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Summary: Harry has another destiny, he's the first of his kind, all because of one spell. He isn't too happy about that.

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The Wayward Beginning

The Wayward Beginning

Harry was nervous, he had no real idea about what he looked like because he’d been hurried to meet the other slayers. Earlier that day he’d been clothes shopping, tailoring a look uniquely for his new identity. Of course Harry had wanted to look normal so his clothing was nothing to extravagant other than a few ensembles that Dawn had insisted upon. He grimaced; he hated the fact that he had to hide.

Stretching to work out the kinks from last night, which had turned out to be one of the most physically tiring and painful ones he could recall. Grumbling, he waited for the watcher to come out. After a bit of shuffling, a loud band, and a muffled curse, the watcher was limping towards Harry. “Come on, we’re late.” He said sighing.

Harry easily kept up with the limping man; they were walking to another building nearby that housed most of the girls. Harry listened to Olmo speak his back-story. It had been only yesterday that he’d forged a new identity for himself but the identity lacked substance. Harry didn’t feel like Harry Potter, the Boy-Who-Lived, or Harry Evans, Watcher in Training/slayer-somehow, he just felt like Harry, boy that had everything odd happen to him. He listened though and tried to keep the story straight. As they reached their destination the watcher fell quiet; he didn’t want unwanted ears to pick up anything.

“Er, so how many slayers do you have?”

“Me?” The man said as if caught off guard. “Technically, none but I have three under my watch because they’d have been transferred as soon as I was done with training.” he shrugged. “Officially that’s been put off for more important things,” He shrugged. “Doesn’t matter really. A lot of paperwork is backed up right now.

“Either you’ll get me or Bert as you’re watcher but seeing as Bert’s…unavailable and you’re under the guise of my assistant or whatever, you’ll probably be under my watch for the moment.” He looked at Harry. “We’ll obviously tell you when you switch watchers, if you do, I mean.”

Harry said nothing to this bit of information. As the silence settled between them, they had finally arrived at the building. A quick show of identification from Olmo had Harry in and down halls toward their destination. Harry saw that it looked like another flat but when they entered it looked like it had been converted into sort of a small dorm. He saw a few girls in there and they quickly turned their attention to him. The silence that fell upon the room was thick but not uncomfortable.

A few seconds later and Olmo spoke. “Ladies, I’d like to introduce you to my new assistant Harry Evans. Mr. Evans, these are the slayers you will for the most part be working with.” He smiled at the girls. A few murmurs and the girls nodded before a few more appeared from the back looking intensely at Harry.

Harry decided it would be polite to introduce himself even though he had been presented. Olmo seemed to understand this and smiled. “I’ll leave you to get acquainted and will be back later with lunch.” He left before anyone could protest.

The girls stared at him with suspiciously and curiously. Harry cleared his throat. “Hi, I’m Harry.” A tall, thin dark haired girl approached him. Her eyes were dark and Harry had the feeling that he was being judged the same way a lot of purebloods did.

“Are you a wi…magic user?” She changed; her accent was heavy but understandable.

“I’m a wizard.” He said easily enough. “I go to Hogwarts.” He wondered where to continue from here. The girl’s attitude still didn’t change but her eyes grew a little less tense.

“Harry Potter goes to Hogwarts.” Someone in the back said. The girl came forward cutting off the first girl’s inquiries. The girl who had come was a dark redhead, dressed in muggle clothing, short and didn’t seem to care about him at the moment. Her dark green eyes looked at him curiously and Harry knew he had a fan. “Have you met Harry Potter?” She asked. Harry decided this was a time to lie.

“Not really, I mean we’re in the same house and year but never really talked.” he shrugged. “He always looks busy.” He finished in annoyed tone.

The girl didn’t stop with her inquiry. “You share the same name.” She said.

“And so do another million bloody people in the world.” he said annoyed. “It’s not my fault my grandfather was called Harry too.” He huffed. She irritated him now. “It doesn’t matter what bloody Mr. Potter does now does it. I’m just saying hi and trying to know you not talk about him. ” He finished in an angry tone.

The girl looked a bit shocked by his tirade. “I’m sorry.” She said embarrassed. “It’s just…” she didn’t finish. “Never mind.” She cleared her throat. “I’m uh Shannon. From Belgium.”

Harry nodded. “Nice to meet you, Shannon.” He said offering his hand. She shook it quickly before heading toward the to her original position. The room had quieted down once it had been clear that Harry was not interest in speak about himself or Harry Potter at least.

The first girl spoke again. “I am Marlene, with an e not an a.” He looked confused. “My name ends in an e not an a.” Harry just nodded and guessed it had to do with her name being said like Marlena. “I’m German.” She said haughtily.

“I’m English.” He said in the same tone. Funny enough, Marlene smiled as if finding something amusing.

“Dis is Anneliese,” She said pointing to a girl. “She doesn’t speak good English but she understands it good.”

The girl in question waved. She was taller than Harry by a good deal and Harry grimaced wondering if everyone else in the world was taller than him. He saw her black hair pulled back into a clip and her grey eyes looking calmly at him. “Hello, Anneliese.” She rolled her eyes.

“Lisa.” He nodded.

“Hello, Harry.” A very accented and quiet voice called him. Harry turned to look at a girl around his height and age. The brunette was standing next to a similar looking younger blonde girl. “I em Katja de Jong. Dis is my sister Lieneke.”

Harry shook their hands. A dark haired girl introduced herself next. “I am Maria Isabel.” She said in slow English. “I am Spanish.”

Harry couldn’t help it. He smiled slowly, took her hand and said calmly, “Hi Izzy.”
Her face twisted into a grimace. Harry grinned. “Ms Summers says hi.”
She smiled slightly.

“Call me Izzy again and…” She let the threat die out. “Call me Maria or Isabel.”

“Alright, Maria.” He said intending to do it again later but not until he knew her better. “And you are?” He asked the brunette who was sitting on the coach ignoring him.

The girl looked up, brown eyes looked over him quickly. “Je suis Cecile.”

“Nice to meet you all then.” They fell silent. “So are all of you witches?”

“Yes, we are.” Shannon answered. The youngest of the girls, Lieneke, babbled something to her. “But we are all not slayers, Katja is only a witch.”

Harry nodded not bothering to be nosy; he was probably going to learn later why she was there anyways. “So Harry, why are you here exactly?” Marlene demanded.

“I’m Mr. Olmo’s assistant for the summer. I’m training to be a watcher.”


“I was attacked, they saved me.” He said not indicating who they were. “It got complicated.” He let his weariness overcome him. “I’d rather not talk about it.”

“Fine.” A reluctant Marlene agreed. “So, Evans, why are you going to do now?” She asked.

“Call me Harry. I don’t know. I haven’t really thought about it. I was here to meet you but now, I don’t know.” He shifted uncomfortably before remembering a few things. “What time is it?”

“It is nearly twelve, why?”

Harry relaxed slightly. “My first class is in an hour.”

“What classes do you take?”

“Self defense, weapons, demonology and some private tutoring.”

“In what?”

“Languages.” Harry answered easily because it was true and the other part that he hadn’t mentioned was sparing and more intense physical defense lessons that slayers normally took.

“French, German, an introduction in Sumerian and Greek. Nothing too complicated since I probably won’t be speaking them for a while. It’s more a focus on grammar, vocabulary, and basic phonetics with French, German and Greek.” All of this was part of his cover and Harry knew he would be busy for the rest of his summer here.

“What about you?” He asked politely.

A half an hour went on with polite conversation. There was no prying any more than a few inquiries about the class itself at the council property and occasionally their respective magic school.

Harry learned the girls’ countries of origin at times but others offered fewer details than other like Marlene. The German witch would talk rather stilted as if she didn’t know what to actually say when she spoke. Harry dodged around questions and knew he wasn’t gaining any favors as he avoided divulging as many details as he received.

A few minutes later and Harry excused himself. “I’m off to class.” Harry said easily before trying to find his way out of the building.

“Of course I'm going to be late again!” Harry yelled as he ran to his class, which unfortunately happened to be a few blocks away. It did not help that he had to pick up a few things for his class first.

As Harry was running off to class, Olmo burst into the girls’ living room looking winded. “Where’s Harry?”

“He just left.” Shannon added in a thicker accent than normal.

“Damn,” The Watcher sighed. “and here I thought I’d escort him.”

When Harry arrived to his class, he noted that the room was sparsely filled and wondered if he’d arrived at the wrong room. When a dark haired man with bright blue eyes glared at him, Harry knew he was late. “Mr. Evans?”


“May I ask why you are late?” His voice was oddly accented and Harry couldn’t place it at all.

“I was lost.”

The man looked bemused. “Lost? We are not more than 3 blocks from the dormitories.”

“I got lost in the building.” He said clearly not bothering to be embarrassed.

The man nodded. “Please do not try to be late again, Mr. Evans.” That surprised Harry, he expected a much harsher tone and reprieve. Harry was ashamed to admit it but he had judged the man based on appearance. The man did not look unkind but he looked unpleasant. A closer look and Harry realized the lines on his face were the product of laughing and not yelling.

“Now, if you’d take a seat, I’ll be with you shortly.” The man paused. “My name is Robert Dunes, it’s a pleasure to meet you.”

“Same here, sir.” Harry replied automatically. Harry pulled out a notebook and out of his bag. He fumbled with the pen slightly frowning before he realized that he was trying to hold it like a quill. He played with the pen as he let his thoughts go astray.

This was his first official class as a training watcher. Harry really had no idea what to expect from a class called demonology. The idea of studying demons sounded simple until Harry sat down and realized he had no basic clue as to where begin. He frowned wondering what would be considered a demon by their standards. Would werewolves be considered demons? He frowned. He’d have to ask.

A few minutes passed and Harry spent them doodling on his notebook before Dunes walked over to him. “I’m sorry about that, Mr. Evans but we’re a bit understaffed and this class is eclectic.”

“Eclectic?” Harry asked.

“Yes, most of these watchers are either studying their demons or on other various other tasks that would not fall under any normal classes. You on the other hand are vary late in class and have a very short amount of time to learn what the normal classes would have a few more months than you to learn.” He frowned. “I was told that it would be nearly impossible to have a correspondence course as well. Either way, all of you are still in training, I’m here to make sure that you learn the proper information.” He shook his head. “Two weeks ago, Phillip here,” he pointed to a younger man in a corner sitting with a laptop. “was studying the mating habits of unicorns. I don’t know what gave him the impression that was vital.”

“Unicorns are real though.” Harry added carefully.

“Hm?” Dunes questioned as if he’d been cut off short. “Oh, yes, but of course they are! Rare and notoriously difficult to find but they exist.” He shook his head. “Now the mating habits of other demons? That is important. It’s usually not necessary to kill unicorn, nor is it a good idea.” Harry nodded.

“Now, I first need to know the extent of you knowledge with demons. Would you perhaps be willing to write down a list of supernatural creatures that you know about and what you know about them?” Seeing Harry’s dismayed look than smiled. “It won’t need to be an essay, Mr. Evans, you can list them out if you need to.”

Harry nodded wondering how many magical creatures he should put down but decided that if they hadn’t hear of any before he could always blame the creature on a movie or fantasy book. Feeling mischievous, he began writing his list. After Harry put his pen down, he waited until he had Dunes attention before handing over the few papers.

“Mr. Evans,” The man groaned. “not you too!”

Harry looked at him innocently. “What’s the matter?”

“Why did you feel the need to start the list wit’ Godzilla?”

“You said the creatures I knew.”

Dunes sighed before glaring at him. “Fine. You do know there was never such a creature?”

Harry gave him a look. “I’m not that crazy, Professor.”

“Please, Mr. Evans, call me Robert.”

“Harry, then.”

“Agreed.” Dunes said as he held out his hand. Harry shook it and for a moment felt a bit more normal. “Now, Harry, lets see what you have.”

Harry waited as Dunes began to write a few things down next to his notes but only crossed out a few creatures from the list stating that they didn’t exist or were rare harmless enough that he wouldn’t need to worry about them. The creatures on the list that did not exist was the hippogriph although Dunes admitted there was no evidence to back this claim only lack of sightings and the blast-ended skrewt. On the rare list were dementors, --although they had originally been on the do not exist list until a bit of discussion had Dunes jotting an alternative name--veelas, and unicorns.

“You have a rather good list here,” Dunes said looking pleased and slightly relieved. “seeing as we are running out of time, I’ll get you started on the texts we use.” he pulled a few disks out of some drawer and handed them to Harry. “These are the portable versions, please do no loose them, we need those and you will be getting a few copies of books to work with.” The man said quickly as if he’d had this conversation so many times before and was both weary and annoyed by it.

“Thank you,” Harry said unwilling to admit that he had difficulty with the computer. He figured he could always ask the librarian as he had at the public library. “I’m going to lunch now, could you point me toward the cafeteria?” Harry asked not wanting to lose himself again and go hungry as a result.

“Of course, just take the elevator to the third floor.” At Harry’s stare he added, “The elevator is down the hall to the right, take a left at the water fountain and you’ll see it.”

“Thank you, sir.” Harry said thankful.

“No problem.” With that, Harry left following the instructions, and thankful to actually end up at the third floor with no incidents, he didn’t want to think too much for the moment. He looked around and saw no one he knew. He shrugged taking into account that it was his first official day.

He got a bit of food, wondering when he’d have to pay for something as any money he offered was quickly rejected, and was invited to sit down with a few teenage girls that had spotted his nervous glances.

After Harry finished his lunch, he headed toward his next class, Greek. He smiled, he didn’t have any real classes today, they were all covers classes and as much as Harry was eager to see what being a slayer meant, the thought of also training to be a watcher didn’t appeal to him any more as he sat down from his next class.

Harry looked up from the book on his lap as the door to the study opened. Olmo entered looking tired. “Hello, Harry. How was your day?”

“Fine. I’m looking up a few ‘demons’, didn’t know pixies counted as demons.” Harry said wondering how much of this information he knew by another name. “This is almost like a twisted case Care of Magical Creatures mixed in with Defense,” he said with disgust as he shoved the thick book away from him. Harry grimaced as the book got its revenge by giving him a well-placed paper cut.

The watcher nodded looking a bit amused. “Dinner’s ready,” He told Harry. “I can’t very well but it’s not too bad.”

Harry shook his head. “I can cook,” he said as he stood up and as he stretched said, “I’ll cook next time.” When the watcher opened his mouth to protest Harry cut him. “I’ll do it, I won’t be here long enough for it to bother me,” Harry explained. “I feel kind of useless aside from studying I haven’t done much of anything.”

The watcher nodded reluctantly. “C’mon then,” Harry followed feeling both tired and invigorated because tomorrow looked more interesting than today.

Harry grunted as he hit the mat. It still hurt the same but Harry found it odd not to be wincing from it as he was used to. So far trying to overcome the trainer was difficult. Harry winced when he saw one of the larger men in the class fall with a loud crash.

“You’re not paying attention!” The trainer, Richard Strauss, snarled, “Power does not equal skill!”

Yeah, Harry found this to be a much more interesting day as the second man fell onto the mat. He stood up as he was offered a hand by one of the older students. “Thanks,” Or so he wanted to say before he found himself in another move. Moving with reflexes both natural and supernatural, Harry landed easily but not before grabbing his attacker and bringing him down under him. Harry grimaced as his arm moved in an unpleasant fashion.

Strauss ran to them. “Congratulations, Evans, you’re not a lost cause!” The older man slapped his hand on Harry’s back. “Now can you tell us what you did?”

“Not really.” Harry said realizing he held everybody’s attention. “I just acted.” The man nodded.

“Understandable,” He looked at the class. “now do it again.” Harry scrunched his nose in distaste before being pulled up by the young man who’d flipped him.

“I’m Theodore Strauss,” he grinned.

“Harry Evans,” Harry groaned out as he cautiously took the other man’s hand.

“Nice to meet you, Evans.”

“You too, Strauss.” He avoided the larger man’s reach and smiled.

Harry was invigorated after the class as he was thrown and learned to throw. He practically skipped to his next class, weapons training. Of course, Harry made sure he didn’t look too eager because a small part of Harry’s mind was still thinking this was a large elaborate trap and held his suspicions until he could be sure.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Solidarity" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 25 Jan 08.

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