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Dark Becomes Light

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Darkverse". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: (Complete) (BTVS/Gargoyles/Xena Crossover) Accidentally, Xander finds the Phoenix Gate and gets swept away into the past with Brooklyn to find themselves in Ancient Greece. Link to sequel included. Enjoy. R/R.

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Dark Becomes Light

Title: Dark Becomes Light
Author: White Werewolf
Rating: Nothing worse than the tv shows. Think people around the age of 15 are mature enough to read this.
Category: Gabrielle/Xander
Spoilers: In Buffy, post: “Living Conditions,” In Gargoyles: Post “Journey” If Greg isn’t counting season 3 as canon, I’m not either. In Xena, post:
“Key to the Kingdom”
Summery: Xander finds a mystical artifact. Demona calls upon it and takes Xander along for the ride. When there, he and a gargoyle meet. Together the two of them end up in Ancient Greece.
Disclaimer: Buffy: the Vampire Slayer is owned by Whedon, Fox, and UPN. Gargoyles is owned by Bueana Vista and Disney. Xena: the Warrior Princess is owned by Renaissance Pictures, Tapert, and Raimi.
Author Notes: This fic is not BX. I love the ship, but I want to try something different. This is also a
ship that isn’t soley in the Buffyverse. So, many new things are with this fic.
Crossovers Planned:
Buffy: the Vampire Slayer
Xena: Warrior Princess
Special Thanks:Nick, William, and Cyclone

Streets of Sunnydale

Xander sighed as he drove down the street. He just got fired from another job. What was this? The third or fourth job he got fired from? Maybe the fourth. Damn Sunnydale and it’s Hellmouth activity.

The roads were pretty calm at this point, probably because it was late. He worked at Double Meat Palace until 10 o’clock when his boss fired him. Not much activity was around. He didn’t know what to do.

Taking his left turn from Main Street, he headed down the street. Stores lined the street. One of which was the Espresso Pump. Willow and Oz were there. He didn’t want to interrupt. They needed alone time.

Giles and Buffy were training. That he knew, and he didn’t want to interrupt that either.

He needed more friends. The four of them were lately at crossroads. The timing was never right for them to be social. Buffy, Willow, and Oz were at class, Giles was with Olivia, and he was alone.

Cordelia moved to LA and hooked up with Angel and their mission with the Powers that Be. He was alone, and he hadn’t had a date since…well…since Prom Night. That night with Anya was something that he didn’t want to revisit. She went with him because she didn’t know anybody else and wanted to try the mortal thing.

Now, he didn’t know where she was.

Coming to Restful Cemetery, he decided to park his car. He wanted to let out his anger from his firing, so he decided to vent it out on vampires. That was always a good way to deal with personal problems. One of his new mottos was, “When in doubt, stake a vamp.” There would be no repercussions and they’d die with no mess to clean up.

Turning off his car, he opened the door. Walking over to the trunk, he opened it, and pulled out his trusty crossbow. He smiled remembering the many vampires who met their fateful end because of this weapon. It was also a gift from Buffy. Being his birthday and all,
she wanted him to have a personal weapon—something that wasn’t a gun.

So, he took his quiver, which was full of bolts. Clipping it to his belt, he closed the trunk, walked
back to the door, and locked it. Reaching the front gate, he opened it, and went inside.

The cemetery was its usual calming atmosphere. The wind chilled a little, so he tightened his jacket
around him a little.

Thanks to his military brain due to Ethan’s spell, he knew how to walk without causing a sound. Walk first with the ball of your foot, and then the rest of the foot. It only made your steps quieter.

He heard a sudden rustle. Twisting around, he spotted a shadow moving across the grave stones. Using his footing procedure, he followed the shadow. He soon heard two voices. One masculine, and one feminine

The young man heard them talking about something.

“Did you see Xena yesterday?”

Xander showed a confused look. “What?” He asked himself in a whisper.

“I mean, c’mon.” The masculine voice said, “where did they find these guys? And what’s with all the lesbo action? At least on Hercules, Herc and Ioulas are straight.”

The feminine voice asked, “Lesbo action? Please. The term is lesbian. And they aren’t gay? Xena always had a thing for guys. And why would they allow Joxer to be in love with Gabrielle if they were trying to go the lesbian route.”

The masculine voice suggested, “Maybe because they didn’t know what to do when it first started. I mean, Gabrielle was married at one point. Granted, he was later killed by Callisto, but she was in fact married. Too many what ifs.”

Xander approached the two sources, his crossbow raised toward the midsection of the female shadow. “Come on out.”

The two shadows stopped their movement as they turned around. Soon, two bodies approached him. “Gee, look It’s Joxer!” Said the male voice.

Xander knew it was an insult, but he shook it off. Aiming his crossbow at the vampire, he pressed his finger on the trigger and gave it a squeeze. The bolts soared through the air and landed into the
vamp’s heart. “Lay off, Joxer. He’s misunderstood.”

“Crap,” the demon said as he turned to dust.

“You killed him!” The female said as she launched herself toward him. She kicked Xander’s weapon out of his hands forcing him to quickly bend down to get it. The vampire took her chance and elbowed Xander in the back with a hard blow.

“Dammit,” Xander uttered under his breath as he started to get back.

“You killed Kyle!” She yelled as she kicked him down again. Making sure he stayed down.

Xander didn’t have that much time to act, he was pretty much at a stand-still. Taking a breath, so he wouldn’t have a chance to lose it, he swung his right leg out from under him and swept it at the bottom of the vampire’s feet.

This caused her to fall down allowing him to get back to his feet. With his crossbow in his hand, he aimedi t at the vampire’s foredhead, “That was a cheap shot.”

Pressing his finger on the trigger again, he watched as new bolts shot from the weapon. Ripping through the air, it tore into her forehead. He smirked, “That’s the way the vampire crumbles.” Then she turned to dust.

His eyes widened, “That’s the way the vampire crumbles? What the hell’s that?”

Picking up his bolts, he placed one on the crossbow, and the other back on in the quiver. Sighing, he
walked around the graveyard. One thing kept going on in his vampirs. Xena. Why in the world would
vampires talk about that?

Because it was a show. A show that everybody had a right to watch. And not a bad one either. Although, he preferred Hercules himself. A better show, he thought.

Suddenly something blue caught his eye. He walked down to closest gravestone and bent down. He found a small pendent shaped object. It was blue with a yellow outer coloring. A bird appeared to be in the middle of it.

”Weird.” Xander said to himself.

“This wasn’t here a second ago.” Xander remarked as he looked at it.

“Better ask Giles.” With that statement, he headed for the former librarian’s apartment. Knowing full
well Buffy would be there too.

Atop of a Building in Manhattan

Damn Oberon and his children.

His children always caused trouble. Whether it be Coyote, Puck, Zeus, or someone else. Even people tried to become a god and there become a child of Oberon.

There was one human that interested her tremendously. She became a god, and then was killed by the true Xena. She knew the show was based on Gabrielle’s scrolls. But working with Callisto would be something unique. Goliath would have a hard time dealing with both of them. All he had was his clan and Elisa. But with Callisto? She could help create some damage.

The problem though was that Callisto was dead. So, she couldn’t get her help that way. She needed the phoenix gate. Another problem was that it was lost somewhere in time. It kept appearing and disappearing at random.

But lucky for her, she had a spell. Casting it would allow the phoenix gate to come to her.

Opening up the book she had in her hands, Demona went to the destined page. Reading it once, she made sure it was the right spell. Grinning that it was, the blue gargoyle uttered the words, ‘Abiungo antiquitas addo absilii phoenix porta.’

Soon white light emerged from her book and floated into the sky. After moving away for a few seconds, it circled around itself and turned to a bright yellow…

Sky Above Manhattan

Brooklyn and Lexington were gliding through the sky. They just finished their section of Manhattan in a patrol. Things were quiet at this time. Weird, they knew, but it was a quite day. The reason being the streets were covered in snow, and people didn’t want to go outside in this weather.

Lucky for them, the snow stopped earlier, and it allowed them to glide still.

“Easy night, huh?”

The red gargoyle nodded, “Sure was, Lex. Thanks for coming with me.”

He smiled, “No problem. Broadway and Angela were doing their own thing. Same with Goliath and Eliza. I was happy to get away.”

He chuckled, “Don’t I know it, Lex.” Looking at the ground, he saw the streets covered in snow. “It
really looks beautiful this time of year, doesn’t it?”

Lexington nodded, “Yeah, it does, Brooklyn.”

Soon they spotted a white light on top of a building.

“Lex, c’mon. We better check it out.”

He nodded as the two of them headed for the building.

They watched as the white light turned to yellow…

Restful Cemetery Parking Lot

Xander was on his way to the car when a white light surrounded him.

“What the?”

He looked down at his hand as he saw the pendent glowing. Soon, yellow surround him and it, and they both disappeared.

Atop of a Building in Manhattan

…the yellow dissolved into a duller version of the color and then dissipated.

“What the fuck just happened?” He yelled in anguish.

His eyes widened as he got to his feet. In front of him was something…something…something he never saw.

He immediately lifted his crossbow and aimed it at the creature. “Stay back.”

Demona rushed forward and knocked Xander over. She grabbed the gate from his hands. “How did you get the Phoenix Gate?”

He got back to his feet. “I gotta stop landing on my chest.” He said to himself as he got back to his
feet. Grabbing his crossbow again, he aimed it at his opponent. “Drop it.”

She glared at him, “You fool! Do you realize what you had!?”

Xander glared at her, “Do you realize you sound like Troi from Star Trek?”

“Demona.” Lexington said as he and Brooklyn landed on the building.

The boy looked at the three creatures in front of him, “What the hell is going on?”

Brooklyn turned to his rookery brother, “Lex, go get help.”

The bald gargoyle nodded as he headed for the sky. “I’m on it.” He then glided away.

“Put the Phoenix Gate down, Demona.” Brooklyn said.

She said, “You’re going to be sorry when I get back, Brooklyn.”

Closing her eyes, and picutuing a place in her mind, the red headed gargoyle said, ‘Deflagrate muri tempi et intervalia!’

Brooklyn knew what was happening, “Don’t Demona!”

It was too late, fire started to emerge around her. Turning to the boy, he said, “We have to stop her!”

Nodding, Xander sprung into action. He charged the gargoyle and grabbed the Phoenix Gate away from her. Turning his head slightly, he saw the red creature
push Demona away.

The fire engulphed them and soon they disappeared.

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