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The Gryffindor Slayer

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Summary: Ginny Weasley has been Called. Now she is Voldemort's main target to kill before she can be trained.

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Harry Potter > General(Past Donor)kayleyFR152031,04322832,21518 Mar 055 Feb 09No

Planning, Confirming and Moving Forward

The Slayers from the Hyperion were used to getting odd looks, especially now that they were at Hogwarts. While some had tried to blend in, others refused to change their appearance for anyone, which mean a lot of denim, leather and tight clothes. These really stood out against the usual uniform. But for most, it didn’t bother them.

A couple had asked to join in a few of the classes, mostly those which would be able to help them in the coming fight like DADA and potions. Snape agreed to the potions request as long as they promised to act scare of him… he did have a reputation at the school to uphold. After a bout of giggles, they had agreed.

Snape had decided that most of the year levels could brew healing potions and other potions that could be used defensively. While it was taking the students away from their proper education, the need for there to be a school to go to was becoming more important. And while the Slayers may not have been the most respectful, they certainly were quick in picking up the defensive potions.

He knew that George and Fred had raided his supply closet of all non essential ingredients and while in the past it would have irked him, he instead had to smirk imagining what the terrible duo could come up with. Add Draco Malfoy to the list and the three most cunning potions students were teaming up. Although Hermione was still the highest mark, she didn’t have the cunning that Draco did.

“What are they doing here?” Seamus asked as he entered the room and spotted the Slayers at the back already working.

“What do you think we’re doing, you dunderhead?” Margot shot back, using Snape’s favourite insult.

Seamus looked between the glowering Snape at the front of the room and the glowering Margot at the back of the room.

“Blimey,” he whispered. “That’s uncanny.”

Snape was trying hard not to smirk; it would do nothing for his reputation if he showed the smallest amount of amusement. He was glad that it was Margot who replied, she looked a lot like him, so she had taken a great deal of pleasure in learning his mannerisms and expressions to help torture his students. When none of the students were looking at her, she winked at him and continued with the potions.


DADA students were excited. Lupin, the best defense teacher in the past was back and he was taking them through vampires and other demons. Better still, there was a rumor that later in the week he would be introducing them to a few real creatures. But for now, they were wondering who the girls were in the back of the room that would every now and then snigger and mutter “killed it” when Lupin covered different types of demons. One girl even sniggered and said “Xander dated one” when Vengeance Demons were mentioned.


While the Slayers who were attending classes weren’t in ‘learning’ they were patrolling the castle, the Forbidden Forest or researching in the library. They had adapted rather quickly to the strangeness of ghosts, Filch and the other weird and wonderful sights in Hogwarts. Round the clock teams were set up with some of Gunn’s team mixed with some of the Slayers, with Watchers playing the part of messengers.

Buffy had allowed Dawn to choose what aspect she would play a part in, knowing that she wouldn’t be able to keep her away from Ginny. So Dawn had moved into Ginny’s quarters that she shared with a couple of other girls who weren’t too impressed with having another person sharing with them but were too polite to complain. Dawn would be attending all classes to see which ones would be beneficial to the upcoming fight. She had already figured out that Transfiguration would play a part. Been able to have swords, axes and stakes conjured up would be a big help.

Faith and Buffy were working hard with the Order to prepare how the battle would play out. The two groups needed to know what each of them would be required to deal with and how the other groups would react. They were working currently on how well spells would work on the Slayers. They knew the Crucio would work since Ginny had been hit, so they figured the other Unforgivables would work too. But smaller jinxes just seemed to roll off them.

They had decided that in the front lines, they would have two Slayers to each member of the Order. This would allow for easier protection to the Order member while they would still be able to protect the Slayers assigned to them.

Charlie and Percy had quickly volunteered to be in the front lines, much to Molly’s pleading. She had only just gotten her boys back and now they wanted to put their lives in danger.

“Mother, would you prefer us to sit inside wrought with worry while you and Father fight?” Percy asked. “We do not like the idea of you needing to fight too but we understand why you have to because we feel the same. He has come after our family for the last time.”

Charlie nodded his agreement while Bill gave him the thumbs up.

“I believe that there may be a few Ministry members who would agree to join us,” Percy continued. “If you like, I can return to see them.”

“Not just yet Perce,” Buffy cut in. “How many can you be certain would not feed information back to Voldie Pants?”

While the others gasped in shock at her name for Voldemort, Percy shook his head. There would be none he could trust like that.

“That goes for you too Arthur,” Buffy continued. “I’m not blaming you, but someone close to the family gave away where Ginny was located. I know you trust your colleagues but they trust others who you normally wouldn’t trust.”

Arthur paled at the thought that one of them may have inadvertently sent Voldemort after Ginny.

“As it stands, trust no one. Each person here will be required to sing before our friend Lorne who can see which way their destiny lies. I don’t mean every Wizard or Witch. I mean everyone. Each Watcher and Slayer and our friends will be undertaking this before too much more is discussed and planned.”

“How do you know that Lorne wouldn’t be swayed?” Tonks asked.

“Lorne would never do anything that would rid the world of music. If the Big Bad of the Month was to succeed, Lorne wouldn’t have much music left,” Faith answered. “And that would be his very own version of hell.”


Lorne had worked his way through the Order’s members and gave everyone the all clear before working through the top order of Slayers and Watchers. Once they were okayed, they met with the Order again while Lorne continued down the ranks. Checking a few Slayers then a few Wizards and Witches, alternating so no one could accuse him of favouritism.

Draco’s list had provided invaluable as it contained several older students who could help fight from Slytherin. So once he had been checked out by Lorne, he went to retrieve the new potential members not telling them anything about the upcoming fight until after Lorne had been utilized once more. Although it was a small group of Slytherins they were all willing to help them as a means to get back at their ‘Death Eater’ parents. As one put it, “we were always going to end up fighting in this war… might as well choose our preferred side.”

The Slytherin group joined the DA in the Room of Requirement for training. It took a while for them to grasp the hand to hand battle techniques of Connor and Dawn but after a while they got there. They agreed to team up with small groups of Slayers and provide magical backup when needed.


Buffy was allowing a small smile to appear. The other team may have superior numbers considering that there was always going to be an unlimited amount of ‘recruits’ whenever Voldemort’s vampires decided to snack but her team would be much better trained and prepared. She knew that this time, there would be no ties or enemies slipping away. This was going to end one way or another. She only could hope that it ended their way.


Harry was thinking along similar lines. He didn’t have to do this on his own anymore. He had friends, new allies and people who were like his family all supporting him and making sure he would have a chance to win. And they would. Because he had something Voldemort didn’t have. The love of others.


Ginny, however was thinking of something completely different. Draco had just kissed her good night and she felt like she was melting.

She had stayed with him during Lorne’s testing and after hearing Lorne’s comments about herself, she had given him a chance. Lorne had decreed that while he was in it for one reason mainly, a second would help him reach his goal and had looked straight at her when he said it. Added to what Lorne had told her about trusting her instincts and her heart as he would surprise her and protect her when needed. She knew she had to let go of the small bit of fear that had been holding her off making her move.

So after he went to get the Slytherins to join the DA, she asked if he could help her with some of her homework. He agreed and they had headed off to a quiet area of the library. They had talked in soft words of their fears of the upcoming fight and she couldn’t help but blush when he said that he was worried he would be distracted from the fight because of her beauty.

From there, he had walked her back to the Gryffindor tower and had kissed her which had left her in the state of feeling like she was melting. She so needed to talk to Dawn.

The End?

You have reached the end of "The Gryffindor Slayer" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 5 Feb 09.

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