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Xander’s Getting Married

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Summary: After S7. While in Vegas, Xander saves a life, gets a job and a woman.

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Television > Las VegasEdScottFR1563,87402320,95522 Mar 0511 Apr 06No

Chapter 6

Title: Xander’s Getting Married (6/?)
Author: Ed Scott

Disclaimer: All characters belong to their rightful owners... none of
who are me.

Summary: After Buffy S7. While in Vegas, Xander saves a life, gets a job and a woman.

Warning: Crossovers: Las Vegas

Pairing: Xander/DeLinda

Rating: PG 13 - R

Feedback, It's the coin of the realm.

When the limo carrying Buffy, Dawn, DeLinda, Faith and Willow pulled into the Montecito, the four from Cleveland were still stunned. The head chef for the entire casino looked exactly like the former Mayor Richard Wilkens III. DeLinda had repeatedly told them that their limo had stopped got their attention and everybody exited the courtesy transportation.

Standing outside, with a look of sheer boredom, Gunther was waiting for DeLinda. The four quests of the groom to be had looks of shock and anger on their faces, like the one this Xander had when Gunther was attacked. The attractive brunette, who Gunther was thinking of inviting to his condo, looked afraid. ‘Maybe Gunther could make her fear go away.’

“DeLinda! How big do you want the cake to be? It’s already big enough for 200 people, is that big enough?”

“Yes, Gunther. That’s enough for everyone to have two pieces. Allow me to introduce Buffy, Dawn, Faith and Willow. Xander’s friends. His father is flying in from London, and has five more coming tomorrow from LA.”

“Who does Xander know in LA?”

“Charles Gunn, Winifred Burkle, Cordelia Chase, Wesley Wyndam-Pryce and Lorne.”

“Why isn’t Angel invited? Is Xander still upset I chose Angel back in high school?”

“When Angel asked the same question, I told him we were getting married outside in the afternoon. It was decided Angel would stay in LA and keep an eye on the law firm.”

Buffy was upset about not seeing Angel. She told herself that she wanted to see her high school boyfriend, but her rational mind smacked her in the back of the head. Like Mark Harmon does to Michael Weatherly on NCIS. Half of the Slayers watch it to see this Weatherly guy and the other half to get fashion tips from Pauley Perette, the actress that plays Abby.

Everyone noticed Faith was still stunned at actually seeing Gunther. Here was a man that looked exactly like her Boss. The man that treated her as special, when everyone else in Sunnydale treated her like she was second best. There were two things about this guy that let her know this guy wasn’t the Mayor. His accent was a dead give away, and there was this creepy vibe she got from this guy. To avoid any complications, Faith is going to limit her contact with this guy.

McCarran International Airport, Two Hours Later

The British Airways flight carrying Rupert Giles, Xander’s father figure, as well as the father to all the Sunnydale survivors. He had been in London for the last year trying to get access to the Watchers Council’s money and resources. He has one more meeting in a couple of weeks and he should get access.

When Xander and Giles saw each other, they approached each other and gave a manly hug. The two men walked to get Giles’ luggage and head for the limo to go to the Montecito. They just got caught up on the way to the car. When they were underway, is when Giles started questioning Xander about his future bride to be, and the family he was marrying into as well. Xander had a feeling what Giles was going to ask first, so he decided to alleviate his fears.

“DeLinda is 100% human, Giles.”

“How did you know I was going to ask that?”

“Buffy and Willow asked that first when I called them yesterday. Now that you know she’s human, Giles, what else would you like to know?”

“What’s this DeLinda like?”

“Take the best qualities about Buffy, Willow, Anya and Cordelia, and that’s DeLinda. Her parents love her and she loves them. Her father, “Big” Ed Deline, runs the casino. I’ve never figured out what her mother Jillian does.”

“Ed Deline? Does he know I’m going to be there?”

“Yes he knows, Ripper. He has promised to be civil this week. After the wedding, I advise getting out of town as soon as possible.”

They were nearing the Montecito, when Giles noticed Xander was getting nervous.

“What’s wrong, Xander?”

“I have to tell you about the head chef of the Montecito.”

The End?

You have reached the end of "Xander’s Getting Married" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 11 Apr 06.

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