slapped his arm. “Any more tests?!” she asked. She was a nervous wreck.

“Just one.” Indy said, walking over the bridge, followed by Dr. Jones and Faith.

Gorn watched them disappear into the cave on the other side and smiled. He saw the bridge, his eyes far superior to any humans. He had to grudgingly admit they were quite intelligent, and brave. He was still going to kill them and feast on their entrails, but they were brave. He walked over the bridge and through the cave.

Dawn stared in shocked silence at the ancient Knight. Faith, Dr. Jones and Indy came up beside her as well.

“Still alive, I see.” Indy said.

“And I shall ever be. Until the end of time.” The Knight said, clasping Indy’s arm. “I see the Grail’s power working on you, still.”

Indy nodded.

“So that’s it. You drank from the Grail.” Dawn said.

Faith turned to the younger Summers sister. “What?”

“Legend says that anyone who drinks from the Grail will have eternal life. It can heal any wound, even bring one back from death.” Dawn said.

The Knight nodded. “You are very learned.” He said.

“I have come for the Grail!” Gorn bellowed, punching Faith in the back of the head and sending her sprawling.

Dawn heard bone crunch and felt blood spatter her face as Faith fell. Dawn knew the Dark Slayer was going to die. “Faith!!”

Indy pulled out his gun and fired six shots into the demon. It only snarled and backhanded Indy.

Dr. Jones punched at the demon, but was also batted away for his effort.

“Tell me, Crusader! Where is the Grail!” Gorn snarled.

The Knight simply looked around the room. “Choose.”

Gorn searched the room. “Tell me which one is the Grail.”

The Knight shook his head. “Choose. It is the last test.”

Gorn shot his arm forward and grabbed the Knight around the neck. “Tell me.” He snarled. A few seconds later, Gorn’s hand began to smoke and he yanked it back, shaking it.

“I am a chosen warrior of God.” The Knight said. “Do not touch me again, demon.”

Gorn looked around the room and his eyes fell on a small, golden chalice. It wasn’t fancy or encrusted with jewels, but he recognized the cup. It looked like the one in the mural on that damned abbey wall. ‘The Last Supper’. He grabbed the cup and raised it triumphantly. “I have the Grail!”

The Knight pointed to the basin in the corner. “Test the Grail, and it shall be yours.”

The demon dipped the cup into the water and took a deep drought. He smiled and turned on the Knight. Suddenly, he felt a burning sensation in his stomach. He looked down and saw a hole appear in his abdomen, followed by another and another. Soon, he began to decay, crumbling to ash as a vampire did. After a few seconds, Gorn was gone.

The Knight knelt next to Dawns weeping form. “You must choose, child. Choose wisely. The true Grail will bring eternal life, but the false Grail will bring only death.”

Dawn looked up at the Knight. “Can it save Faith?”

The Knight smiled. “It can save everyone, my child.” He said.

Dawn stood and looked over the selection. Gold glittered everywhere, jewels twinkled in the torchlight. So many cups, saucers, gold and jewels but Dawn knew that none of them were the real Grail. Her eyes fell on a simple cup and she smiled. Picking the small, brown earthen goblet up, she turned to the Knight. “The cup of a carpenter.” She said softly.

Dawn dipped the cup into the water and took a small sip.

“You have chosen wisely.” The Knight said.

Dawn hurried over to Faith and tipped the cup to Faith’s mouth.

The dark slayer felt liquid being forced down her throat and she coughed, sputtering as she sat up. “What the hell…” she felt the back of her head. She knew that her skull had been smashed, she felt and heard the bone shatter. She knew she was dead.

“Faith!” Dawn cried, hugging the dark slayer close.

“Damn D.” Faith said. “You should bottle that.”

The Knight smiles at Dawn. “You have the Grail. But the Grail cannot be taken from…” he starts and then stares at the ceiling. A slow smile spreads across his face and he turns back to face Dawn, tears in his eyes. “Thank you…thank you. It has been…so long…” he says and sits, breathing deeply. The Knight closes his eyes and he leans against the wall. Opening his eyes once more. “Take the Grail. This place is not safe not. Protect the Grail.” He said before closing his eyes again.

Indy, standing up and rubbing his head, walks over. He presses his fingers against the Knights neck. “He’s dead.”

Dawn and Faith look at the Knight and then at Indy and Dr. Jones.

“Let’s get out of here.” Indy said.

Dawn, Indy, Dr. Jones and Faith turned and headed back towards the bridge.

“My master will be most pleased that you have recovered the Grail!” the last demon snarled as they exited the cave.

Dawn, not even pausing, just walks up and shoves the demon over the side. “Whatever.” She mutters as the group continues over the bridge.

London-Watchers Council HQ

Dawn threw the doors open and walked in, Faith and Indy trailing behind her. Dr. Jones walking as he looked around gleefully at the myriad of books around them. She made her way to Giles’ office and knocked.

Buffy opened the door. “Dawn!!” Buffy cried, pulling the young woman close. “Are you ok?” she asked.

Dawn nodded. “I had a lot of help.”

Buffy looked at Indy and raised an eyebrow. “And who’s the hottie?”

Dawn rolled her eyes. “What is it with you and older men?!”

Indy smirked. “Dr. Indiana Jones.”

“I can’t believe you still use that name, Junior.” Dr. Jones protested.

“Not now, dad!” Indy said, trying to ignore him.

Faith turned to Dr. Jones and leaned close, whispering in the doctor’s ear. “What’s up with his name?”

Dr. Jones smiled and led the dark slayer away.

“You have the Grail?” Giles asked.

Dawn nodded, holding the cup up.

“I thought it’d be bigger.” Buffy said, pouting slightly.

Indy smirked. “A common mistake. It’s a carpenters cup.”

Buffy looked at Giles.

Giles pinched the bridge of his nose. “Jesus was the son of a carpenter, for heavens sake.”

Buffy nodded comprehension. “Oh. Cool. Well, now that the baddies aren’t getting hold of it, can I slay them?”

Giles gestured towards the door. “Be my guest.”

Dawn and Indy watched, amused, as Buffy skipped out the door.

“I say, Dr. Jones…” Giles began.

“Indy. My dad is Dr. Jones.” Indy interrupted.

“Quite. Indy. The council could use someone else to assist Dawn on other expeditions such as this one. Would you be interested?” Giles asked.

Indy looked at Dawn, who smiled. “Actually, I’m getting to old for this.” He said, taking off his hat. “But I can do a lot without going into the field.” He said, placing the hat on Dawn’s head. “Will that be ok?”

Giles nodded eagerly. “Wonderful! Thank you.”

Dawn smiled and ran her hand reverently over the edge of the fedora. She was about to thank Indy when Faith’s laughter broke through the door.

“The DOG!” Faith bellowed, laughing loudly.

Indy dropped his head into his hands and sighed. Some things never change.

The End

You have reached the end of "One Last Crusade". This story is complete.

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