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Summary: What could have happened at the end of ‘Becoming Part 2’ if Xander used his head and thought ahead.

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Charmed > Xander-CenteredEdScottFR1554,40931926,28816 Mar 0529 Mar 05No

Chapter 5

Title: Sorry (5/?)
Author: Ed Scott

Disclaimer: All characters belong to their rightful owners... none of
who are me.

Summary: What could have happened at the end of ‘Becoming Part 2’ if Xander used his head and thought ahead.

Warning: Crossovers: Charmed

Rating: PG 13

Feedback, It's the coin of the realm.

Xander got off his Harley motorcycle that was traded to him by a guy who had the audacity to paint it white. He removed his helmet and moved his stiff neck round. It was a good idea he ditched his car, because on the radio as he was driving to ‘Frisco, the news reported that a blue Mustang convertible blew up. How long he had until the car blew up with him in it, he’ll never know. But he’s sure glad he wasn’t in it anymore.

As Xander was walking up to the door of the address he was given, it was opened by a tall brunette. ‘Oh, boy. An attractive woman living in a big house. With my luck, she’s got some sort of power. Luckily, I’m with Cordy. But we won’t be together until she graduates high school.’

Sunnydale High School Library

An irate Buffy was pacing in front of the library waiting for Willow to show up. She would be pacing inside the library, but Giles told her in no uncertain terms, if she wanted to be angry about Xander not to mention it in the library.

Buffy saw a tired Willow approaching. She had been on her computer all night looking for Xander. She wanted to hear Xander’s side of the story from his own lips. Not just in a letter. She wasn’t looking for Xander for Buffy, but for herself. They were the bestest of best friends, she had to have him in her life.

“So, did you find him?”

“No. There were no hits on his Social Security Number. Except for a police report.”

“Did he get shot by the cops while trying to make his getaway?”

“No, his car blew up. But he had traded it earlier for a Harley.” Willow closed her eyes, and with a determination she never knew she had, she opened them. When Buffy looked at Willow’s eyes, she was taken aback by the glare she was receiving.

“I’ve had enough of you bashing my best friend for doing something he felt he needed to do. I talked to Giles about the statue that was in the mansion Angel was staying in. If the statue woke up, it would’ve sucked the world into Hell. THAT is what your precious Angelus was going to do with it.”

“Angel would never do that.”

“Angelus, Buffy. Angelus. Did you read the Watcher’s Diaries about him when Druscilla was around?”

“I skimmed them.”

“Darla, Angelus, Druscilla and Spike were collectively know as the Scourge of Europe. They hunted and killed all throughout Europe and Asia. They were at the Boxer Rebellion in China where Spike killed the Slayer there. They got bored over there and came to the New World. That is who Xander killed, not your boyfriend. Think about that, and when you’re ready I’ll listen to any sane argument you have against Xander. Until then, I’ll be in the computer lab getting classes ready.”

Willow walked away, never once looking back. Buffy slumped to the floor. She had a lot of thinking to do.

Halliwell Manor

“Hi, there. I’m Prue Halliwell. And you are?”

“Xander Harris. I’m looking for a Leo Wyatt. Do you know where he is by any chance?”

Prue smiled at him, but was shocked when he didn’t blush. “Why yes. He’s in here now.” She turned to her house. “LEO!”

“Healthy lungs.”

“Good for chanting.” Prue’s eyes sparkled at Xander.

“I believe you.” Xander said with his lopsided grin. Patent pending.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Sorry" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 29 Mar 05.

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