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Where Demons Fear to Live

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Summary: Sequel to ‘A Good Start.’ Watch Xander show how slaying should be done in the 20th century.

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Television > JAGEdScottFR1342,54002412,36017 Mar 0517 Mar 05No

Chapter 4

Title: Where Demons Fear to Live (4/?)
Author: Ed Scott

Disclaimer: All characters belong to their rightful owners... none of
who are me.

Summary: Sequel to ‘A Good Start.’ Watch Xander show how slaying should be done in the 20th century.

Warning: Crossovers (Of course)

Pairing: C/X

Rating: PG

Feedback, It's the coin of the realm.

Xander followed Cordy’s car in his jeep. There were three black sedans following them. When they got to the Chases, her parents were already there. And were they pissed. They had brought a son of a wealthy family over to meet Cordy. They were stunned when they saw a Marine exit a jeep beside their daughter and put his arm around her.

“Get your dirty mitts off our daughter! Who the hell do you think you are?”

“Corporal Alexander Harris. United States Marine Corps. Hu-uh!”

“Harris? You mean the son of the town drunks? What the hell are you playing at boy?” Mr. Chase had the nerve to put his hands on Xander. Xander responded by twisting his wrist at an angle it wasn’t meant to.

“Do you mind not messing up my uniform? Do you know how much it costs to have it dry cleaned?” Xander released his grip on Mr. Chase’s wrist. Cordy’s father rubbed his wrists.

“I’ll have you on charges for assault!” Xander’s laughter cut off the rant that was starting. “What’s so funny?”

“You. Trying to pimp your daughter off so you can stay out of prison? How pathetic.” The Chases were sputtering. The young man that was there for Cordy was about to attack Xander, but he saw how quickly Xander took out her father, so he stood his ground.

“OK. Here are how things are going to go. One, Cordelia is going to get all the non-designer label clothes she has and put them in my jeep. Two, once we leave, those sedans over there are from the IRS. You are being audited. Not just you, your entire family. So you can forget about shipping Cordy off to a relative out of state. Three, whoever that guy is, goes back to whatever he came from and gets another rich family’s daughter. Cordelia is with me now. As I am with her. And finally, as the saying goes, Have a Nice Day.” Cordelia walked to Xander’s borrowed jeep and put her suitcase in the back.

Mr. Chase was getting as red as Willow’s hair. “Cordelia is still 17, and I am her legal guardian!” Just then a soldier in military fatigues walked up the driveway.

“Excuse me, Corporal Harris?” Everyone turned to the soldier. He looked like the typical “All American Soldier.” The ones the recruiters love having on their posters. “I’m Private Jones. I’m with Sergeant Foley’s platoon. I was asked to give you this.” He handed Xander an envelope. Xander opened it, and asked Cordelia to see what he just read.

“Well, Mr. Chase. I have some bad news. This paper here is Cordelia’s legal emancipation. Signed by Justice Rehnquist himself. You now have no legal guardianship over Cordelia.” Xander looked at Cordy. “Do you want me to drop you off at Ms. Summers’? I want to see her before I meet Sergeant Foley.” She nodded. “Good. Private Jones!?”

“Yes, Corporal Harris?”

“Tell Sergeant Foley I’ll see him in no more than two hours. I have to see my mother then change into my cammies.” The two soldiers saluted each other then went their separate ways. Private Jones to the sedan to go to the Sunnydale Military base and Xander to his jeep.

“Mr. Chase. If you try anything against me, Cordelia or anyone we care for, you’ll be put in the deepest, darkest hole we can find and throw away the key. Are we clear on that?” The patriarch of the Chase family just stood in his driveway stunned as officials from the Internal Revenue Service told him and his trophy wife of their immediate future.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Where Demons Fear to Live" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 17 Mar 05.

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